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Installation Guide

CB-TP5i Rough-In Box for NXD-500i 5" Touch Panel

The CB-TP5i Rough-In Box (FG038-11) is an optional accessory for the NXD-500i
Modero® Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel. The Rough-In Box allows the panel to be
mounted directly to the studs/pre-wall. The NXD-500i is contained within a plastic
outer housing or back box, and the back box attaches to the Rough-In Box.
WARNING: In order to guarantee a stable installation of the NXD-500i, the distance
between the CB-TP5i and the outer wall surface must be a minimum of .50 inches
(1.27cm) and a maximum of .875 inches (2.22cm).
Refer to the SP62-0038-01 diagram for detailed installation dimensions.
Pre-Wall Installation of the CB-TP5i Rough-In Box
1. Remove the rough-in box cover (A in FIG. 1) before installation of the Rough-In
Box (B). Note: the cover MUST be removed before drywall installation. The
cover may be reinstalled after drywall installation using 4-40 screws (not
2. Attach the optional Back Cover for the CB-TP5i (FG038-12) if necessary, as
required by building codes. (For more information, refer to the Back Cover
Installation section on page 2.)
3. Fasten the CB-TP5i rough-in box to the stud through the holes on the Stud
Mounting tabs (FIG. 2), using either nails or screws (not provided).
4. Remove the appropriate wiring knockouts from the rough-in box to
accommodate the cables being threaded through to the NXD-500i touch panel.
5. Thread the incoming Ethernet and USB wiring through the knockouts. Use of the
left wiring knockouts is recommended with this installation for ease of connection
of the cables to the touch panel. Leave enough slack in the wiring to
accommodate installation of the panel.
6. Install the drywall/sheetrock before inserting the main NXD-500i device into the
7. Cut out the opening for the NXD-500i where the wall has been placed over the
Rough-In Box. Cutting out the surface slightly smaller than what is outlined in the
installation drawings, so that you can make any necessary cutout adjustments, is
very highly recommended.
FIG. 1
CPB-TP5i Rough-In Box - Front and Back Views
CB-TP5i (FG038-11) Specifications
Dimensions (HWD) 6.73" x 9.30" x 1.43"
17.09 cm x 23.62 cm x 3.63 cm
Certifications UL 508A
Wiring Knockouts
Breakaway Stud
Mounting Flanges
2 locations to secure cover
after applying drywall
(8-32 x .25 screws)
3 locations to secure cover
after applying drywall
FIG. 2 CB-TP5i - Mounted to Wall Stud
Recommended Cutout for
CB-TP5i Rough-In Box


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Varumärke AMX
Modell CB-TP5ib
Produkt Plattskärmsfäste
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp Användarmanual (PDF)
Vikt & dimension
Produktstorlek (BxDxH) 131 x 86 x 109 mm
Bredd 131 mm
Djup 86 mm
Höjd 109 mm
Kompatibilitet NXD-500i\nNXD-435\nNXD-430\nCB-TP5i
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