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Installation Guide




Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel with Intercom


The NXD-700i (FG2258-10) is an incredibly versatile user interface, combining a sleek, compact size, Wall/Flush Mount flexibility and the ability to create a high quality digital home/office intercom network or to make/receive digital local, long distance and international telephone calls. Simply add the AMX SIP Communications Gateway (FG2182-0x) for calls that sound incredibly clear.


Verify you are using the latest NetLinx Master and Modero touch panel firmware (available from Verify the TPDesign4 program being used is Version 2.6 or higher, and download the latest G4 Support Files from


Installing the NXD-700i

Consult the NXD-700i Touch Panels Operation/Reference Guide for the various supported
installation methods and dimensions.

Panel Connectors

FIG. 2 shows the connectors located on the NXD-700i: • The mini-USB port is used both for programming the touch panel and for audio output. • The mini-USB port automatically detects the presence of a headphone adaptor, allowing the port to be used for headphone connectivity.Note: For more information on connection and use of the Panel Connectors, as well as information on programming and headphone connectivity, please refer to the NXD-700i Operation/Reference Guide, available at
FIG. 1 NXD-700i (shown with Trim Ring 60-2258-26)
NXD-700i Specifications
Dimensions (HWD):
(Faceplate included)
5.93" x 7.87" x 3.28" (15.06 cm x 20.00 cm x 8.33 cm)
CB-TP7 (optional
Rough-In Box)
5.47" x 7.23" x 3.40" (13.90 cm x 18.40 cm x 8.64 cm)
Power Requirements PoE Powered - No local power supply needed
Max power draw: 5.5W
Memory: 128 MB SDRAM
256MB integrated Flash Memory (not upgradeable - factory
Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)
Panel LCD
Aspect ratio: 16 x 9
Brightness (luminance): 300 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 400:1
Display colors: 256 thousand colors (18-bit color depth)
Dot/pixel pitch: 0.19 mm
Panel type: TFT Color Active-Matrix
Screen Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (HV) @ 60 Hz frame frequency
Active Screen Area: 6.00" x 3.60" (15.24cm x 9.14cm)
Viewing Angle: Up/Down/Left/Right: 70/60/70/70
IR Reception Angle: Horizontal: + 50° (left and right from center)
Vertical: +
30° (up and down from center)
Supported Audio
Sample Rates
48000Hz, 44100Hz, 32000Hz, 24000Hz, 22050Hz, 16000Hz, 12000Hz,
11025Hz, and 8000Hz
Intercom Full duplex VoIP capabilities
Video Capabilities: Supports DynaMo™ (M-JPEG), including DynaMo Resource (enhanced
M-JPEG) Images. Refer to the TPDesign4 online help and NXD-700i /
NXT-CA7 Operation/Reference Guide for details on configuring DynaMo
and DynaMo Resource Images.
Front Panel: Light Sensor: Photosensitive light detector for automatic adjustment
of the panel brightness
Motion Sensor (PIR): Proximity Infrared Detector to wake the panel
when panel is approached
Front Bezel Button: Provides both access to the setup and calibration
pages and toggles the panel between “sleep” or “wake” state. This
button is also user-programmable.
Microphone: Frequency response of 300 to 3400Hz; used for
intercom applications.
Speaker: Output of 4Ohm, 2 Watt, with a 300Hz low cutoff frequency
Programmable pushbutton/LED
Sleep / Setup Access button
Programmable pushbutton/LED
Note: Programmable pushbutton/LEDs available only on Trim Ring 60-2258-26
Trim Ring
NXD-700i Specifications (Cont.)
Side Panel Connectors Ethernet 10/100 Port: RJ-45 port for 10/100 Mbps communication.
The Ethernet port automatically negotiates the connection speed
(10 Mbps or 100 Mbps), and whether to use half duplex or full duplex
Power is supplied through Power Over Ethernet (PoE).
NXD-700i panels communicate with the NetLinx Master using the
ICSP protocol over Ethernet.
LEDs show communication activity, connections, speeds, and mode
L/A- link /activity - Yellow LED lights On when Ethernet cables are
connected and terminated correctly and then blinks when receiving
Ethernet data packets.
SPD-speed - Green LED lights On when the connection is 100 Mbps
and turns off when the speed is 10 Mbps.
Mini-USB Connector: 5-pin Mini-USB connector used for
programming, firmware update, and touch panel file transfer between
the PC and the target panel.
The connector is also used for providing audio output for external
Operating /Storage
Operating Temperature: 0° C (32° F) to 40° C (104° F)
Operating Humidity: 20% - 85% RH
Storage Temperature: -20° C (-4° F) to 60° C (140° F)
Storage Humidity: 5% - 85% RH
Certifications: FCC Part 15 Class B and CE
Installation Kit for NXD-700i panels (KA2258-02):
- 4 Phillips-head screws (#4-40 x 0.250 Black) (80-0112)
- 3 Drywall clips (62-5924-05)
- 3 #6 sheet metal screws (80-0192)
Trim Ring with button openings (60-2258-26)
Trim Ring without button openings (60-2258-25)
Other AMX Equipment: NXA-RK7 Rack Mount Kit (FG2904-53)
CB-TP7 Rough-In Box (FG035-10)
PS-POE-AF PoE Injector (FG423-80)
CC-USB Type-A to Mini-B5-wire programming cable (FG10-5965)
USB to Headphone Adaptor (FG5966-23)
AMX SIP Communications Gateway (FG2182-0x)
FIG. 2 Connector layout on the NXD-700i


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