APC BE750G bruksanvisning

  • Back-UPS ES 750
    Users Guide
    Connect Battery
    Power On and Install
    Surge Protection
    These outlets provide full-time protection from surges even if the Back-UPS ES
    is switched OFF. Plug your printer, fax machine, scanner, or other peripherals
    that do not need battery power into these outlets.
    Place the Back-UPS ES to avoid:
    - Direct sunlight
    - Excessive heat
    - Excessive humidity or contact with fluids
    Plug the Back-UPS ES power cord directly into a wall outlet;
    not a surge protector or power strip.
    Connect Computer Cable
    The supplied cable and software provide automatic file saving and shutdown of
    the operating system in the case of a sustained power outage.
    Connect the cable to the Data Port of the Back-UPS ES. Connect the other end
    of the cable to the USB port on your computer. The software will automatically
    find the USB Port of your computer.
    Battery Back-up + Surge Protection
    These outlets are powered whenever the Back-UPS ES is switched ON. During
    a power outage or other utility problems (brownouts, over-voltages), these
    outlets will be powered for a limited time by the Back-UPS ES. Plug your
    computer, monitor, CD-ROM drive and one other data-sensitive device such as
    an external disk or tape drive, or Home Phoneline Networking Association
    (HPNA) device into these outlets.
    Press the ON/OFF switch to power the unit ON.
    A single short beep and the green “Power On” indicator
    confirms the Back-UPS ES is on and ready to provide
    The Back-UPS ES should charge for at least 16 hours to ensure
    sufficient runtime. The unit is being charged whenever it is
    connected to utility power, whether the unit is turned ON or
    If the red Building Wiring Fault indicator (located on the end
    near the power cord) is lit, your building wiring presents a shock
    hazard that should be corrected by a qualified electrician.
    Install the PowerChute
    Place the PowerChute Personal Edition CD-ROM into your
    computer and follow the installation instructions on the screen.
    The Back-UPS ES indicates operating status using a combination
    of visual and audible indicators. Use the following table to identify
    the status of the Back-UPS ES.
    Visual Indications
    (Power On - Green)
    (Replace Battery - Red) Audible Indication
    Alarm Terminates
    Power On - UPS is supplying conditioned utility
    power to the load.
    Power On LED - ON None Not applicable.
    On Battery - UPS is supplying battery power to
    load connected to Battery outlets.
    Power On LED - ON (off
    during beep)
    Beeping 4 times
    every 30 seconds
    UPS transfers back to
    Power On operation, or
    when UPS is turned off.
    Low Battery Warning - UPS is supplying battery
    power to the load connected to the Battery outlets
    and the battery is near exhaustion.
    Power On LED - flashing
    (every 1/2 second)
    Rapid beeping
    (every 1/2 second)
    UPS transfers back to
    normal operation, or
    when UPS is turned off.
    Replace Battery - The battery is disconnected.
    The battery is in need of charging or is at the end
    of its usual life and must be replaced.
    Power On and Replace
    Battery LEDs- Flashing
    Replace Battery LED -
    Constant tone
    Constant tone
    UPS is turned off with
    the power switch.
    Overload Shutdown - During On Battery
    operation a battery power supplied outlet
    overload was detected.
    None Constant tone UPS turned off with the
    power switch.
    Overload Alarm - Online power exceeded
    Back-UPS capacity.
    Power On LED - ON Constant tone Equipment power plugs
    are moved from Battery
    Backup outlets to
    Surge or Client outlets.
    Sleep Mode - During On Battery operation the
    battery power has been completely exhausted,
    and the UPS is waiting for utility power to return
    to normal.
    None Beeping once every
    4 seconds
    Utility power is
    restored, or if utility
    power is not restored
    within 32 seconds, or
    the UPS is turned off.
    Building Wiring Fault - Your building wiring
    presents a shock hazard that should be corrected
    by a licensed electrician.
    Building Wiring Fault LED
    (red) - ON
    None UPS is unplugged, or is
    plugged into a properly
    wired outlet.
    Status Indicators
    See the Troubleshooting section for additional assistance.
    For safety, the Back-UPS ES is shipped with one battery wire disconnected. The UPS will not operate until the wire is connected to the touch-safe battery terminal.
    NOTE: Small sparks may occur during battery connection. This is normal.
    Turn the Back-UPS ES over and press in the release tab.
    Slide the plastic battery cover off the unit.
    Insert the battery back into the compartment. Slide the
    plastic battery cover back in place until the tab locks.
    Connect Equipment
    Release Tab
    Connect the battery wire firmly to the battery terminal.
    Idle peripheral devices (printer/scanners, speakers) continue to draw power when not in use. To conserve
    power, the Back-UPS uses “master controlled outlets”. The Master outlet senses when the master device
    (computer) that is plugged into the Master outlet is no longer drawing current, and automatically shuts off
    power to the Controlled outlets. Pressing the MASTER ENABLE button for one second enables and disables
    this feature. When enabled, the green MASTER ENABLE LED is lit (on). When it is disabled, the LED is not
    lit (off). The Back-UPS ships with MASTER ENABLE activated. Note: Do not connect peripherals to the
    Controlled Outlets if you want them to continue to run when your computer is turned off.
    Threshold Programming
    When the computer is turned off, the Master outlet shuts off power to the Controlled outlets. However, when
    the computer goes into “hibernation (sleep) mode” the Master outlet may not properly recognize the reduced
    power level. To ensure the Master outlet shuts off power to the Controlled outlets properly, the threshold set-
    ting may need to be adjusted from the “default value”. If the peripherals plugged into the Controlled outlets
    do not turn off when the computer goes into hibernation mode, first ensure the MASTER ENABLE LED is lit,
    and if so, then perform the procedure provided below to switch the threshold setting to High. Conversely, if
    the computer has an extremely low power level, it may require that the threshold setting be set to Low if the
    Controlled outlets automatically shut off, even when the computer is running. The Back-UPS automatically
    exits this mode in five seconds if no buttons are pushed, or no operations are run. The three threshold set-
    tings that can be selected are summarized in the table below.
    Perform the following steps to change the threshold settings:
    1. Plug the Back-UPS into the utility power source; do not turn power on. The unit will be in standby mode
    (no LEDs are lit).
    2. Press and hold down the MASTER ENABLE button for 10 seconds, until all indicators flash to show it has
    entered threshold programming mode.
    3. When the MASTER ENABLE button is released, the LEDs that are illuminated indicate the current thresh-
    old setting (Low, Medium or High).
    4. Press the MASTER ENABLE button to select a different threshold setting.
    Indicators Flashing Threshold Setting
    Input Wattage Range
    (Hibernation Mode)
    1. Master Enable LED Low 10 Watts
    2. Master Enable LED, On Line LED Medium (default) 25 Watts
    3. Master Enable, On Line, Replace Battery LEDs High 60 Watts
    Master/Controlled Outlets
    Battery Wires
    Connect Modem / Phone / DSL / Fax / 10/100Base-T / HPNA /
    Cable Modem / CATV or DSS to Surge Protection
    The Back-UPS protects a single line (2-wire) phone (including Digital Subscriber
    Line - DSL), Home Phoneline Networking Association (HPNA) type equipment,
    modem, 10/100Base-T Ethernet, or fax machines from surges when connected
    through the UPS as shown in the drawing. The UPS also protects a cable
    modem, CATV converter, or DSS receiver from surges when it is connected
    through the UPS coaxial connectors as shown in the drawing.
    Controlled by Master
    Battery Backup+
    Surge Protection
    Surge Protection
    From Wall Jack
    Dataline Output to
    DSL Modem, Phone
    Building Wiring
    Fault Indicator
    Cable Input
    from Internet
    Cable Output
    to Cable,
    Modem, CATV
    or DSS Input

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APC BE750G – specifikationer

Varumärke APC
Modell BE750G
Produkt Avbrottsfri strömförsörjning (UPS)
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Uteffekt kapacitet (VA) 750
Uteffekt 450
Energivärdering 365
Ingångsfrekvens 50/60
Ingångsspänning (Volt) 120
Utspänning (Volt) 120
Anslutningsdetaljer utgång 10 x NEMA 5-15R
Anslutningsdetaljer ingång NEMA 5-15P
Produktstorlek (BxDxH) 180 x 343 x 88
Vikt (imperial) 10.34
Omgivningstemperatur vid drift 0 - 40
Förpackningsstorlek (B x D x H) 258 x 452 x 151
Icke-fungerande relativ luftfuktighet (icke kondenserande) 0 - 95
Hot-swap batteri
Normal drifttid vid halv belastning 11.3
Normal drifttid vid full belastning 2.3
Laddningstid 16
Kabellängd 1.8
Produktens färg Svart
Certifiering FCC Part 15 Class B/FCC Part 68/NOM/UL 1778
Vikt & dimension
Vikt 4700
Vikt inkl. förpackning 5700
Temperatur vid drift 0 - 40
Intervall för relativ operativ luftfuktighet 5 - 95
Altitud vid drift 0 - 3000
Temperaturintervall (förvaring) -15 - 45
Fuktighet (förvaring) 5 - 95
Pall, kvantitet 72


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