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    3D Pedometer 31-8541-1, 31-8541-2
    Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct
    and then save it for future reference. We reserve theright
    for any errors in text or images and any necessary changes
    made to technicaldata. In theevent of technical problems or
    other queries, please contact our Customer Services.
    Product description
    If you have set acertain number of steps as atarget asymbol
    will appear on theleft of thedisplay. Itshows you how close to
    thetarget youare. Thesymbol starts to flash when you have
    reached your target. Thedefault target value for steps is 5000.
    Operating modes
    Thepedometer has 6 modes, listed in thefollowingorder.
    Browse thelist using the [ MODE ] button.
    Step counting: “Step”
    Distance: “Km”
    Calories burned: “Kcal”
    Exercisetime: “Min”
    Memory: “Total step”
    Reset: “Res”
    Step counting (Step)
    Thestandard operatingmode. “Step” appears on thedisplay.
    Instep counting mode thedisplay shows thetotal number
    of steps taken since midnight. All daily information is saved
    in thedaily memory and is erased automatically at midnight.
    Accumulated data is saved in thelong-term memory for 30days.
    It is possible to see the daily statistics for the past 30 days.
    1. Press [ MODE ] until you come to “Step” and “Days record”.
    2. Go to the day you wish to view by pressing [ RES ].
    3. Browse the data by pressing [ SET ].
    Distance (Km)
    Press [ MODE ] to enter thedistancemode. “Km” or “Mile”
    will show on thedisplay. Thereading shown is thedistance
    travelled since midnight.
    Calories burned (Kcal)
    Press [ MODE ] to enter thecalories burnedmode. “Kcal” is
    shown on thedisplay. Thereading shown is thenumber of
    calories burned since midnight.
    Exercise time (Min)
    Press [ MODE ] to enter theExercise timemode. “Min” will
    show on thedisplay. Thereading displayed is thetotal
    distance you have walked/run since midnight.
    Memory (Total step)
    Press [ MODE ] to enter thememorymode. “Total step”
    appears on thedisplay. Thereading displayed shows thetotal
    accumulated data since thepedometer was lastreset.
    Press [ SET ] repeatedly to retrieve thetotal data as follows:
    Stepcounting/distance/calories burned/exercisetime.
    Reset (Res)
    There are 2 different kinds of resets: Daily reset and total reset.
    To perform a daily reset, press and hold in [ RES ] for
    2 seconds whilst the pedometer is in “Step” mode.
    The daily data is reset.
    To perform a total reset, press and hold in [ RES ] for
    2 seconds whilst the pedometer is in “Total step” mode,
    this resets all data.
    Note: Allcategories are deleted by areset. Itis not possible
    to reset just one singleday.
    Battery replacement
    1. Unscrew theretaining screw and
    remove thebatterycover.
    2. Remove theold CR2032 battery
    and insert anewone.
    3. Refit thebattery cover and tighten
    Care and maintenance
    Clean theproduct by wiping it with asoft, damp cloth when
    needed. Neveruse solvents or abrasive cleaning agents.
    This product should be disposed of in accordance with local
    regulations. Ifyou are unsure how to proceed, contact your
    local council.
    Stepcount 0–99999
    Distance 0–999.999km
    Time format 12/24hours
    Battery CR2032
    Weightrange 20–150kg
    Stride length 30–180cm
    Size 75×35×10mm
    1. [ MODE ] Scrolls through themenu
    2. [ SET ] Settings
    3. [ RES ] Resets dailydata
    4. [ RESET ] Resets to factory settings
    Operating instructions
    [ SET ]
    Make settings for 12/24 clock format, seconds, hours,
    minutes, date, units of measurement, stride length, weight
    and target:
    1. Press and hold in [ SET ] for 2 seconds to enter clock
    setmode. “Adj” will begin flashing on thedisplay.
    2. Increase values using [ RES ] and decrease values using
    [ MODE ].
    3. Confirm with [ SET ]. Repeat to make other settings such
    as thedate, units of measurement,etc.
Asaklitt 31-8541

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Varumärke Asaklitt
Modell 31-8541
Produkt Stegräknare
Språk Zweeds, Engels, Duits, Noors, Fins
Filtyp PDF

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