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ATL Berkshire 400
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Transfer break times may be adjusted from
100~600ms in increments of 100ms. In all cases
press ‘SET’, ‘TRANSFER’, followed by a numeric
key (1~6) then SET to nish. Default = 100ms.
The Berkshire 400 has an unidenti ed port,
alongside the other con guration switches, at the
rear of the telephone. Programming of this port is
limited to technicians trained in its use.
Check that the telephone plug is fully inserted in
the socket
If it is, try connecting the telephone into another
socket, if available. If dial tone is now heard, the
original socket is faulty.
Alternatively, try connecting another telephone
into your socket. If this telephone gives dial tone,
then your new telephone is probably faulty.
Change the recall selector switch setting (T/E).
If the transfer operation is now satisfactory, the
problem is resolved.
For help with voicemail, call divert and call pickup
please contact your Telecom Team/Provider as this
will vary depending upon what switchboard you are
connected to.

Compliance Notes

The Berkshire 400 may be connected to the following
types of installation:
Direct Exchange Lines (DEL)
Compatible Private Automatic Branch
Exchanges (PABX). Please contact the
supplier of your Berkshire 400 to con rm
compatibility with your PABX.
Whilst the Berkshire 400 is compliant as an
extension to a compatible PABX system, it cannot be
guaranteed to operate under all possible conditions
of connection. Any case of dif culty should be
referred in the rst instance to the supplier of your


Your Berkshire 400 telephone is designed and
manufactured to exacting quality standards. This
enables ATL Telecom Limited to offer a 10 year
guarantee from the date of purchase. This guarantee
protects against faulty material or workmanship,
applies to the UK only and is not transferable.
The terms and conditions under which the guarantee
will be valid are as set out below.
Misuse or any modi cation carried out to
the telephone, or operation other than in
accordance with the instructions supplied,
will invalidate the guarantee.
Damage arising from incorrect installation,
accidental damage or consequential loss,
are not covered under the guarantee.
In the event of a fault developing during
the period of the guarantee, the complete
telephone should be returned to your
supplier, adequately and safely packed,
together with proof of date of purchase.
The liability of ATL Telecom Limited will
be limited to the cost of repair or complete
replacement of the same defective
instrument, at the discretion of the
company. In the event that the same item
is not available, a suitable alternate will be
The terms of this guarantee do not affect
your statutory rights.

Manufacturer’s Declaration

ATL Telecom Limited declares that this product is
in conformity with the essential requirements of the
‘R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC’
Note: A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is
available upon request from ATL Telecom Limited.
ATL Telecom Limited,
Lakeside, Fountain Lane,
St Mellons,
Telephone: 0330 333 8250
Facsimile: 0330 333 8251
1/341/003/610 Issue 02 April 2010

Berkshire 400

Thank you for choosing a Berkshire 400 telephone. You have selected a
carefully designed telephone that incorporates the very latest technology,
offering a stylish instrument and providing many years of excellent
This booklet will ensure you obtain the best use of your telephone.
User Guide
ATL Berkshire 400

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Varumärke ATL
Modell Berkshire 400
Produkt Dect/VoIP-telefon
EAN 5014976002758
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Modell DECT-telefon
Inbyggd telefonsvarare Nej
Produktens färg Grå
Monteringssätt Bord
Äldre telefon -
Högtalartelefon -
Funktioner för flera telefonlurar -
Telefonbokskapacitet - poster
Call management
Namn och uppringnings-ID Nej
Återuppringning Ja
Management features
Volymkontroll Digital
LED-indikatorer Ja
Inbyggd display Ja
Displaytyp LCD
Pekskärm Nej
Trådlösa anslutningar Nej
Förpackningens innehåll
Bruksanvisning Ja
Snabbstartsguide Ja
Antal telefoner som ingår 1
Kabel inkluderad LAN (RJ-45)
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