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Australia’s Leading Barbecue
BeefEater Barbecues
Precautions and Warnings
Lean over barbecue when lighting.
Leave cooking food unattended.
Delay lighting burners after turning gas on.
Spray or store aerosols in vicinity of barbecue whilst in
Store combustible materials, gasoline or flammable
liquids or vapours within 450mm (18”) of barbecue.
Use caustic based cleaning agents on the barbecue.
Operate barbecue with any cover on.
Use plastic or glass utensils on the barbecue.
Operate barbecue in strong winds.
Attempt to dismantle control valves.
Attempt to dismantle or adjust regulator.
Test for gas leaks with a naked flame.
Store gas cylinder indoors, or in any enclosed area.
Lay the gas cylinder down. Always keep it upright.
• Use barbecue indoors.
Expose hose to direct sunlight.
Modify the construction of this appliance or the size of
any burner or valve orifice.
Move the appliance during use.
Obstruct any ventilation of barbecue or the cylinder.
Allow the flexible gas supply hose or any electrical
cord to come in contact with any heated surface of the
Allow children to operate this appliance.
Operate window roasting hoods in the rain.
Use charcoal or any other solid fuel in this appliance.
Disconnect any gas fittings while the appliance is
Use a rusty or dented gas cylinder or cylinder with a
damaged gas valve.
Fill the gas cylinder beyond 80% capacity.
Spanner tighten all gas fittings as per instructions.
Check all gas hoses and line connections for damage,
cuts or cracks each time the appliance is to be used.
Always leak test with a solution of soapy water.
Check main opening, throat and venturi to each burner
and pilot flame tube regularly for insect nests (eg. wasp,
ants or spiders). Nests are dangerous and must be
cleaned out thoroughly.
Visually check burner flames to confirm lighting.
Clean glass window of roasting hood model regularly.
Use your barbecue only on a level surface.
Attend barbecue whilst cooking food.
Preheat the barbecue for up to 10 minutes.
After cooking turn barbecue to high for up to 10 minutes
to burn off excess grease.
Let the barbecue cool before replacing any lid or cover.
Regularly replace foil material in grease/drip tray.
Keep children away from barbecue at all times.
Accessible parts may be hot.
Have the gas cylinder filled by an authorised LPG
Refer to this instruction manual if in doubt concerning
assembly, installation, or operation.
Use protective gloves when handling hot components.
Close the gas cylinder valve after each use.
Clean the grease/drip tray regularly and clean the
appliance at least twice annually.
Always fully open the roasting hood or remove the metal
lid of the appliance before lighting.
Carefully follow the instructions relating to the hose/
regulator connection.
Keep the barbecue area free from combustible
materials, gasoline, flammable liquids or vapours.
Should the appliance go out for any reason, turn off all control knobs and the cylinder gas valve. Wait 5 minutes
before attempting to relight the appliance.
If a grease or fat fire should occur, immediately turn off all control knobs and the gas cylinder valve until the fire is
out. Remove all food from the appliance.
A leak test must be carried out prior to using the appliance for the first time and whenever the gas cylinder is
refilled or whenever the gas hose and regulator have been disconnected from the gas cylinder or appliance.
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