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  • will instantly shut off. To reset, simply place the
    heater in an upright position and press the mode
    button to reactivate the unit.
    Locate the pull down handle (C) above the control
    panel. Pull down to release and then grasp the
    handle. Pull the unit using the handle ensuring that
    all castors are in contact with the floor.
    NOTE: Do not use handle to lift the product .
    If the heater is not required for long periods,
    for example during the summer, it should be
    stored at room temperature; in a dry place and
    preferably covered to prevent the accumulation
    of dust and dirt.
    If the plug is not suitable for the socket outlets in
    your home, it can be removed and replaced by
    a plug of the correct type. For correct type and
    correct installation please refer to “Installation of
    a plug” below.
    PLUG Applicable to
    U.K. and Ireland.
    NOTE: If you are in any
    doubt about wiring and
    the installation of the plug.
    Please contact a qualified
    NOTE: If a 13A 3-pin
    plug is fitted, it must be an ASTA approved
    plug, conforming to the BS1363 standard.
    Replacement 13 amp fuse must also be BSI or
    ASTA approved.
    The wires in this mains lead are coloured as such:
    GREEN & YELLOW - Earth
    BROWN - Live
    BLUE - Neutral
    Please note that the colour of these mains wires
    may not correspond with the colour markings
    that identify the terminals in your plug.
    Please proceed as follows:
    The wire which is coloured GREEN & YELLOW
    must be connected to the terminal which is
    marked with the letter E (
    ) or is coloured
    The BROWN coloured wire must be connected
    to the pin terminal, which is marked with the
    letter L (Live) or is coloured RED.
    The BLUE coloured wire must be connected
    to the pin terminal which is marked with the
    letter N (Neutral) or is coloured BLACK.
    DO NOT CONNECT either of these wires
    to the earth terminal in the plug. The earth
    terminal is marked with the letter E (
    ) or is
    coloured GREEN, or GREEN & YELLOW.
    Please keep your receipt as this will be required for
    any claims under this guarantee.
    This appliance is guaranteed for 5 years after your
    purchase as described in this document.
    During this guaranteed period, if in the unlikely event
    the appliance no longer functions due to a design or
    manufacturing fault, please take it back to the place
    of purchase, with your till receipt and a copy of this
    The rights and benefits under this guarantee are
    additional to your statutory rights, which are not
    affected by this guarantee. Only Holmes Products
    (Europe) Ltd. (“Holmes”) has the right to change
    these terms.
    Holmes undertakes within the guarantee period
    to repair or replace the appliance, or any part of
    appliance found to be not working properly free of
    charge provided that:
    • you promptly notify the place of purchase or
    Holmes of the problem; and
    • the appliance has not been altered in any way
    or subjected to damage, misuse, abuse, repair
    or alteration by a person other than a person
    authorised by Holmes.
    Faults that occur through, improper use, damage,
    abuse, use with incorrect voltage, acts of nature,
    events beyond the control of Holmes, repair
    or alteration by a person other than a person
    authorised by Holmes or failure to follow instructions
    for use are not covered by this guarantee.
    Additionally, normal wear and tear, including, but not
    limited to, minor discoloration and scratches are not
    covered by this guarantee.
    The rights under this guarantee shall only apply
    to the original purchaser and shall not extend to
    commercial or communal use.
    If your appliance includes a country-specific
    guarantee or warranty insert please refer to the
    terms and conditions of such guarantee or warranty
    in place of this guarantee or contact your local
    authorized dealer for more information.
    This marking indicates that this product should
    not be disposed with other household wastes and
    should be disposed separately throughout the EU.
    To prevent possible harm to the environment or
    human health from uncontrolled
    waste disposal due to the presence
    of hazardous substances within
    the product, recycle it responsibly
    to promote the sustainable reuse
    of materials and resources. To
    return your used device, please use
    the return and collection systems
    available to you or contact the retailer
    where the product was purchased. They can take
    this product for environmentally safe recycling.
    Holmes Products (Europe) Limited
    1 Francis Grove
    SW19 4DT
    Holmes Products (Europe) Ltd.
    1 Francis Grove
    London SW19 4DT
    Fax: +44 (0)20 8947 8272
    UK - Filter Sales Order Line - 0870 759 9000
    Website address:
    UK - Free phone Customer Service Helpline – 0800 052 3615
    © 2010 Sunbeam Products, Inc. doing business as Jarden Consumer Solutions. All rights reserved.
    Distributed by Holmes Products (Europe) Ltd., 1 Francis Grove, London SW19 4DT, United Kingdom. Printed in PRC
    © 2010 Sunbeam Products, Inc. faisant affaires sous le nom de Jarden Consumer Solutions. Tous droits résers.
    Distribué par Holmes Products (Europe) Ltd., 1 Francis Grove, London SW19 4DT, United Kingdom. Imprimé en RPC
    P/N: 138197
    MODEL# BOH2503D
    pure indoor living
Bionaire BOH2503D

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Varumärke Bionaire
Modell BOH2503D
Produkt Värmeelement
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Antal rör 11
Justerbar termostat
Produktens färg Vit
Effekt 2500

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