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CG604XP - CG604XFFP - CG604WXP


We ask that you carefully read the instructions within this booklet to enable you to abtain quality results from the outset.
The appliance must be installed only by an authorised person in compliance with the instructions provided. The manufacturer
declines all responsability for improper installation which may harm persons and animals and damage property.
The appliance must be used for the purpose for which it was expressly designed. Any other use (eg heating rooms) is considered to
be improper and consequently dangerous. The manufacturer declines all responsability for damage resulting from improper and
irresponsible use.
The manufacturer shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in this handbook due to printing or transcription errors. The
designs in the figures are purely indicative.
The manufacturer also reserves the right to make any modifications to the products as may be considered necessary, useful or in the
interests of the user, without jeopardizing the main functional and safety features on the products themselves.
If your cooktop requires service, please contact your local customer service centre or your nearest Blanco agent listed at the back of
this booklet.
COD. 04037GGB - 16.06.2010
Dear Customer
Thank you for purchasing a Blanco Cooktop.
Before we continue telling you about this cooktop, we cordially invite you to become part of the Blanco family by
subscribing to ongoing information and invitations. Please visit our website where you can subscribe and request
such things as invitations to future cooking classes and gourmet recipes. Go to and
fill in the subscription details.
You will find that the clean lines and modern look of your Blanco Cooktop blends perfectly with your kitchen décor.
It is easy to use and performs to a high standard.
Blanco also makes a range of products that will enhance your kitchen such as ovens, rangehoods, dishwashers,
microwaves, sinks and taps.
There are models to complement your new Blanco Cooktop.
Of course we make every effort to ensure that our products meet all your requirements, and our Customer
Relations department is at your disposal, to answer your questions and to listen to all your suggestions (see back
cover of manual).
Please complete the warranty section of this manual and keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Retain all
documents relating to the purchase of this products.
Blanco is committed to providing increasingly efficient products that are easy to use, respect the environment and
are attractive and reliable.




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