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Apply the safety systems described in the PN-EN 13241 standard
dening the safety requirements and operational requirements
for gates and barriers.


Connect only in accordance with the diagram presented in the
manual. Improper connections may be dangerous, it can damage
the controller, and loss of the warranty.
Connecting the device to a power supply that does not meet the
quality requirements specied in EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1, UL508,
EN 60950 will invalidate the warranty.
DANGER! Risk of electric shock! Even with the device turned o,
the outputs may be live. All assembly work should be ALWAYS
performed with the disconnected power circuit.
Disconnect the installation supply voltage before installing the controller.
Remember that any mounting works should be carried out when the mains
voltage is disconnected (switch o the mains fuse or disconnect the power
cord from the mains socket).


The controller should be installed in a place protected against adverse
environmental conditions, protected from third party access - in the ush box
or inside the enclosure of the controlled device. Remember that metallic
elements (wires, housing parts) have a negative inuence on the range of the
device, and consequently the comfort of use. It is recommended that the
device be mounted in a stable and xed position.
Read the diagram and then proceed to install the controller. Pay particular
attention to the designation of the controller connectors. Start by connecting
the + 12V / + 24V power wires (red or black with a white dotted line) and GND
Paying attention to the polarity, connect the inputs controlling the engine
control panel. Depending on the control panel, will be necessary to connect
one or two inputs. The controller output O1 is destined for control in the open
/ stop / close mode. The O2 output is an auxiliary output, applicable in the
control panel requiring a connection stop circuit when the motor works, or
may be used as an additional function, e.g. "wicket" if the control panel is
equipped with this functionality.
control with μWiFi technology
from any place in the World


If the motor has electromechanical limits switch, it is possible to receive
feedback from the controller, indicating the position of the motor in the
positions "Open" (intermediate position) "Closed". To do this, connect one of
the pins IN1 of the controller to the connector of the motor control panel
which indicates the closed position of the motor (usually FTC, SWC, FC) on the
other hand the second of the pins should be connected to the corresponding
common signaling. One of the IN2 input pins should be connected to the
connector indicating the open position of the motor (usually FCO, SWO, FA),
while the other one should be connected to the corresponding common
signaling. The connection polarity of the controller inputs is not signicant.
5 - 24V
made in

12 - 24V

S1 S2

It is necessary to connect the right pin of the given output
(O1 / O2) so that it has a higher potential than the left pin.
In case of an inverted connection, due to the internal
construction, it will connect the output which may cause
the movement of the motor even without control it. In this
situation, it is necessary to reverse the pair of wires
connected inside output.
Pay attention to the maximum output current
capacity - the control current cannot exceed 20mA
per output. Overloading the output will cause
irreparable damage to the controller.
Information advanced for installers in relation to the
output polarity, when is connected to engines control
panels for which the scheme is not available.

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