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    Safety instructions
    The washer dryer is heavy  take care when lifting it.
    Warning: frozen hoses may tear/burst. Do not install the washer dryer outdoors or in areas
    where there is a risk of frost.
    The washer dryer may be damaged. Do not lift by projecting components (e.g. washer dryer
    In addition to the instructions mentioned here, special regulations of the relevant water and
    power supply companies may apply.
    If in doubt, have the appliance connected by a technician.
    Lay hoses and cables in such a way that there is no risk that they can be tripped over.
    Environmental disposal
    Dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.
    This appliance has been identified in accordance with the European Directive
    2002/96/EEC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The Directive
    specifies aâframework for the return and recycling of waste appliances and is valid
    throughout Europe.
    Scope of delivery according to model
    Humidity in the drum is caused
    byâthe final inspection.
    Depending on the connection
    Aâ2440 mm dia. hose clip may also be required for connecting the siphon (available from
    specialist retailers). aPageâ4: Water connection
    Useful tool
    Spirit level for aligning the washer dryer.
    Wrench for adjusting the machine feet.
    Water drainage
    Power cord
    Water supply
    Hose holder
    Aqua-Stop Aqua-Secure Standard
    Installation area
    Stability is important to prevent the machine from wandering.
    The installation area must be firm and level.
    Soft floors/floor coverings are not suitable.
    Ensure the area is well ventilated to achieve good drying performance.
    If installing the appliance on a pedestal
    It is essential to secure the washer dryer feet with holding bracketsâ*.
    If installing the appliance on a wooden joist floor
    If possible, install the washer dryer in a corner.
    Screw a water-resistant wooden panel (min. 30 mm thick) to the floor.
    It is essential to secure the washer dryer feet with holding bracketsâ*.
    *âorder no. WMZ 2200, WX 9756
    Hose and cable lengths
    Connection on left side or Connection on right side
    Note: if hose holders are used, the hose lengths may be reduced.
    Available from dealer/customer service:
    Aqua-Stop extension hoseâ**, approx. 2.50 m.
    Longer supply hose, approx. 2.20 m, for standard model.
    **âorder no. WMZ 2380, WZ 10130
    Built-under/Built-in appliance
    Build-under/build-in before connection to the power supply.
    Installed in between kitchen units (built-under or built-in)
    Dimension requirement of kitchen unit:
    aâ=â650âmm, bâ=â620âmm, câ=â850âmm
    Install washer dryer only under a continuous worktop that
    is connected firmly to the adjacent cupboards.
    The installation area must be well ventilated, otherwise the
    washer dryer will operate below optimum performance.
    Dimension of ventilation cross-section:
    d x e = 200 mm x 100 mm, f = 365âmm
    Distance between wall and machine: 50âmm
    ~140 cm
    ~160 cm
    ~140 cm
    ~90 cm
    ~165 cm
    ~95 cm
    max. 100 cm
    min. 60 cm
    Removing transport bolts
    Before using the appliance for the first time, always remove and retain
    all 4 transport bolts.
    If transporting the appliance subsequently, always re-install the
    transport bolts  this prevents damage to the machine. aPageâ6
    Retain the screw and sleeve.
    1. Take the hoses out of the holder and the elbow.
    2. Undo and remove all 4 transport bolts.
    3. Take the power cord out of the holders. Remove the sleeves.
    4. Insert the covers and lock them in place by pressing on the locking hook. Insert the hose
    5. Fix the hoses in the hose holders.
    Water connection
    Risk of electric shock! Do not immerse the Aqua-Stop safety device in water
    (containsâanâelectric valve).
    To prevent leakage or water damage, follow the instructions in this chapter.
    Attention: operate the washer dryer with cold drinking water only.
    Do not connect to the mixer tap of a pressureless hot-water heater.
    Do not use a used inlet hose. Only use the inlet hose supplied or one which
    was purchased from an authorised specialist dealer.
    If in doubt, have the appliance connected by a technician.
    Water supply
    Water inlet hose:
    Attention: do not kink, crush, modify or cut through (strength is no longer guaranteed).
    Optimum water pressure in the mains: 1001000 kPa (110 bar)
    When the tap is turned on, the water flow is at least 8 l/min.
    If the water pressure is higher, install a pressure reducing valve.
    Model: Aqua-Stop
    1. Connect the water supply hose to the tap.
    Tighten plastic screw fittings by hand only.
    2. Carefully turn on the tap and check that the
    connection points are not leaking.
    Attention: the screw connection is under
    water mains pressure.
    Water drainage
    Water drainage hose:
    Attention: do not kink or stretch.
    Height difference between installation area and outlet: 60100 cm
    Drainage into a sink/bath tub:
    Attention: secure the drainage hose to prevent it from slipping out
    Attention: the plug must not be in the plug hole. When the water is being
    pumped out of the washer dryer, check that the water drains away quickly
    enough. Do not immerse the end of the drainage hose in the water that has
    been pumped out. There is a risk that water will be drawn back into the
    washer dryer.
    Drainage into a siphon:
    Attention: secure the connection with a 2440 mm dia. hose clip (available
    from a specialist retailer).
    Drainage into a plastic pipe with rubber sleeve:
    Attention: Secure the drainage hose to prevent it from slipping out
    min. 10 mm
    min 10 mm
    Manufacturer (see Operating instructions) 0312 / 9000 479252
    High levels of noise, intense vibrations and wandering may be due to incorrect alignment.
    Alignment will be carried out by customer service or authorised technicians, if you want
    toâalign the machine by yourself please use a spirit level.
    Aligning the washer dryer with a spirit level.
    1. Undo the lock nut in a clockwise direction using a wrench.
    2. Adjust the height by turning the appliance foot.
    All four appliance feet must be placed firmly on the floor.
    The washer dryer must not be able to wobble.
    Check the alignment of the washer dryer with a spirit level andâ
    correct if necessary.
    3. Tighten the lock nut against the housing.
    Hold the foot in place and make sure that the height is not adjusted.
    The lock nuts on all four appliance feet must be screwed tightly against
    the housing.
    Electrical connection
    Connect the washer dryer to an alternating current via a correctly installed earthed socket
    The mains voltage and specifications on the washer dryer must match.
    aPageâ6: Technical specifications
    For information about the connected load and required fuse.
    aPageâ6: Technical specifications
    Ensure that:
    the mains plug and socket are compatible,
    the cable cross-section is adequate,
    the earthing system has been installed correctly.
    A damaged power cord may be replaced by an electrician only.
    A replacement power cord is available from customer service.
    Do not use multiple plugs/connectors or extension cables.
    If a residual current operated circuit-breaker is used, use only a type which guarantees
    compliance with the currently valid regulations.
    Mains plug:
    do not insert into/pull out of the socket with damp hands.
    do not pull the plug out of the socket by pulling on the power cord.
    never pull out the plug while the appliance is in operation.
Bosch Logixx 7 WVH28421GB

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vad betyder f18 som kommer uppstannar då. bosch logi xx8sensitive heter maskinen.

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Hej! Jag har en Logixx 8 sensitive. Det rinner ut vatten på golvet när jag tvättar. Vad kan det bero på? /Viktoria

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Barnlåset ska det ju va!

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Bosch Logixx 7 WVH28421GB – specifikationer

B betyder att produkten rankas bäst i sin kategori när det gäller energieffektivitet. Energimärkningssystemet bygger på ...
Varumärke Bosch
Modell Logixx 7 WVH28421GB
Produkt Tvättmaskin
EAN 4242002709918
Språk Engels
Filtyp PDF
Apparatens placering Fristående
Laddning Frontmatad
Produktens färg Vit
Gångjärnssida Vänster
Kontrolltyp Buttons,Rotary
Drum volym 57 l
Inbyggd display Ja
Certifiering CE, VDE
Vattenkapacitet Kall
Skärmtyp -
Material, trumma Rostfritt stål
Invändigt material Plast
Torkklass -
Tork-kapacitet 4 kg
Maximal centrifugeringshastighet 1400 RPM
Tvättklass A
Tvättkapacitet 7 kg
Cykeltidstvätt 418 min
AquaStop-funktion -
Fördröjd start timer Ja
Fördröjd start 24 h
Skrynkelreducering Ja
Justerbar centrifugeringshastighet -
Minsta centrifugeringshastighet 400 RPM
Ljudnivå (tvätt) 54 dB
Ljudnivå (spinn) 73 dB
Skumkontrollssystem Ja
Lastbalansering systemet Ja
Ljudnivå (torkning) 62 dB
Självrengörande Ja
Sladdlängd 2.1 m
Dörröppningsvinkel 165 °
Återstående tidindikering Ja
Indikator för LED-programstadie Ja
Alarm Ja
Barnsäkert Ja
Energiklass B
Energiförbrukning vid tvätt 1.19 kWh
Årlig energiförbrukning tvätt 238 kWh
Årlig vattenförbrukning tvätt 10200 l
Energiförbrukning vid disk och torkning 5.67 kWh
Vattenförbrukning tvätt & torkning per cykel 57 l
Årlig vattenförbrukning tvätt & torkning 11400 l
AC-inspänning 220 - 240 V
Växelström Frekvens 50 hz
Ström 10 A
Årlig energiförbrukning tvätt & torkning 1134 kWh
Vikt & dimension
Bredd 600 mm
Djup 590 mm
Höjd 842 mm
Vikt 84000 g
Vikt inkl. förpackning 88000 g
Lucköppningens diameter 320 mm
Tvättprogram för fintvätt/siden Ja
Handtvätt/ullprogram Ja
Tvättprogram för blandad tvätt Ja
Snabbtvättprogram Ja
Snabbtorkprogram Nej

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