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  • Instructions Manual (English)
    1. Press A button twice.
    (Date and Time displays when pressed once)
    2. When the month figure appears,
    press M to set the month.
    Your breo®
    watch can
    display month,
    date, time and
    3. Press the A button once again, the date figure
    appears and press M to adjust the date
    4. Press A button once again, the hour
    figure appears and press M to set the time.
    5. Press A button once again, the minute figure
    appears and press M to set the minute.
    PLEASE NOTE: Press A again and repeat until the Breo
    logo is flashing. Your watch is now set.
    When you adjust one amongst the month, date,
    time or minute - keep pressing the A button until
    the desired figure appears and press M to adjust.
    Press M to see the date.
    Generally the A button is used to select the function
    (Month, Date, Time and Minute).
    The M button is used to adjust the function
    1. It is recommended to take your watch to a repair
    shop to change the battery.
    2. When you want to change the battery by yourself,
    unscrew 2 external screws and take out plastic watch
    case from the silicon band. Carefully unscrew the
    screws of the watch case and change the battery.
    3. SR626SW is the model of battery required.
    4. Assemble the watch in reverse order.
    Watch Care and Precautions
    This watch contains precision electronic components. To
    ensure the best life for your breo®, please follow the
    simple guidelines for watch care.
    1. Avoid leaving your watch in any extremes for long
    periods of time; direct sunlight, extremely warm
    or cold environments. Extreme heat will cause
    malfunctions and shorten the battery life. Extreme
    cold will cause the watch to gain or lose time.
    2. Avoid extreme shock or impact. Your watch is
    designed to withstand impact under normal use.
    3. Do not operate any of the function buttons when
    the watch is submerged in water. Should water or
    condensation appear in the watch face, have
    the watch checked immediately. Water can corrode
    electronic parts inside the case.
    4. Do not submerge your watch in hot water or shower.
    5. Keep your watch clean. Clean your watch with a soft
    cloth and water only.
    Worldwide Warranty
    Thanks for choosing a breo® watch. We warrant this item for 12
    months Worldwide from the date of purchase for all constructing
    defects. We are not responsible for any damage caused by
    inappropriate use. From the warranty are excluded: Glass, strap
    & battery (SR626SW).
    The development of a malfunction does not imply the extension of
    the 12 months warranty period.
    Once a malfunction occurs, the consumer can contact the
    retailer where the watch was purchased whom will take care of
    warranty obligations.
    If it is not possible to contact the reseller, simply send email to our
    customer service with all your contact information,
    and proof that the watch was purchased no more than 12 months
    earlier. We will respond as soon as possible, sending you all free parts
    and instruction for the repairing worldwide.
    Love your Breo and it will love you!
    Please be aware of the following when you first receive
    your breo® watch.
    • Do not use a sharp pin to change the time as this will cause
    damage to the watch. A round ball point pen is ideal.
    • Please avoid hot showers as this can cause the watch
    to malfunction.
    • As this breo® watch is a sized product, please ensure you
    have the correct size as snapped watches are not covered
    under warranty and will not be replaced.
Breo Roam

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Breo Roam – specifikationer

Varumärke Breo
Modell Roam
Produkt Klocka
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Tekniska data
Mekanism typ Elektronisk
Kronograf Nej
Typ av urtavla LCD-urtavla
Vattentät Ja
Stöttålig -
Typ av klocka Armbandsur
Förpackningstyp Blåsa
Boettmaterial Gummi
Höljefärg Vit
bandmaterial Gummi
Armbandets huvudfärg Vit
Klockglas typ -
Utformning Andra
Urtavlans huvudfärg Grå
Typ av markeringar Arabiska siffror
Färg på urtavlans markeringar Svart
Design Sport
Könstyp Unisex
Vikt & dimension
Vikt 10 g
Bandbredd 5 mm

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