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  • Stage 1install the tap:
    1. Screw the fixing stud (F) into the base of the tap (A).
    2. Place the upper sink seal (B) on the base of the tap (A).
    3. Screw the hot (H), cold (I) & filtered (J) water tail pipes into the base of the tap (A). Note: the drawing key identifies water inlets.
    4. Place the tap (A) and seal (B) centrally to the tap hole, passing the fixing stud (F) and tail pipes (H, I & J) through the sink.
    5. Pass the rubber horseshoe (D) then the metal horseshoe (E) over the fixing stud (F). Note: if the tap is to be fitted to a stainless
    steel sink then the white triangular plate (C) can be fitted where shown to improve the stability of the tap.
    6. Using a spanner tighten fixing nut (G) onto the fixing stud (F) securing the tap (A).
    7. Connect the flexible ½” hot pipe (H) to the hot water supply using the appropriate sized compression fittings.
    8. Place the ¼” rubber seal (J1) into flexi pipe (J), now tighten the ¼” pushfit (K) into the end of the flexible filtered water pipe (J). Note
    PTFE tape can be used on the thread of pushfit (K) to ensure a water tight joint.
    9. Using compression nuts (S) and olives (T) connect the 3-way tee (U) as shown to the 15mm cold water supply feed.
    10. Attach a short stub of 15mm pipe (3) to the 3-way tee (U) as shown using compression nuts (S) and olives (T).
    11. Connect the flexible ½” cold pipe (I) to the 15mm pipe stub (3) using the appropriate sized compression fittings (1 & 2).
    Stage 2install the filter:
    1. Locate a convenient position to install the filter (N), remembering that it must be accessible when it is to be changed and functions
    best when mounted vertically.
    2. Screw the filter bracket (P) to the cupboard wall using screws (O), if attaching the bracket to an interior wall use rawl plugs also.
    3. Remove the dust caps from the ends of the filter (N) and write the installation date onto its label. Firmly push the pushfit connectors
    (M & Q) onto each end of the filter.
    4. Clip the filter (N) into its bracket (P) noting the direction of flow through the filter (N) towards the tap (A).
    5. Cut the blue flexible pipe (L) so it is slightly longer than the required lengths to and from the filter unit (N). When cutting the pipe
    use a sharp Stanley knife, ensuring that the pipe is cut cleanly and square at all ends.
    6. Firmly push the blue pipe (L) apx. 12mm into the pushfit connector (K) and push fit connector (M).
    7. Screw the large pushfit adaptor (R) onto the 3 way tee (U)
    8. Firmly push the blue pipe (L) apx. 12mm into the pushfit connector (Q) and push fit adaptor (R).
    After installation:
    Once you have visually checked the new fittings and connections, ensure that all taps are closed except the new mixer tap, which should be
    left open. Turn on the water supply at the mains stop cock. As the system starts to refill, check carefully for leaks. Once you are fully
    satisfied that there are no leaks, turn on the water heating. Clean the tap to remove any marks created during installation as instructed then
    replace the bag that has been provided to protect the tap until it is ready for use.
    Stage 3 – setting the tap up:
    1. The filtered drinking water system performs at a maximum of 2-3 L /
    min. Turn the tap fully on to filtered water, now the turn the lever on
    the 3-way valve (U) to adjust the flow of filtered water to the correct
    level. Note when the filter is new it will take a moment to pull any air
    though the system, you may notice some carbon discoloration in the
    water at this point, this is normal and will pass with flushing.
    Using the tap:
    For best results when using the filtered water always run the tap for a few moments. Running
    the tap will help to flush the system through and make the water cooler for drinking, if the tap
    has not been used for several hours then flush the tap for longer. When comparing the taste
    of filtered and unfiltered water always taste the filtered water first.
    The dual stage filter is designed to improve the taste, clarity and odour of drinking water, the
    filter also the help to reduce the level of chemical impurities and lime scale build up on
    kettles and cookware in low-moderate scale regions.
    Each filter cartridge has a maximum 6-month life. For replacement filters call 01949 862012.
    To select filtered water turn the lever off, then fully right past the ‘click’ to select filtered water,
    tilt the lever to control the filtered water flow.
    To select hot, cold or mixed water turn the lever off, now turn to the left past the ‘click’ to
    select non filtered water, tilt the lever to control the hot, cold or mixed water flow.
    The tap will not switch from filtered to non filtered water without the tap being turned off first.

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