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Clas Ohlson EMT445
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Outdoor plug-in timer

Art no 32-7114 Model EMT445

Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct and save it for future reference. We reserve theright
for any errors in text or images and any necessary changes made to technical data. If you have any questions regarding
technical problems please contact our Customer Services.


• The timer is intended for outdoor and indoor domestic
use only.
• Never use thetimer if it has been damaged in any way.
• The switch mechanism is controlled by a1-pole
micro-switch. The switch has amax load of 16 A
(2 A inductive load).
• The timer has anearthed plug and socket. The timer’s
electrical socket is equipped with achild safety shutter
which opens when aplug is connected.
• Classification type 1.B.R according to EN60730-2-7.
• Use only anextension lead approved for outdoor use.
The timer must be mounted upright with thetappets
side on top and theplug side down for thehighest
IP44 safety class to be achieved.
• Do not connect thetimer to any device that exceeds
thetimer’s capacity. Always make sure theplug from
theother device is completely pushed into thetimer.
• If you need to clean thetimer, disconnect it from
themains and wipe it clean with adry towel. Do not
use water or any other liquid for cleaning.
• Ensure that theconnected appliance does not pose
afire hazard.

Product description

Timer with day function. Minimum timer activation time:
15 minutes. Switch for selecting timer control or continuous
wall outlet function.

Use as astandard wall plug

Set theselector switch (3) to the( | ) position. Connect thelight,
appliance, etc. and make sure that it is turned on.

Timer controlled

The time setting dial (4) is marked with thehours in aday
(1–24 hrs).

Setting thetimer

Example: If you want thetimer to activate at 10 pm
(22:00) and turn off at 11 pm (23:00): Press in the4
tappets spanning 22 and 23. The timer will then activate
between 10 pm and 11 pm and then deactivate and will
not reactivate until 10 pm thefollowing evening.

Setting thecurrent time

1. Set thecurrent time by turning thedial clockwise until
thearrow is aligned with thecurrent time (2).
2. Set theselector switch (3) to the¿ position.


The connected device
does not turn on.
• Make sure that theproduct
works by connecting it to
astandard wall outlet and
test if it works.
• Make sure that theconnected
product is turned on.
The product doesn’t
seem to work off
thetimer. The product
is on all thetime.
Make sure that theselector
switch (3) is in the¿ position.


This product should be disposed of in accordance with
local regulations. If you are unsure how to proceed,
contact your local authority.


Rated voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Max resitive load 16 A
Max inductive load 460 VA
Protection class IP44
Accuracy ± 5 minutes/day
1. Time segment tappets
2. Current time indication arrow
3. Selector switch
4. Time setting dial
Clas Ohlson EMT445

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