Corel WinZip 16 Professional

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    Zip. Deliver. Done.
    Zip and unzip files quickly and easily with WinZip's new high-performance 64-bit zip engine
    Create Zip files as much as 50%-80% faster thanks to WinZip's innovative compression algorithms and
    multi-processor support
    Compress multiple files instantly using WinZip’s handy 'Zip My Files' button*
    Split large Zip files so they fit on removable media
    Zip and unzip very large Zip files (>4GB)
    Create Zip, LHA, and Zipx files
    Open and extract Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, LHA, BZ2, CAB, IMG, ISO, and most other compressed file formats
    Convert other major compressed file formats to Zip format
    Drag files onto the new WinZip Desktop Gadget to instantly zip/unzip them*
    Use the WinZip Desktop Gadget 'Folder I Choose' option to create or select a target folder for zipping/unzipping
    files on a case-by-case basis
    Apply 'Best Compression' method and WinZip will select the most appropriate compressed file format for you
    Reduce JPEG image files by 20-25% with no loss of photo quality or data integrity
    Use ‘1-Click Unzip’ to automatically extract the content of an archive into a folder it creates, and then open that
    folder in Windows Explorer for easy editing access*
    Auto Open’ a zipped document, spreadsheet, or presentation in its associated Microsoft Office application by
    simply double-clicking the Zip file within Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook*
    Use 'Open With' to unzip a compressed file using the default Windows file association (or an application you
    specify). If you make changes to the opened file, WinZip will offer to save them back to the Zip file for you
    Employ advanced 'Unzip and Try' functionality to review interrelated components contained within a Zip file
    (such as an HTML page and its associated graphics)
    Experience faster zipping performance on most files using optional LZMA compression
    View international characters in filenames thanks to WinZip’s Unicode support
    Encrypt / Decrypt
    Package & Share
    Encrypt and decrypt confidential files and email attachments as you zip them
    Simply check ‘Encrypt’ to password protect your files and keep them completely secure
    Secure sensitive data with strong, FIPS-197 certified AES encryption (128- and 256-bit)
    Auto-wipe (‘shred’) temporarily extracted copies of encrypted files using the U.S. Department of Defense
    standard (DoD 5220.22-M) to prevent misuse
    Establish your own password policy by defining complexity requirements
    Set or disable available encryption methods
    Bundle related files into compact, zipped packages that are perfect for sharing and saving
    Zip your email attachments so they are smaller, safer, send more reliably, and don’t bounce
    Access the ZipSend™ file delivery web service and send large files (up to 2GB) without worrying about
    bounced email messages
    Access the ZipShare™ web service to upload and post files to Facebook
    Apply advanced file sharing options such as ‘best method’ compression, file encryption, and automatic image
    Zip and email files using the most popular email and webmail systems (WinZip comes configured to work with
    ® ® ® ® ® ®
    Microsoft Outlook , Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail™, and Microsoft Live Hotmail )
    Configure WinZip to support additional email services beyond the preset selections provided with the software
    Use WinZip's extended enterprise support for IT control over the addition/alteration of email services
    View the contents of zipped email attachments directly in the Microsoft Outlook preview pane using WinZip’s
    'Zip File Previewer' functionality**
Corel WinZip 16 Professional

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Corel WinZip 16 Professional – specifikationer

Varumärke Corel
Modell WinZip 16 Professional
Produkt Assistent program
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Antal licenser -licens/-er
Köp av licensnivå krävs 1000000licens/-er
Kompatibla operativsystem Windows XP\r
Windows Vista\r
Windows 7
Rekommenderat hårddiskutrymme 2
Tekniska data
Plattform PC

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