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Please read the entire manual before making any connections. Follow these steps before connecting or attempting to turn speakers on:
1) The speaker with the controls is the right speaker”. Normally, these are placed on the right side of your monitor. Place the speaker
without controls (the left speaker) on the left side of the monitor.
2) Switch power to off position.
3) Turn the volume to the minimum position (rotate counter clockwise).
AddressPhoneModel purchaseDate purchaseName of storeOne Year Limited Warranty Registration

CA-2016 Computer Speakers

Cyber Acoustics, Inc.
P.O. Box 821348
WA 98682
C o n n e c t i o n s
The following examples show a couple of the multiple applications in which your speakers can be used. Switch the power off while
making these connections.

T u r n i n g t h e S p e a k e r s o n

1) Plug in the USB port into the USB port on your computer or a USB hub.
2) Check the volume is turned to the minimum position.
3) Press the power button on the right front panel. Check that the “power indicatorlight comes on.
4) Normally, the best way to test your speakers is to play a regular audio CD in your systems CD ROM or DVD device.
5) Slowly turn volume up to desired listening level. (Note: Your multimedia computer system has different ways to adjust the volume
tones. Consult your soundcard or music source user guide to change any desired settings. Normally, the speaker volume control/
mixer in your software should be turned up around 80 - 85%.)
6) When using headphones. You can use headphones with 3.5mm plugs with these speakers. When you plug your headphones
into the jack on the front of the speaker, the speakers stop producing sound. The volume control on the speaker adjusts the volume
for your headphones.

CA-2016 Computer Speakers

P r e c a u t i o n T i p s
Disconnect the USB plug from USB port of your computer before making any
audio connections.
Keep discs and tapes away from them.
Keep your speakers away from extreme heat or humid and wet conditions.
T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g
Speakers produce no sound
Are the speakers getting power? Is the power indicator light on? Check the USB
Is there any output from your sound card? Check your sound card settings. Also,
you can check the speakers easily by connecting them to another music source
such as a portable CD player or cassette player. Just plug them into the
headphone jack or line out jack. If the speakers work on this other source, they
are OK and the problem is with the soundcard. Note: Speakers still need to be
connected to a USB port for power.
One speaker does not play
Check the balance control on your mixer software.
Check the plug connections.
Customer Service
If you have questions or need assistance with your speakers, please call or
consult our web site.
Tel: 360 823 4100
Web site:
1) For technical support and questions, please contact Cyber Acoustics
Tel: 360-823-4100 / Fax: 360-883-4888 / E-mail:
2) You can now register your Cyber Acoustics product on line through our web site in lieu of filling
out and mailing this card:
Headphone jack
Volume control
Power indicator light
Power on/off switch
Cable with USB plug
to USB port or hub
Cable and plug (green) to sound card or other source
Cable connecting
left and right
Personal CD
Attached 3.5mm
mini plug cable
Left speaker
USB port or hub
MP3 player

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Cyber Acoustics
CA-2016WB | CA-2016WB
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Användarmanual (PDF)
Satellithögtalarens drivelement, diameter1.5 "
Dimension (B x D x H) (imperial)3.25 x 4.5 x 8.5 "
Uteffekt (RMS)3 W
Frekvensområde260 - 20000 hz
Impedans- Ω
Produktens färgSvart
Rekommenderad användningPC
Lämplig för utomhusbrukNej
Material, hölje-
Hörlursanslutning3,5 mm
3,5 mm kontaktJa
Ljudutgångskanaler2.0 kanaler
Antal förare1
Strömkälla av typenAC
Vikt & dimension
Bredd69.85 mm
Djup82.55 mm
Höjd158.75 mm
Vikt- g
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