CyberPower OP1500

CyberPower OP1500 bruksanvisning

  • Office Tower Series with AVR UPS
    User Manual
    This manual contains important safety instructions. Please read and follow all instructions carefully during installation and operation of the unit.
    Read this manual thoroughly before attempting to unpack, install, or operate your UPS.
    . CAUTION! To prevent the risk of fire or electric shock, install in a temperature and humidity controlled indoor area free of conductive
    contaminants. (Please see specifications for acceptable temperature and humidity range).
    CAUTION! To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the cover except to service the battery. No user serviceable parts inside
    except for battery.
    CAUTION! UPS must be connected to an AC power outlet with fuse or circuit breaker protection. Do not plug into an outlet that is not
    grounded. If you need to de-energize this equipment, turn off and unplug the unit.
    CAUTION! To avoid electrical shock, turn off the unit and unplug it from the AC power source before servicing the battery or installing a
    computer component.
    Inspect the UPS upon receipt. The box should contain the following:
    UPS Unit¯1; PowerPanel Plus Software Disk¯1; PowerPanel Software Disk¯1; Serial Interface Cable (DB-9)¯1; Telephone Cable¯1;
    User Manual¯1; PowerPanel Plus Software User Manual¯1; PowerPanel Software User Manual¯1.
    1. Insure that the equipment plugged into the battery power-supplied outlets does not exceed the UPS unit’s rated capacity (1500VA/950W).
    If rated unit capacities are exceeded, an overload condition may occur and cause the UPS unit to shut down or the circuit breaker to trip.
    2. If the power requirements of your equipment are listed in units other than Volt-Amps (VA), convert Watts (W) or Amps (A) into VA by doing
    the calculations below. Note: The below equation only calculates the maximum amount of VA that the equipment can use, not what is
    typically used by the equipment at any one time. Users should expect usage requirements to be approximately 60% of below value.
    1. Watts (W) x 2.0 = VA or Amps (A) x 120 = VA
    2. Add the totals up for all pieces of equipment and multiply this total by 0.6 to calculate actual requirements. There are many factors that can
    affect the amount of power that your computer system will require. The total load that you will be placing on the battery-powered outlets
    should not exceed 80% of the unit’s capacity.
    1. Connect the equipment to your UPS outlets. Items such as copiers, laser printers, vacuums, space heaters, paper shredders, or other large
    electrical devices should not be connected to the UPS. Please assure that the total load of your equipment is less than the maximum total
    power capacity of your UPS.
    2. Connect your UPS power cord into a two-pole, three-wire grounded
    receptacle only. Please avoid using extension cords and adapter plugs.
    (To maintain optimal battery charge, leave the UPS plugged in at all
    3. Press the UPS power button to turn it on. The “Power On” indicator will
    be illuminated in “Green”.
    4. Install your optional software and accessories. To use the software,
    simply connect the enclosed serial interface cable to the serial port on
    the UPS and an open serial port on the computer.
     Power Switch
    Press the ON/OFF button to turn the UPS on or off.
     Test Switch
    This UPS performs a self-test automatically when power is turned on. If the UPS passes the
    test, it returns to on-line operation. If the UPS fails the self-test, please recharge the battery
    for 4 hours and perform another self-test. If it fails after recharging, please replace the
     Battery Indicators
    These indicators are a visual indication of the battery charge. If battery capacity is under 20%, no indicator LED will illuminate
    and the UPS will beep.
     Load Level Indicators
    These LED indicators are a visual depiction of the UPS load. The load indicator LED will turn orange if the load is between 80
    and 100%. If the load is under 20%, no indicator LED will illuminate.
     Wiring Fault Indicator
    This LED indicator will illuminate to warn the user that a wiring problem exits with the AC outlet, such as bad ground, missing
    ground or reversed polarity. If this is illuminated, the user is advised to disconnect all electrical equipment from the outlet and
    have an electrician check the outlet to insure proper wiring.
     Using Battery Indicator
    This illuminates during utility failure, indicating that the battery is supplying power to the battery-power supplied outlets.
     AVR Indicator
    This LED indicates that the UPS is operating in automatic voltage regulation mode. When the LED is illuminated continuously,
    it indicates input over-voltage and the UPS unit bucks the voltage. When the LED is flashed in rotation, it indicates that the
    UPS unit is boosting input voltage.
     Power On Indicator
    This LED is illuminated when the utility condition is normal and the UPS outlets are providing “clean power”, free of surges and
     Battery Backup and Surge Protection Outlets
    This unit provides 6 battery-powered, surge-protected and AVR outlets for connected equipment and insures
    uninterrupted operation of connected equipment during a power failure.
     Circuit Breaker Reset for Overload Protection
    Re-settable circuit breakers provide optimal overload protection.
     Communication Protection Ports
    Combination RJ-45/RJ11 Protection Ports protect your Phone, Fax , Modem, or Ethernet device from surges over the Ethernet orPhone line.
     Serial Ports
    The OP1500AVR-T4 provides two serial ports to allow connection and communication between the UPS and two computers. This allows the
    simultaneous shutdown of two computer systems. These interfaces are also compatible with the UPS service provided by Windows 2000,
    Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Mac OS 10X.
    1. The Primary PC
    To control the UPS and make any change to the operation of the UPS, please install
    the PowerPanel Plus in your primary computer and then connect it to the Serial Port I of
    the UPS.
    2. The Secondary PC
    The secondary computer with PowerPanel installed should be connected to the serial
    port II. This PC will shutdown following the user settings in PowerPanel Software when a
    power failure occurs.
    When a power failure occurs, one of the following shutdown sequences will be executed:
    1. If the Primary and Secondary serial ports are both in use: the Primary computer will start to count down (user controlled delay) for shutdown
    (User Control delay can be set in the PowerPanel Plus software. Recommended time is 5 minutes). Once the Primary computer is shutdown,
    the UPS will signal the Secondary computer and initiate the Secondary to shutdown. The UPS default shutdown time is 2 minutes. Therefore,
    it is recommended that Secondary computer is set to shutdown within 1 minute in PowerPanel Software.
    2. If only the Secondary serial port is in use: the Secondary computer will shutdown following the user settings in PowerPanel Software.
    However, the Secondary computer will not able to signal the UPS to shutdown. Therefore, the UPS will only power off when it is in low
    Problem Possible Cause Solution
    Batteries are not fully charged. Recharge the battery by leaving the UPS plugged in. The UPS does not perform
    expected runtime.
    Battery is slightly worn out. Contact CyberPower Systems at
    The on/off switch is designed to
    prevent damage by rapidly
    turning it off and on.
    Turn the UPS off.
    Wait 10 seconds and then turn the UPS on.
    The unit is not connected to an
    AC outlet.
    The unit must be connected to a 110/120v 60Hz outlet.
    The battery is worn out. Contact CyberPower Systems at
    The UPS will not turn on.
    Mechanical problem. Contact CyberPower Systems at
    Circuit breaker is tripped due to
    Turn the UPS off and unplug at least one piece of equipment. Wait 10
    seconds, reset the circuit breaker and then turn the UPS on.
    Batteries are discharged Allow the unit to recharge for at least 4 hours.
    Outlets do not provide
    power to equipment
    Unit has been damaged by a
    surge or spike.
    Contact CyberPower Systems at
    The serial cable is not
    Connect the serial cable to the UPS unit and an open serial port on the back
    of the computer. You must use the cable that came with the unit.
    The serial cable is connected to
    the wrong port.
    Check the back of the computer for an additional serial port. Move the
    cable to this port.
    The unit is not providing battery
    Shutdown your computer and turn the UPS off. Wait 10 seconds and turn the
    UPS back on. This should reset the unit.
    PowerPanel Plus™ is
    inactive (all icons are gray).
    The serial cable is not the cable
    that was provided with the unit.
    You must use the cable that was included with the unit for the software and
    the unit to be able to communicate.
    Power On
    On Off Off Set Off Normal
    On Slow flash Off Set Off
    AVR- Max. boost 13% of input voltage for output regulation while input
    voltage is from 5% to 14% under nominal.
    ON On Off Set Off
    AVR- Max. buck 11% of input voltage for output regulation while input
    voltage is from 8% to 25% over nominal.
    Off Off On Set Two Beeps
    Utility Failure- The UPS is providing battery power to the Battery-Powe
    Supplied outlets.
    Off Off On Set Rapid Beeps
    Utility Failure- The UPS is providing battery power. Rapid beeps
    indicate the battery will run out of charge within a few minutes.
    On/ Off
    On/Off Set Long Beep
    Overload- Turn the UPS off and unplug at least one piece of equipment
    from the UPS. Wait 5 seconds, reset the circuit breaker and restart the
    Off Off On Up Long Beep
    Overload- Turn the UPS off and unplug at least one piece of equipment
    from the UPS. Wait 5 seconds, reset the circuit breaker and restart the
    Off Off Off Set Off
    Surge Protection Malfunction- Power surge has damaged the unit.
    Please contact CyberPower Systems.
CyberPower OP1500

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CyberPower OP1500 – specifikationer

Varumärke CyberPower
Modell OP1500
Produkt Avbrottsfri strömförsörjning (UPS)
EAN 649532715008
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Uteffekt kapacitet (VA) 1500
Ingångsfrekvens 60
Energivärdering 1796
Uteffekt 950
Hörbart larm
EMI / RFI-brusfiltrering
Batterityp BB 12V/7.0AH
Utspänning (Volt) 120
Anslutningsdetaljer utgång 6 x NEMA 5-15R
Anslutningsdetaljer ingång NEMA 5-15P
Kompatibla operativsystem Windows 200x, Server, XP, Vista, Windows 7.
Management-Plattform SNMP, HTTP
Batteriteknik Slutna blybatterier (VRLA)
Laddningstid 8
Normal drifttid vid halv belastning 18
Normal drifttid vid full belastning 6
Formfaktor Tower
Kabellängd 3
Produktens färg Svart
Certifiering UL1778, cUL, FCC DOC Class B, ROHS
Seriella portar 2
Modem (RJ-11) portar 1
Antal LAN (RJ-45) anslutningar 1
Antal USB 2.0 anslutningar 1
Vikt & dimension
Vikt 25401.1
Bredd 177.8
Djup 419.1
Höjd 241.3
Temperatur vid drift 0 - 35
Intervall för relativ operativ luftfuktighet 0 - 95
Medföljande programvara PowerPanel Plus

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