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Symbols used in the present instructions
Important warnings carry these symbols. It is vitally important
to observe these warnings.
Failure to observe this warning can be the cause of lesions from
electric shock which may endanger life.
Failure to observe this warning can be the cause of lesions or of
damage to the appliance.
Danger of scalding!
Failure to observe this warning can be the cause of scalds or
Take note:
This symbol highlights advice or information important for the
Important safety warnings
As the appliance uses electric current, the possibility of electric
shocks cannot be excluded. Therefore, please pay attention to
the following safety warnings:
• Donottouchtheappliancewithwethandsorfeet.
• Donottouchtheplugwithwethands.
• Ensurethattheelectricsocketusedisalwaysfreelyacces-
sible, so that the plug can be easily disconnected when
• Ifyouwishtoremovetheplugfromthesocket,holdthe
plug itself. Never pull the electric cable, as this may dama-
ge it.
• Todisconnecttheappliancecompletely,removetheplug
from the electric socket.
• Iftheappliancebreaksdown,donotattempttorepairit.
Switch o the appliance, remove the plug from the socket
and contact Technical Assistance.
• Iftheplugorsupplycablearedamaged,then,inorder
to avoid any possible risks, have them replaced solely by
Keep all packaging material (plastic bags, expanded polystyre-
ne) out of the reach of children.
The appliance should not be used by people (including chil-
dren) with limited psychological/physical/sensory capacity,
or with insucient expertise or knowledge, unless they are
carefully supervised and instructed by a responsible person.
Children should be supervised and not allowed to play with
the appliance.
Danger of scalding!
This appliance produces hot water, and when in use can form
steam vapour.
Take care not to come into contact with jets of hot water or
Use in conformity with purpose
This appliance is designed for the preparation of coee and for
heating beverages.
The appliance is intended solely for domestic use. It is not me-
ant to be used in:
• roomsusedaskitchensbythestaofshops,ocesand
other work-places
• farmhouseholidayaccommodation
• hotels,motelsandotherplacesoeringhospitality
• roomlets
Any use other than that intended shall be considered improper
and therefore dangerous. The manufacturer is not responsible
for injuries resulting from improper use of the appliance.
Instructions for use
Read these instructions carefully before using the appliance.
Failure to respect these instructions can be the source of lesions
and of damage to the appliance.
The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting
from a failure to respect these instructions for use.
Take note:
Keep these instructions carefully. If this appliance is ever pas-
sed on to other persons, ensure that they are also given these
instructions for use.
Checking the item
After removing the packaging, check that the appliance is
intact and complete with all its accessories.Do not use the
appliance if it is obviously damaged. Contact your Authorized
Technical Assistance.
Installation of the appliance
When installing the appliance, the following safety instruc-
tions must be observed:
• The appliance emits heat into the surrounding envi-

Safety Warnings


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