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    - The appliance must not be placed im-
    mediately under a xed power socket.
    - Do not use the appliance near show-
    ers, bathtubs, sinks, swimming pools,
    - If the power cable is damaged, it must
    be replaced by the manufacturer, an
    authorised service centre or a qualied
    electrician in order to eliminate all risk.
    - This appliance can be used by children
    aged from 8 years and above and per-
    sons with reduced physical, sensory or
    mental capabilities or lack of experien-
    ce and knowledge if they have been
    given supervision or instruction con-
    cerning use of the appliance in a safe
    way and understand the hazards in-
    volved. Children shall not play with the
    appliance. Cleaning and user mainte-
    nance shall not be made by children
    without supervision.
    - Children of less than 3 years should be
    kept away unless continuously super-
    - Children aged from 3 years and less
    than 8 years shall only switch on/o
    the appliance provided that it has been
    placed or installed in its intended nor-
    mal operating position and they have
    been given supervision or instruction
    concerning use of the appliance in a
    safe way and understand the hazards
    involved. Children aged from 3 years
    and less than 8 years shall not plug
    in, regulate and clean the appliance or
    perform user maintenance.
    CAUTION — Some parts of this
    product can become very hot and
    cause burns. Particular attention
    has to be given where children
    and vulnerable people are pre-
    - ATTENTION: To avoid the safety sy-
    stem resetting accidentally, this ap-
    pliance must not be powered through
    an external on/o device such as a
    timer, or connected to a circuit which
    is turned o and on regularly by the
    energy supplier.
    - Do not use the appliance in small
    rooms when they are occupied by
    persons that are not capable of leaving
    the room, unless constant supervision
    is provided.
    Danger of burns!!
    - WARNING: To avoid overhe-
    ating, never under any cir-
    cumstances cover the appliance
    during operation as this would lead to
    a dangerous rise in temperature.
    Please note:
    - Always use the appliance in an upright position.
    - The use of extension leads is not recommended.
    However if they cannot be avoided, follow the instruc-
    tions accompanying the extension lead and never
    exceed the power limit marked on the extension.
    - The heater must be positioned at least 50 cm from furni-
    ture or other objects.
    - Do not use the appliance in rooms with a oor area of
    less than 4m
    - Before putting the appliance away, make sure it is com-
    pletely o and unplugged from the mains socket. Wrap
    the cable around the base.
    Do not store in dusty atmospheres.
    - Do not rest anything on the appliance.
    - Do not use the appliance to dry laundry. Do not obstruct
    the air intake and outlet grilles (danger of overheating).
    - Do not use the appliance near walls, furniture, curtains,
DeLonghi TCH8993.ER

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