Digitus DA-74001

Digitus DA-74001 bruksanvisning

    User Manual
    “FORT KNOX” is compatible with SATA type 3.5” and 2.5” HDD/SSD. The
    product doesn’t include a HDD/SSD. Users have to purchase and install their
    own HDD. DIGITUS cannot take any responsibility to any HDD failures,
    users would need to contact the HDD manufacturers in relation to any HDD
    “FORT KNOX” doesn’t support “Hot Plugging” for AES hardware
    encryption. Before replacing HDD (2.5” or 3.5”), users must turn (power)
    off “FORT KNOX” and then, replace HDD
    Please don’t place any magnetic material around “FORT KNOX”. It may
    damage the data of HDD installed in “FORT KNOX”. Also, don’t drop or
    cause any hard impact to the “FORT KNOX”. HDD can be damaged easily
    by magnetic material or strong impact. It is always advisable to back up
    important data.
    The encryption of “FORT KNOX” is hardware based. “FORT KNOX” can
    connect and work with all OS, Embedded devices and media players which
    support USB host.
    Basically “FORT KNOX” uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256 bit
    encryption algorithms. Additionally, it supports higher level encryption
    management via Password input and Master-key registration. If a user loses
    or forgets a master-key and password, we (DIGITUS) can’t rescue or recover
    any data. User need to format the HDD to use it again.
    “FORT KNOX” doesn’t use any S/W for encryption. Users can set up the
    security by inputting 4~8 digits password via front touch panel buttons of
    “FORT KNOX”.
    “FORT KNOX” encrypts the entire HDD, once encrypted it is impossible to
    read or decode any data on the HDD even though it’s connected with other
    PC systems.
    “FORT KNOX” supports User Password protection feature. If user enter
    wrong password 3 times in a row, the interval to ask password input is
    lengthened continuously.
    If users forget the Password of “FORT KNOX”, users have to visit our official
    A/S center or country official distributor to rescue and recover HDD data.
    When visiting A/S center, users should bring both “FORT KNOX” (HDD) and
    Master-key. Master-key shows the authentication of owner of “FORT KNOX”.
    “FORT KNOX” supports both security and normal mode. In case of security
    mode (with password input), it takes 10 seconds longer booting-time than
    normal mode. It’s because “FORT KNOX” is re-connected after stand-by for
    the security mode activation and safety connection.
    “FORT KNOX” supports ‘un-mount’ feature. When disconnecting “FORT
    KNOX” from PC, please use ‘un-mount’ feature on “FORT KNOX” or ‘Safely
    Remove Hardware’ of Windows. If you disconnect USB cable during data
    transfer, data loss may occur. Please pay attention to it.
    “FORT KNOX” supports USB3.0 Super-Speed. Data transfer speed (reading
    and writing) of “FORT KNOX” can be affected by the performance (RPM) of
    HDD. The data transfer speed of 7,200RPM HDD is rather faster than
    5,200RPM HDD.
    Model name DIGITUS “FORT KNOX”
    AC adaptor (12V, 2A)
    HDD 3.5 inch, 2.5 inch SATA I, II, III HDD/SSD
    USB 3.0 SUPER SPEED (Max 5Gbps)
    (USB3.0 Max speed is available when it’s connected with
    USB3.0 host device.) USB2.0 compatible
    OS All Operating Systems recognizing USB storage device.
    Size/Weight (W) 121 x (H) 76 x (D) 116mm / 185g(w/o HDD)
    “FORT KNOX”(with bracket for 2.5” HDD), AC adaptor,
    USB3.0 cable, User Manual, Superfine Cloth
    Each part and function
    (1) OLED display window: shows the menu and password input of “FORT
    (2) Touch Panel: supports menu navigation and password input via
    Capacitance Touch switching technology.
    (3) 2.5” HDD bracket: Shake proof bracket for 2.5” HDD/SSD.
    (4) Power LED: Stand-by mode (RED), Power on (BLUE)
    (5) Power Button: Turn on and off “FORT KNOX” by pressing the Power
    (6) Speaker: Voice support for main functions.
    (7) USB Port: Connect “FORT KNOX” with various PC and devices via
    USB3.0 port. (Compatible with USB2.0 devices also)
    (8) DC IN: Use and connect the AC adaptor (12V, 2A) included in basic
    HDD Installation (3.5 inch type)
    As below picture, install 3.5” HDD with vertical direction. In case of HDD
    installation with wrong or slant direction, it can cause damage of SATA
    connector of HDD.
    HDD Installation (2.5 inch type)
    Please use 2.5” HDD bracket (cover) for 2.5” HDD/SSD installation.
    2.5” HDD/SSD should be installed vertically and correctly.
    USE as an external HDD (Normal Mode)
    (1) When “FORT KNOX” is connected with PC via USB port, the front OLED
    display window shows a message “The new HDD is connected. Will you
    use Password?”. Press <0> button on the front touch panel to select
    Normal external mode (not using security mode).
    (2) Below “Lock icon” means it’s the status of normal external storage mode.
    (3) In case of new HDD, to use it as an external HDD storage, users have to
    initialize the HDD under computer’s operating system. (See page 2 –
    HDD initialization). In case of used HDD, it can be used instantly without
    any other process.
    USE as an external security HDD (Security Mode)
    (1) When “FORT KNOX” is connected with PC via USB port, the front OLED
    display window shows the message “The new HDD is connected. Will
    you use Password?” Press <1> button on the front touch panel of “FORT
    KNOX” to use Password (Security mode).
    (2) LCD shows message “Enter a password for the first time”. Then, please
    enter your password (4~8 digits) by pressing numeric buttons on the front
    panel of “FORT KNOX” and press <Enter> button to apply it.
    (3) It’s the process to identify your password. Just enter the same password
    you entered in previous (2) step and press <Enter> button to apply it. (If
    you enter wrong or different password, you can’t go to the next step. You
    have to re-start the process again.)
    (4) Once the password input process is completed, the LCD will show the
    16 digits Master-Key numbers of the installed HDD. LCD will show the
    master-key numbers till you press any other button on “FORT KNOX”.
    <Example Disply>
    (5) Press any button on “FORT KNOX”, then Master-key disappears. In
    Security mode, LCD shows ‘Lock’ icon and ‘LOCKDOCK’ message as
    (6) Before using HDD, users have to initialize the HDD under computer’s
    operating system. (See page 2 – HDD initialization).
    Note : In case of using Security mode, HDD installed in “FORT KNOX”
    should be initialized newly even though HDD already got formatted or
    it’s used HDD. When user selects “Security Mode”, PC recognizes the
    HDD in “FORT KNO
    ”as a totall
    new HDD.
    What is the ‘Master-Key’?
    Master-key is the essential code to recover HDD data.
    If you forget the password you entered on the security HDD or your
    “FORT KNOX” get damaged, you can’t connect or read any data on
    HDD. Even though you connect the HDD to your PC system, your PC
    can’t read anything at all because it’s totally encrypted by AES 256 bit
    encryption technology.
    Master-key is not for individual user. The data can be recovered only
    by our special program in our official service centers. To recover HDD
    data, you have to visit us with “FORT KNOX” and Master-key.
    If you lose Master-key, it’s impossible for us to recover your HDD data
    in any events. So, you should write down Master-Key and keep it
    safely, just in case.
    [Note] If HDD itself gets physical damage, it’s impossible to
    recover any data on damaged HDD even with Master-key.)
    Re-enter your password
    Enter a password first time
    Will you use Password?
    0=NO, 1=YES
    Will you use Password?
    0=NO, 1=YES
    Note (USB3.0 cable)
    Please use an authentic and original USB 3.0 cable for the USB3.0
    Super Speed and stable performance.
    Caution: Before changing HDD, turn (power) off “FORT KNOX”.
    - “FORT KNOX” doesn’t support “Hot Plugging” due to Data Encryption
    (AES) processing.
    - When changing HDDs, “FORT KNOX” should be powered off.
    - In case of HDD changing in the power on status (“FORT KNOX”),
    it can cause damage on data on HDD. We don’t have any duty or
    responsibility on it.
    Precautions before use
    Please read the following instructions carefully before
    using the product.
Digitus DA-74001

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Digitus DA-74001 – specifikationer

Varumärke Digitus
Modell DA-74001
Produkt HDD dockningsstation
EAN 4016032316589
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Typ av lagringsmedia HDD, SSD
Lagringsenhetens gränssnitt Serial ATA, Serial ATA II, Serial ATA III
Storlekar som stöds på lagringsenhet 2.5, 3.5
Antal lagringsenheter som stöds 1
Maximal lagringskapacitet 4
Antal USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)-portar 1
Typ av minneskort Stöds inte
Standardgränssnitt USB 3.2 Gen 1 (3.1 Gen 1)
Maximal överföringshastighet 5
Produktens färg Black, Blue
Byte under drift (hotswap)
Plug & Play-kompatibel
Stöd för hot-plug
Anslutning till PC
Förpackningens innehåll
Kabel inkluderad USB


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