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  • What is a cylinder thermostat?
    ... an explanation for householders
    A cylinder thermostat switches on and off the heat
    supply from the boiler to the hot-water cylinder. It
    works by sensing the temperature of the water inside
    the cylinder, switching on the water heating when the
    temperature falls below the thermostat setting, and
    switching it off once this set temperature has been
    Turning a cylinder thermostat to a higher setting will
    not make the water heat up any faster. How quickly the
    water heats up depends on the design of the heating
    system, for example, the size of boiler and the heat
    exchanger inside the cylinder.
    The water heating will not work if a time switch or
    programmer has switched it off. And the cylinder
    thermostat will not always switch the boiler off,
    because the boiler sometimes needs to heat the
    Cylinder thermostats are usually fitted between one
    quarter and one third of the way up the cylinder. The
    cylinder thermostat will have a temperature scale
    marked on it, and it should be set at between 60C and
    65C, then left to do its job. This temperature is high
    enough to kill off harmful bacteria in the water, but
    raising the temperature of the stored hot water any
    higher will result in wasted energy and increase the
    risk of scalding.
    If you have a boiler control thermostat, it should
    always be set to a higher temperature than that of the
    cylinder thermostat. In most boilers, a single boiler
    thermostat controls the temperature of water sent
    to both the cylinder and radiators, although in some
    there are two separate boiler thermostats.




    Cylinder Thermostat

    Model: C110CInvensys
    Customer Service Tel: 0845 130 5522
    Customer Service Fax: 0845 130 0622
    Technical Helpline: 0845 130 7722
    Website: www.draytoncontrols.co.uk
    E-mail: customer.care@invensys.com
    EU Design Regs:- 002180638-1/2/3
    User Guide 06490192001 Iss E



    Step 5: Receiver - Key & LED

    Step 1: Keys and Display - MiStat

    RF Pack: MiStat C110C

    Step 2: +hr (Timer)

    Press +hr to start the Timer. The prior used
    temperature and time will be displayed and the
    temperature will flash.
    Press +/- to adjust +hr temperature, then press ( )
    to confirm.
    Press +/- to adjust +hr period between 0 and 23 hours.
    Press (
    ) to confirm.

    Step 3: Additional User Settings

    ID Feature: Description: Factory Pre-Set:
    1 MAX-TEMP
    It will not be possible to set a higher
    If MAX-TEMP and MIN-TEMP are
    set to the same value, it will not be
    possible to change temperature
    with the +/- keys.
    2 MIN-TEMP
    It will not be possible to set a lower
    Exit from the settings menu to USER-S
    Mode Action Key
    Green Normal Call for heat
    (boiler is firing)
    Normal RF
    Off Normal No call for heat
    (boiler is not
    Red RF loss
    or not
    No call for heat Switches
    the boiler
    On for 1hr
    Amber RF loss
    or not
    Call for heat Switches the
    boiler Off
    Battery Handling
    Batteries, rechargeable or not, should not be disposed
    of into ordinary household waste. Instead, they must be
    recycled properly to protect the environment and cut down
    the waste of precious resources.
    Your local waste management authority can supply details
    concerning the proper disposal of batteries.
    In compliance with the EU Directive 2006/66/EC, the button
    cell battery located on the printed circuit board inside the
    product, can be removed at the end of the product life, by
    professional personnel only.

    Step 4: Changing the Batteries

    How do I know when to change the batteries?
    When the batteries start to run low a battery icon will
    flash in the display to indicate “low battery”, during
    this time the MiStat will function normally. When
    the battery icon alone is shown in the display, the
    batteries are completely exhausted and the MiStat will
    cease to function (see below). Re-activate by replacing
    the batteries.
    How to replace the batteries
    Remove the battery covers as shown. Replace the batteries with 2 x 1.5V IEC LR6 (AA) Alkaline batteries ensuring
    correct orientation. Replace the battery covers pressing fully home.
    Battery Covers:
    Slide outwards
    to remove
    MiStat Rear
    LED: See table below for details
    Key: See table below for details
    To set a suitable temperature for up to 23 hours, e.g.
    for short term absence.
    Now the timer is running. The time will be counted
    down each hour.
    Once the time has elapsed, control returns to the prior
    temperature screen.
    The Timer can be cancelled by pressing
    key or by
    setting the +hr period to 0.
    Customize the controller according to personal requirements.
    To enter User Settings
    Press + & keys for approx. 5
    Seconds to enter the settings
    menu as shown below.
    Press Select (
    ) to enter the user
    To exit User Settings
    Press + & keys for approx. 5
    seconds to exit.
    If there is no key pressed for
    2 minutes the system will exit
    the menu, any changes will be
    1 Setting temperature values is restricted
    Are Minimum/Maximum temperatures activated? see Homeowner Guide Step 3.
    NO SIGNAL is visible on the screen, no reaction on key presses anymore
    Is the receiver powered? (Red signal lamp should be visible)3 LOCKED is displayeda see Installation Guide Step 5 - LOCK4 Is the battery symbol visible?a Replace batteries, see Homeowner Guide Step 4.
    STARTING is visible on the screen, no reaction on key presses anymore
    Is the receiver powered? (Red signal lamp should be visible)
    WAIT is visible on the screen, no reaction on key presses anymore
    Is the receiver powered? (Red signal lamp should be visible)MiStat
    Current hot water temperature
    Current set temperature
    Call for heat indication.
    This flame will be visible
    when the hot water
    temperature is below
    the set temperature.
    +hr key: Press to set a
    suitable temperature
    for up to 23 hours (see
    step 2).
    Select key: Press
    to open and save
    editor screens
    + & - keys:
    Press to change
    the current
    key: Press to
    cancel +hr and
    display home.
    RF transmission indication. The
    RF symbol will be visible as
    Short flashes = RF transmission
    Continuous flashing = RF signal
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Drayton MiStat C

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