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E.zicom E.ziclean Vac100
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E.ziclean vac100 by E.zicom
Manuel utilisateur – User Manual
E.ziclean vac100 by E.zicom
Manuel utilisateur – User Manual

1. Please follow the safety precautions below:

No one other than service personnel
designated by the company is
allowed to disassemble, repair or
alter this
product, otherwise, fire, electric shock
or personnel injury may be caused.
Do not use any charger other than
that enclosed with this product,
otherwise, fire may be caused due to
damage of the product, electric shock or
high tension.
Never touch the electric wire of the
electrical appliance with a wet
hand,o therwise, electric shock may
be caused.
Do not bend the electric wire
excessively or place any weight on
it, otherwise, the cable may be
damaged and cause fire or electric shock.
Avoid putting your clothes or any
part of your body (head or finger,
etc.) into he brush or wheel of the
machine,otherwise, personal injury may be
Keep the product away from
cigarette, lighter, match as well as
any other heat resource or
inflammable material.
The power should be turned off
when transporting or storing the
robot for a long time, otherwise,
the battery may be damaged.
Remove all objects that are easily
damaged (illuminants, fabrics and
glass bottles, etc.) before using,
otherwise, they may be damaged.

2. Name of your e.ziclean vac100 parts:

E.zicom E.ziclean Vac100

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