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Electrolux ErgoSpace ZE2221

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Forget bag numbers, s-bag™
is all you need to remember!
s-bag™ is the new standard dustbag especially
created by Electrolux to fit all current Electrolux
cylinder cleaners and virtually all future ones.
s-bag™ is now your password, a simple name that's
so easy to remember you'll get the right bag every
time for your new Electrolux vacuum cleaner. This
unique dustbag offers you a greater level of Hygiene,
thanks to its clever closing system, high filtration and
resistance level.
Beware: use of non original dustbag may adversely
affect your vacuum cleaner.
Choose only original s-bag™ each time!
New! s-bag™ Clinic: ideal for allergy sufferers!
Nouveau! s-bag™ Clinic, idéal pour les personnes
souffrant d’allergies!
Neu! s-bag™ Clinic: ideal für Allergiker!
Nuevo! s-bag™ Clinic: Ideal para personas alérgicas!
Novità! s-bag™ Clinic: ideale per chi soffre di allergie!
Nieuw! s-bag™ Clinic: ideaal voor allergielijders!
Ny! s-bag™ Clinic: idealisk för allergiker!
makes life a little easier

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