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Economical Time Delay Relay Module
Operating Voltage Range: 12 to 24 Volts D.C.
Adjustable Delay Time.
Positive or Negative Low Current Trigger.
SPDT (Form "C") Relay.
Selectable Initial Relay State: ON / OFF.
Output Modes: One-Shot or Repeat.
LED Indication of Relay Status.
Lifetime Limited Warranty, call for details.
Packed In Reusable Poly Storage Box.
Time Settings: 1 Sec to ~ 60 Min.
Relay Contact Rating: 7A @ 30 VDC.
10A @ 125 VAC.
Operating Voltage: 12 to 24 Volts D.C.
Trigger Voltage: 4.5 - 24 Volts D.C.
Input Trigger Current: 1.2 mA.
Current Draw With Relay On: 40mA.
Size: 3"x2.2"x1" (Fits Std.Snap Track).
Features and Specifications subject to change without notice.

Delay Timer


Delay Timer


APPLICATION:The ELK-960 is an economical and flexiblesolution for many general-purpose time delayapplications. The unit operates on 12 to 24Volts D.C. and can be selected for positive ornegative trigger logic. Setup is easy withthumbwheel adjustment between 1 and 60seconds, a quick jumper setting converts thetime from seconds to minutes. The timer can beconfigured to activate once for each trigger, orpulse as soon as power is applied.OVERVIEW
The ELK-960 features adjustable delay time of one (1)
second to approximately sixty (60) minutes. It can be
operated by 12 to 24 volts D.C. and can be triggered
by a negative (-) or positive (+) voltage. The operating
mode and the relay condition can be set as follows:
BEGIN- Relay turns on when triggered and back off
when delay time expires. END- Relay turns off when
triggered and back on when delay time expires. The
delay time can start when the trigger is first applied (B
mode) or when the trigger is removed (A mode). The
ELK-960 relay can be set to provide a single 1-SHOT
output or to REPEAT (pulse on and off). All options
are selected using easy to change mini-jumpers.
Positive power input. Connect a +12 to +24 Volts
D.C. source. Warning: Do not exceed +24 Volts
D.C., Damage will occur.
Negative power (ground) input. Connect to a nega-
tive or ground terminal of the power source.
TGR Trigger voltage input. Connect a 4.5 to 24VDC trigger
source. Place jumper JP5 (TRIGGER POLARITY) in
the "+" position to trigger from a positive voltage or
in the "-" position to trigger from a negative. The
trigger voltage may be 4.5 to 24VDC, regardless of
the main powered input (12Vdc to 24VDC).
N/O Normally Open side of the relay contacts. No con-
nection to COM when the relay is off.
COM Common or "pole" side of the relay contacts. When
the relay is off, COM is internally connected with the
N/C contact. When the relay is on, COM is internally
connected with the N/O contact.
N/C Normally Closed side of the relay contacts. This
terminal is internally connected with the COM termi-
nal when the relay is off.
NOTE: The ELK-960 automatically triggers (turns on) and runs
through a delay cycle when first powered up. To reduce waiting time
and speed up installation, set jumper JP1 to SEConds and adjust R3
to 1 before applying power. Once power is applied, change the
settings as required.
R3 This knob is used to increase or decrease the delay time
from 1 to 60. Full clockwise is 1, halfway is 30, full
counter-clockwise is 60. The arrow is a reference point.
JP1 SEC = Delay time in seconds. Adjustable from 1 ~ 60.
MIN = Delay time in minutes. Adjustable from 1 ~ 60.
JP2 REPEAT= (Adjustable pulse) Relay cycles ON / OFF at
delay time interval using a 50/50 duty cycle.
A trigger input will temporarily stop the cycle.
1-SHOT = Relay activates only once per trigger.
JP3 END = Relay turns off when triggered and back on
when delay time expires.
BEGIN = Relay turns on when triggered and back off
when delay time expires.
JP4 A = Delay time starts when trigger is removed.
B = Delay time starts when trigger is first applied.
JP5 + = Selects positive polarity for the input trigger.
- = Selects negative polarity for the input trigger.
Times are approximate. When adjusted to the highest
setting (60 minutes) the actual time delay will be slightly
HINT: For a delay time in minutes, adjust and test with
jumper JP1 in the SEConds position. (IE: For a 15 minute
delay, adjust and test to 15 seconds) Then move jumper JP1
to MINutes. This quickly provides a reasonable equivalent
delay time in minutes.
A 50/50 duty cycle means the OFF and ON times will be
Instructions Printed On Inside
828-397-4200 Voice
828-397-4415 Fax
email: info@elkproducts.com
PO Box 100 • Hwy. 70W Hildebran, NC 28637 • USA

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