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  • Gigaset AS200-AS200A-AS300_AS300A_UK _ A31008-M2208-L101-2-7619
    Quick start guide
    AS200 - AS200 A
    AS300 - AS300 A
    GIGASET HELPLINE: 0845 3670812
    Pack contents
    If you have purchased a model
    with multiple handsets the
    package should contain two
    batteries, a battery cover, a
    charging cradle
    8 with mains
    9 for each additional
    one Gigaset AS200/AS200A/AS300/AS300A Base station
    2 one mains adapter
    3 one Gigaset AS200H/AS300H handset
    4 one phone cord
    5 two batteries
    6 one battery cover
    7 this Quick start guide
    Connecting the base station
    ¤ Connect power adapter 1 and
    Phone jack
    2 to the base and
    place the cable recesses.
    Please ensure the power lead is
    fully inserted.
    Please note:
    u The mains adapter must always be connected, as the Phone will not operate
    without a mains connection.
    u Always use the power adapter and Phone cord supplied. Pin connections on
    Telephone cables can vary.
    Connecting the charging cradle (if included)
    ¤ Plug the mains adapter into the
    plug socket
    ¤ Connect the flat plug from the
    mains adapter
    If you need to disconnect the plug from the
    charging cradle, press the release button
    3 and
    disconnect the plug
    Preparing the handset
    Initial charging and discharging of the batteries
    Insert the batteries the right way
    round. The polarity is indicated
    in/on the battery compartment.
    ¤ Then slide the battery cover back
    into the main casing until it clicks
    into place.
    If you need to open the battery cover, for
    instance to replace the batteries, place
    your fingertip in the grooved area on the
    top of the cover and slide down.
    The correct charge status can only be displayed if
    the batteries are first fully charged and discharged.
    ¤ Place the handset in the charger
    for 7 hours.
    Then remove the handset from the charger, make and receive Phone calls, setup the
    Phone etc. and do not put it on the charger until the batteries are fully discharged.
    Setting the date and time
    Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming
    calls, and so that the alarm can be used.
    Date: DD: MM: YY
    ¤ Press the key below MENU on the
    display screen to open the main
    ¤ Press the bottom of the control
    key ...
    ... until the
    Settings menu item
    ¤ Press the key below OK on the
    display screen to confirm your
    Date/Time menu item appears on
    the display.
    ¤ Press the key below OK on the
    display screen to open the input
    ¤ The active cursor position is flashing.
    Enter day, month and year as an
    6-digit number via the handset,
    Q11Q1Q for 01/10/10.
    Message indication
    Message Indication Key on handset will flash to indicate one or all of the
    following events:
    u missed calls (if caller ID is enabled for your line numbers will be shown)
    u new messages on the answer machine (AS200A/AS300A only)
    Activating/deactivating the answer machine (AS200A/AS300A only)
    MENU ¢ Voice Mail ¢ OK ¢ Answer Mach. ¢ OK (
    = on)
    If the answer machine is activated, the answer machine icon ± will be displayed in
    the header.
    To retrieve your messages, just press the flashing
    key on your handset.
    Dial tone
    The dial tone will only be heard when pressing the c call button for 2 seconds.
    A short press will open the redial list.
    You can also use the
    speaker button (AS300/AS300A only).
    Display in idle status
    u 2: internal number, if more then one handset is registered
    u ±: answer machine is activated (AS200A/AS300A only)
    u Battery charge status:
    = e V U (empty to full)
    = flashes: batteries almost empty
    e V U flashes: charging procedure
    Registration handset
    Your handsets should already be registered by default, if your handset is flashing the
    text "No Base" then it can be that:
    u Your base station is not switched on, please check if the power supply is connected
    u There is too much distance between the handset and base.
    u Your handset has not been pre-registered in the factory.
    In the case that the handset has not been pre-registered, or you want to register an
    additional handset to your base station, use the manual registration procedure
    Automatic registering procedure
    Manual registration procedure
    1. On the handset:
    MENU ¢ Settings ¢ OK ¢ Handset ¢ OK ¢ Register HS ¢ OK ¢ enter the
    system PIN for the base and press
    OK. Default PIN = 0000
    2. On the base station:
    Within 60 seconds of entering the system PIN, press and hold the registration/paging
    key (min. 3 seconds). Registration takes approx. 1 minute.
    You can register up to four handsets to your base. You can also register other Gigaset
    handsets and handsets from other devices with GAP functionality.
    Put into base
    Put into base
    Place the handset with the
    display facing up in the base
    The handset registers
    automatically. Registration
    can take up to 5 minutes.
    Do not remove the handset
    from the base station during
    this time.
    Put into base
    Frequently asked questions
    Q: There is no dial tone.
    A: Press call button for 2 seconds (long press) to obtain dial tone.
    A short press opens the redial list.
    Q: The line is crackling / not clear.
    A: Have you used the new line cable provided? Please do not use an old cable.
    Q: The display is not clear / seems to be broken.
    A: The display is protected by a plastic film, please make sure you have removed
    the protective film.
    Q: The handset is not registered.
    A: If your handset is not registered, please follow the Registration handset procedure.
    (Described on this page)
    Q: The caller ID is not working.
    A: Have you subscribed to this service (CLIP) from your provider?
    Q: Message indicator flashing and I cannot retrieve my message.
    A: Message indicator will flash to indicate missed calls. (Described on this page)
    Please check:
    Have you used the phone cord supplied
    Have you fully inserted the power cable into the base station
    Have you inserted the batteries correctly
    Have you charged the batteries for 7 hours
    Have you set up the Date/Time
    To download the latest manuals, visit our web-site:
    You have questions? As a Gigaset customer, you can take advantage of our comprehensive
    service offerings. You can find help quickly in this User Manual and in the service pages of
    our Gigaset online portal:
    Product may not be fully compatible with the national telephone network. It is clearly
    specified on the box near the CE mark for which country/countries the equipment has been
    developed. If the equipment is used in a manner inconsistent with this advice or with the
    instructions of the manual and on the product itself, this may have implications on the
    conditions for warranty or guarantee claims (repair or exchange of product).
    In order to make use of the warranty, the product purchaser is asked to submit a receipt
    which proves the date of purchase (date from which the warranty period starts) and the
    type of goods that have been purchased.
    If you have problems setting up or operation this product please call
    GIGASET UK HELPLINE 0845 3670812
    GIGASET IRL HELPLINE 1850 777277
Gigaset AS200 Trio

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Gigaset AS200 Trio – specifikationer

Varumärke Gigaset
Modell AS200 Trio
Produkt Dect/VoIP-telefon
EAN 4250366820347, 4250366820385
Språk Engels
Filtyp PDF
Modell DECT-telefon
Antal melodier 10
Inbyggd telefonsvarare Nej
Maximal räckvidd utomhus 300 m
Maximal räckvidd inomhus 50 m
Management features
Väckarklocka Ja
Klocka med kalender Ja
Navigationstangent Ja
Volymkontroll -
Högtalartelefon Ja
Funktioner för flera telefonlurar 4
Telefonbokskapacitet 60 poster
Call management
Nummerpresentation Ja
Återuppringning Ja
Namn och uppringnings-ID Nej
Funktion för återuppringningslista 10
Antal färger monokrom
Textrader 3 linjer
Färg på bakgrundsbelysning Bärnsten
Skärm diagonal 1.5 "
Plug & Play-kompatibel Ja
Trådlösa anslutningar Ja
Monteringssätt Tak
Produktens färg Svart
Vikt & dimension
Basdimensioner 103 x 56 x 124 mm
Dimension på handset (BxDxH) 49 x 31 x 147 mm
Mac-kompatibel Nej
Monteringsbar på väggen Ja
Batterityp AAA
Samtalstid 20 h
Stand-by tid 220 h
Antal batterier 2
Förpackningens innehåll
Basenhet inkluderat Ja

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