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2500mAh Portable Charger

Instruction Manual
G25PBBK16 / G25PBPK16 /
G25PBBL16 / G25PBSL17
For general information about this appliance and handy
hints and tips, please visit
www.knowhow.com/knowledgebank or call 0344 561
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The symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that this
product must not be disposed of with your other household waste.
Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste equipment
by handing it over to a designated collection point for the recycling
of waste electrical and electronic equipment. The separate collection
and recycling of your waste equipment at the time of disposal will
help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a
manner that protects human health and the environment.
For more information about where you can drop o your waste
for recycling, please contact your local authority, or where you
purchased your product.
Notes for battery disposal
The batteries used with this product contain chemicals that are
harmful to the environment.
To preserve our environment, dispose of used batteries according
to your local laws or regulations. Do not dispose of batteries with
normal household waste.
For more information, please contact the local authority or your
retailer where you purchased the product.
DSG Retail Ltd. (co. no. 504877)
1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS, UK

Safety Warnings

• Do not drop, tamper, disassemble or attempt to repair

the unit by yourself.

• Do not immerse it in water or expose it to wet


• Do not expose it to re or any heat source.

• Do not dispose the unit in your household waste.

• Before charging, please refer to the user’s manual

of your specic device for manufacture’s required

charging amperage and determine the appropriate

charging cable for your device.

• Always insert the USB device in the correct direction.

Failure to do so may result in damage to the USB device

and this unit.

• Only use with products designed to be powered or

charged via a USB socket.

• Do not use with a damaged USB charging cable as it

can cause overheating and damage to your device.

While in use

• Unwind the cable to its full length.

• Never wrap the cable around the unit, or coil it

together or leave it tangled. Doing so may result to

product damage and related hazards.

• Do not charge the Powerbank and charge a digital

device at the same time. This will shorten the

Powerbank’s battery life.

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