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Instructions for Use14
Every now and then check if the appliance is
sufficiently ventilated (adequate air
circulation behind the appliance).
Use higher thermostat settings only when
required or recommended.
Before loading the appliance with packages
of fresh foods, make sure they are cooled to
ambient temperature.
Ice and frost layer increase energy
consumption, so do clean the appliance as
soon as the layer is 3-5 mm thick.
If the gasket is damaged or if it turns out that
the sealing is poor, the energy consumption
is substantially higher. To restore efficiency,
replace the gasket.
The condenser on the rear wall should be
always clean, free of dust or any impurities.
Always consider instructions stated in
sections Positioning and Energy Saving
Tips, otherwise the energy consumption is
substantially higher.


If you have bought this appliance to replace
an old one equipped with a lock that cannot
be opened from inside (lock, bolt), make sure
that the lock is broken. This will make it
impossible for children to lock themselves
inside the appliance and suffocate.
The appliance must be correctly connected
to the mains supply. (see: Connecting to the
Mains Supply).
Do not touch the cooled surfaces while the
appliance operates, especially not with wet
hands, because the skin may stick to the
cold surfaces.
Do not freeze bottles containing liquid,
especially not soft drinks, such as mineral
water, sparkling wine, beer, cola etc.,
because liquid expands during freezing and
the glass bottle is very likely to blow up.
Do not eat frozen food (bread, fruit,
vegetables), because you can get frostbites.
If the food has strange smell or color, throw it
away, because it is very likely that it is
spoiled and therefore dangerous to eat.
Disconnect the appliance from the power
supply before repairing it (only a qualified
technician should repair it), before cleaning
and before replacing the light bulb.
Do not defrost the appliance with other
electric appliances (as for example with hair
dryer) and never scrape the frost layer with
sharp objects. Use only enclosed tools or
tools recommended by the manufacturer.
For the sake of environment protection - be
careful not to damage the rear wall of the
appliance (the condenser unit or the tubes -
for example when moving the appliance) or
any part of the refrigerating system inside the
appliance. Do not use sharp object for
defrosting the appliance.
The refrigerating system of the appliance is
filled with refrigerant and oil, so when the
appliance is damaged, handle it with care
and dispose it of in compliance with
environmental protecting precautions. (See
We Care for the Environment).
Heating element incorporated in the
appliance, all around the rim, is controlled by
the operation of the compressor and it
prevents the door gasket to freeze on to the
freezer housing.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or his service
agent or a qualified person in order to avoid
The rating plate is inside the appliance or
outside on the rear wall.
The symbol on the product or on its
packaging indicates that this product
may not be treated as household
waste. Instead it shall be handed over
to the applicable collection point for the
recycling of electrical and electronic
equipment. By ensuring this product is
disposed of correctly, you will help prevent
potential negative consequences for the
environment and human health, which
could otherwise be caused by inappropriate
waste handling of thisproduct. For more
detailed information about recycling of this
product, please contact your local city
office, your household waste disposal
service or the shop where you purchased
the product.


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Varumärke Gorenje
Modell RF4248W
Produkt Kylskåp
EAN 3838942509018
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Apparatens placering Bärbar
Gångjärnssida Höger
Produktens färg Blue,White
Kylkapacitet brutto 234 l
Kylkapacitet netto 183 l
Vikt & dimension
Bredd 540 mm
Djup 564 mm
Höjd 1440 mm
Vikt 47000 g
Fryskapacitet brutto 49 l
Fryskapacitet 2.5 kg/24h
Årlig energiförbrukning 242 kWh
Energieffektivitetsklass (gammal) A+
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