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D780 / D780A



Dear customer,
Thank you for purchasing a Sagemcom DECT telephone we appreciate your trust in us.
This product was manufactured with the utmost care, should you encounter difficulties during its use we
recommend that you refer to this user guide. You can also find information on the following site:
For your comfort and safety, we ask that you read the following section carefully:


Your DECT telephone must not be installed in a humid room (wash-up room, bathroom,
laundry room, kitchen, etc.) unless it is 1.50 m away from a water point or outside. Your
telephone must be operated at temperatures ranging from 5°C and 45°C.
Only use the supplied power adapter, connect it to the base socket according to the
installation instructions provided in this booklet and the indications on the identification
label affixed to it (voltage, current, electric network frequency). As a precaution, in case
of danger, the mains adapters act as a disconnecting mechanism for the 230V power
supply. They should be placed near the device and should be easily accessible.
This product is intended to be connected to the public analogical telephone network of
any British and Irish network operator. In case of a problem you must first contact your
reseller. Only use the supplied telephone cord.
For your personal safety, never place your handset on the base without the batteries,
or without the battery cover, you could get an electric shock.
To avoid damaging your handset, only use certified rechargeable battery units analogous
with 3.7V 550mA Li-Polymer type, never use non rechargeable batteries. Insert the
batteries in the handset battery compartment respecting polarity.
At the end of their useful life, batteries must be disposed of according to the recycling
instructions presented in this booklet.
Your DECT telephone has an inside radio range of about 50 metres and up to
300 metres in open space. The immediate presence of metal parts, (of a television for
example), of any electric appliance may result in range reduction.
Some sensitive medical equipment and safety equipment may be affected by the radio-
frequency transmissions of your telephone. In all cases, we ask that you respect the
safety recommendations.
In areas where storms are frequent, we recommend that you protect your telephone line
using a surge protection device.
This equipment does not function in the case of an electric network shutdown: for
emergency calls, it is recommended to use another unit during power cuts.
The CE marking certifies that the product meets the essential requirements of Directive
1999/5/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council pertaining to microwave radio
equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment, for the safety and health of
users, for electromagnetic interference. Furthermore, it efficiently uses the frequency
spectrum attributed to ground and spatial communication to prevent damaging
The declaration of compliance may be looked up on the site
"Support" section or can be obtained from the following address:
Sagemcom Broadband SAS
250, route de l'Empereur - 92848 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex – France

D780 / D780A



Make sure your package includes the following: base unit, a base support, handset, one battery
compartment cover, a rechargeable battery unit, power supply unit, one telephone line cord, this user
Commissioning the phone
The base
1. Insert the telephone point into its housing.
2. Connect the other end of the lead to the telephone wall point.
3. Connect the end of the mains power unit lead to the rear of the base unit.
4. Connect the mains power unit to a mains power supply.
5. Pass the wires through the cable guide (A) and place the base in its desired location.
The handset
Red wire
White wire
Black wire
1. Turn over the handset and open the battery unit hatch.
2. Put the battery unit hatch (landmark 1) back in its place.
3. Insert the connector (landmark 2) into its slot following the direction of the wires identified as the
second illustration.
4. Slide the battery unit into its slot.
5. A welcome message in all the languages supported by the telephone is displayed on the screen,
press OK « (
6. Select the country using or keys, press OK « (
Only use rechargeable battery units analogous with 3.7V 550mA Li-Polymer
type. On first use, to ensure maximum charging, leave the handset on the
base unit for at least 12 hours. While charging, the battery may heat up. This
is normal and presents no dange.

D780 / D780A

Presenting the handset
The base

D780A D780

1. Button of the base:
- Short press: telephone set paging (paging).
- Long keypress: pairing the handset.
2. Display:
- Number of new messages.
The handset
Key Function
Left function key / Access to the list of menus
(from the standby screen)
Speaker key / Phone pickup
Lock keypad
Right function key / Access list of calls made
Hang up / Handset on/off
Activation key / disabling of the phone ring

D780 / D780A

The Navigator
This is the quick menu selection device.
Key Function
R key (Management of double calls).
Directory access /
Browsing downwards in the menu.
Access to the list of calls received /
Browsing upwards in the menu.
Intercom key (between handsets).
Quick guide to handset display icons
Signal strength icon (blinking when no signal or the signal strength is weak).
Eco Mode
(appears when eco mode is activated).
Call (blinks when you receive a call).
Answering machine icon
Voicemail icon: indicates that new messages are present in your voicemail box.
Handset ringer muted.
Received call list (appears when a new call is in the caller list).
Phonebook icon
Charging status icon ( : Full; flashing (charger not connected): the battery pack is
low; animated during charging).
Fitting the desk support
1. Position the two rear tags of the support in the appropriate slots in the base (figure 1).
2. Swing the support down with a deliberate action until it clips in completely (figure 2).

D780 / D780A

Switching the handset on and off
To switch the handset on or off, press and hold the red key .
Eco Mode
Your D780 has the ECO mode function which controls the radio transmission power required
according to how far you are from the base.
To activate/deactivate eco mode, see the section “Activating/deactivating eco mode”, page 11.
Out of range
When the handset is too far from the base, the "Antenna" symbol winks.
Move closer to the base.
When the "Antenna" symbol
no longer winks, you are reconnected with the base.


Quick reference
Phonebook View
Adv. settings Conference
Add new
Recall time
Delete all
Dial mode
Change PIN
Alarm Off
On once
Ans. system*
Play messages
On daily
Answer mode
Delete all
Basic settings
Handset tones
Ring count
Eco mode
Remote access
Handset name
Voice language
Set date/time
* D780A only

D780 / D780A

To navigate among the menus, use the keys: » Menu « ( ), » OK « ( ), » Back « ( ),
» Redial « (
) or and or (or ).
Example: To change the ring tone, go to the menu " Basic settings "
" Handset tones
/ " Ring melody ".
To do this:
1. Press » Menu «. Select " Basic settings " using the or key.
2. Press » OK «. Select " Handset tones " using the or key.
3. Press » OK «. Select " Ring melody " using the or key.
4. Press » OK «. 10 melodies are available: " Melody 1 "… " Melody 10 ".
Select the desired melody using the or key.
5. Press » OK « key to confirm your selection.


Making an external call
External calls are calls made to the public network.
1. Enter the phone number.
2. Press the
key. In the event of an error being made in entering a number,
press the » Clear « key to delete the incorrect number.
Answering a call
When the phone rings, press the key to answer the call.
You can adjust the volume of what you hear through the handset at any time by
pressing or key.
Ending a call
To end a call press .
You can enable the handsfree mode of the handset while having a conversation with your contact.
1. Press
to activate the handsfree mode of the handset and the display will show you
the icon
2. To deactivate the handsfree mode, press
Microphone mute function
- Enable MUTE function: press » Mute «. The display shows Mute on.
- Disable MUTE function: press » Un mute «.Your correspondent can hear you again.

D780 / D780A

Inserting a pause (in dialling)
You can insert a pause in dialling a phone number if you want to wait before actually ringing.
While dialling the number you want to call, press and hold the key
insert the pause:
The display shows a ’’ P ’’.
Voice Mail
With this function you can receive calls in your absence on a voice message recorder in the switched
telephone network.
Contact your operator to obtain the number of your voice message service.
- To tell you that you have a new message, the icon
is displayed on your handset screen.
- To consult your voice messages, dial the number using the keyboard.


Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
This CLIP phone stores and displays CLIP information provided by your local telephone company.
You must subscribe to CLIP service in order to use this unit.
If you have not subscribed to CLIP service or if the caller number is suppressed, the display shows
Display of numbers not available:
- Unknown: you are not in same area as your contact.
- Private: your contact does not want its number to be displayed.
Received call log
The received call log presents the 50 last calls you received.
1. Press
, the icon is displayed.
2. The most recent name or call number is displayed according to whether your contact's number
is included in your phonebook or not.
3. Select the number you want to recall.
4. Press
, the number is automatically dialed.
The screen can display a number with up to 24 digits, a name with up to 14
Dialled call log
The dialled call log presents the 20 last calls you made.
To consult the list:
1. Press briefly » Redial «.
2. The last dialled number is displayed. Press the
or key to consult the list of the last
5 numbers dialled.
3. Select the number you want to recall.
4. Press
, the number is automatically dialed.
The screen can display a number with up to 17 digits, a name with up to 14

D780 / D780A

Calling back a caller
1. Press the or » Redial « key.
2. Press the or key to select a call record.
3. Press the
Making an entry in the directory from the list of calls received or issued (Bis)
1. Press the or » Redial « key.
2. Use or to select the desired caller number.
3. Press » OK «.
4. Press » Option « key, then select " Save ".
5. Enter the name of the entry. Press » OK «.
6. Press » Save «, Saved ! is displayed.
Deleting a number saved
1. Press the or » Redial «key.
2. Press or key to select a call record.
3. Press » INT «.
4. A confirmation screen appears.
5. Press » OK «, Deleted is displayed.
Deleting caller list record
1. Press the or » Redial « key.
2. The list of numbers is displayed, press » OK «.
3. Press » Option « key, then select " Delete all ".
4. Press » OK «.
5. A confirmation screen appears.
6. Press » OK «, Deleted is displayed.


You can store 100 phonebook entries (24 digits and 14 characters) in your phonebook.
Dialling a memory number
1. Press key to consult the list of contacts.
2. Press the or key to consult directory entries.
Creating / Storing a memory
1. Go to the " Menu "/ " Phonebook " / " Add new ".
2. Enter the name of the entry. Press » OK «.
3. Enter the number of your entry using the keypad keys. Press » OK «.
Making an entry in the directory from the list of calls
1. Press » Redial «.
2. Press » OK «.
3. Press » Option «, select " Save number ".
4. Enter the name of the entry. Press » OK «.
5. Press » Save «, Saved ! is displayed.
Read a file directory
This function lets you consult your contact's data.
1. Go to the " Menu "/ " Phonebook " / " View ".
2. A screen displays the name and number.

D780 / D780A

Editing a memory
1. Go to the " Menu "/ " Phonebook " / " View ".
2. Select the entry you want to edit using or . Press » OK «.
3. A screen displays the name and number.
4. Press » Edit «.
5. Modify the name and number by deleting the characters and pressing » Clear «.
6. Press » Save «, Saved ! is displayed.
Deleting a memory
1. Go to the " Menu " / " Phonebook "/ " View ".
2. Select the entry you want to delete using or . Press » INT «.
3. Press » OK «.
4. A beep and the message Deleted indicate that the directory entry has been deleted from the list
of contacts.
Deleting the whole phonebook
1. Go to the " Menu " / " Phonebook "/ " Delete all ".
2. Press » OK «.


These functions are used for handset management when two or more handsets are registered on the
same base.
Intercom Call/Intercom
1. Make sure your handset is on standby mode.
2. Press the » INT « key on the handset, the number of all registered handsets is displayed.
3. Select the desired handset number or press » OK «.
Answering an internal call
1. " Handset " and the calling handset number appear on the screen. The " " is blinking.
2. Press the
key to answer. " " is displayed.
3. Ending an internal call press the
Managing an external and an internal call
Transfering an external call to another handset registered on same base
1. During a call, press » INT «.The external user is put on hold.
2. Enter the internal call number. When the user answers, you can announce the call.
3. Press the
key to transfer the call.
If the called handset does not answer, press » INT « to take back the call.
Switching between an external and an internal call
1. Press and hold » INT «, the external call is put on hold.
2. Select the handset to which you want to transfer the call, and the handset that is called answers.
3. To switch between an external call and an internal call, press the » INT « key.
Making conference calls (3-way conversation)
If intrusion mode is activated, you can connect one external call to two handsets registered at the
base station. For another handset to join a conference call:
1. Press
2. Activate the function " Conference " to start a three-way call.

D780 / D780A

Two outside calls
Taking a second call while you are already on line
During a call, a beep is emitted, a second call is on hold. A screen displays the number of this second
caller on hold (according to operator).
Press » R «then the key
to take back this new call.
Your first contact is put on hold and you can talk with the second caller.
Making a second call while you already on line
During a conversation, press » R « then dial the number to be called.
The call in process is then put on hold and you can take the second call back.
Press » Option « and select " Sart 2nd call " and Press » OK «.
Dial the number.
Switching from one call to the othe
To switch from one call to the other, press » R « then the key .
The call in process is then put on hold and you can take the second call back.
Ending one of the two calls
To end one call and continue with the other, press » R « then the key
The call in process is then ended finally and you take the second call back.
To set up a 3-way conference (the 2 calls and yourself)
During a conversation, press » R « then the key
You can then talk with the 2 contacts at the same time.
To end the 3-way conference, press the red key
Joining a conversation (intrusion)
When the conference is activated, a second handset registered on the same base can join a
conversation (see the section "Managing intrusion mode" page 11).
Press the green key
to join the conversation.


Handset naming
This function lets you give a name to your handset (Max. 14 characters).
1. Go to the " Menu " / " Basic settings " / " Handset name ".
2. Press » Clear « to make modifications.
3. Enter the name of the handset, press » OK «.
Handset ringer level
1. Go to the " Menu " / " Basic settings " / " Handset tones " / " Ring volume ".
2. Use or to select the volume level then press » OK « to confirm your selection.
Handset ringer melody
1. Go to the " Menu " / " Basic settings " / " Handset tones "/ " Ring melody ".
Ten melodies are available : " Melody 1 "… " Melody 10 ".
2. Use or to select the ring tone. Press » OK «.
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Grundig D780 – specifikationer

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Varumärke Grundig
Modell D780
Produkt Telefon
EAN 3425160321760
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Modell DECT-telefon
Inbyggd telefonsvarare Nej
Maximal räckvidd inomhus 50 m
Maximal räckvidd utomhus 300 m
GAP-kompatibel Ja
Antal melodier 10
Monteringssätt -
Produktens färg Svart
Äldre telefon Nej
Management features
Väckarklocka Ja
Klocka med kalender Ja
Volymkontroll Digital
Högtalartelefon -
Mikrofondämpning Ja
Funktioner för flera telefonlurar 4
Sidfunktion Ja
Telefonbokskapacitet 100 poster
Call management
Namn och uppringnings-ID Ja
Poster i samtalslogg 50
Inbyggd display Ja
Displaytyp LCD
Textrader 4 linjer
Trådlösa anslutningar Ja
Vikt & dimension
Basdimensioner 138 x 138 x 26 mm
Dimension på handset (BxDxH) 123 x 43 x 14.3 mm
Vikt, handenhet 77 g
Basvikt 155 g
Samtalstid 10 h
Stand-by tid 100 h
Batteriteknik Litium
Batterikapacitet 550 mAh
Förpackningens innehåll
Antal telefoner som ingår 1
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