Hyundai HMW362

Hyundai HMW362 bruksanvisning

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    Before you start Before you start
    Dear customer!
    Thank you for purchasing our product. For safety, it is strongly recommended to read
    this manual carefully before connecting, operating and/or adjusting the product and keep
    the manual for reference in the future.
    If you want to dispose this product, do not mix it with general household waste. There is a
    separate collection system for used electronic products in accordance with legislation that
    requires proper treatment, recovery and recycling.
    Please contact your local authorities for the correct method of disposal. By doing so, you
    will ensure that your disposed product undergoes the necessary treatment, recovery and
    recycling and thus prevent potential negative effects on the environment and human health.
    Utilization of the product
    Important safeguards
    To reduce the risk of burns, electric
    shock, fire, injury to persons:
    • Read all instructions before using
    microwave oven.
    • The microwave oven is for household use
    only. Do not use for industrial purposes.
    • Some products such as whole eggs
    and sealed containers (for example, close
    glass jars and sealed baby bottles with teat)
    may explode and should not be heated in
    microwave oven.
    • Use this microwave oven only for its
    intended use as described in this manual.
    • Close supervision is necessary, when
    used by children.
    • Do not operate this microwave oven, if it
    doesn’t work properly.
    • To reduce the risk of fire in the oven cavity
    it is necessary to follow the bellow rules:
    - Do not overcook food. Carefully attend
    microwave oven if paper, plastic or other
    combustible materials are placed inside oven.
    - Remove wire twist-ties from bags before
    placing food into the oven.
    - If materials inside the oven should ignite,
    keep oven door closed, turn oven off at the
    wall switch or shut off power at the fuse of
    circuit breaker panel.
    • Always have the glass tray, roller arms,
    coupling and roller track in place when
    operating the oven.
    • Do not use the oven for any reason other
    than food cooking. Never use it for drying
    clothes, paper or any other nonfood items or
    for sterilizing purposes.
    • Do not operate the oven when empty. Do
    not keep any foreign object inside.
    • Do not use the oven for home canning.
    Microwave ovens are not designed to permit
    proper canning.
    • Do not cook eggs in the shell, as they will
    burst. Puncture eggs before cooking to prevent
    “explosion”, occasionally a poached egg may
    burst during cooking. Be sure to cook covered
    and let stand one minute after cooking before
    removing the cover.
    • Do not cook any food surrounded by a
    membrane, such as potatoes, chicken livers, etc
    without first piercing several times with a fork.
Hyundai HMW362

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Hyundai HMW362 – specifikationer

Varumärke Hyundai
Modell HMW362
Produkt Mikrovågsugn
Språk Engelsk, Ryska
Filtyp PDF

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