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*If pairing to another device un-pair this from the original device
Insert 2 AAA batteries (not included) into the controller
The controller must be in Pairing Mode, press and hold the power
button for 12 seconds, LED light will ash rapidly
Go to your Bluetooth Settings and press Scan for Bluetooth Devices
VRG-RMC will appear, select and press Pair
Once pairing is complete the Bluetooth controller is now synced with
your phone
Key/Game Switch Functions
Key Mode
Mouse functionality for Android phones
The joystick acts as a mouse, the Start key is the left click and the Select key is the right click on a mouse.
Button Functionality for Music and Videos (Android & iOS)
L1 is for playing music, X is for volume Up, B is volume down, L1 is play/pause, R2 is next track, R1 is previous
track or begin track.
ATTN: There is a small portion of smart phones that cannot use the VR controller for full functionality.
Camera Control
iOS: Click X to take photo
Android: Use the cursor to take photo
Included as a bonus you will nd an NFC Sticker Tag. This is strictly for NFC enabled Android phones. The NFC tag sends a beacon to your phone when in close proximity *, and using the free app from the Google Play store named “NFC Task Launcher”, you can assign actions to perform once the connection has been made such as “Launch Google Cardboard”. This makes it simpler for the phone to recognize it has been placed in the VR Glasses by attaching the sticker to the inside of the device behind where the phone is to be placed and also makes the application launch hands free. * Approximately a few centimeters from the phones NFC chip, locations may vary, please consult your phones user manual if needed, NFC and Bluetooth must be turned ON for this feature to work
Game Mode for Android
The joystick and buttons A, B, X, Y, L1, L2, R1, R2, Start and Select correspond according to the game.
Bluetooth Controller Paring Directions:
Dual Function Remote
NFC Sticker Tag
Suitable with Smartphone size 4.7” - 6”2D Streaming movies2D to 3D Presentations3D Side by side360 + 3D Action cam360 + 3D Professional360 + 3D Interactive gaming6”-
4 5 6 7
KEY / GAMESWITCHLCD screen must be centeredOpening for ventillation and access to audio jack for headphonesPOWER

Button Layout

Insert Phone

iPhone 5 plastic insert

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