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Safety Is a Good Habit to Get Into

Carefully read the instructions contained in this manual, as
they provide important information which is essential to safe
and proper installation, use and maintenance of the
This appliance complies with the following EEC
- 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) and subsequent
- 89/336/EEC of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
and subsequent modifications.
1.Carefully dispose of the packing material.
2.After removing the packing, check to make sure that the
appliance is not damaged. If in doubt, contact a qualified
3.The dishwasher must only be used by adults for the washing
of household dishes and cooking utensils.
4.Fundamental rules to follow when using the appliance:
- Never touch the dishwasher when barefoot or with wet
hands or feet;
- We discourage the use of extension cords and multiple
- During installation, the power supply cord must not be

Close-up View (control panel)

excessively or dangerously bent or flattened;
- If the appliance is not operating properly or maintenance
must be performed, disconnect the appliance from the power
5.Keep detergents out of the reach of children, who must
also be kept away from the dishwasher when it is open.
6.This appliance cannot be installed outdoors, not even if
the area in which it is installed is covered by a roof; it is also
very dangerous to leave it exposed to the rain and elements.
7.Do not touch the heating element during or after a wash
8.Do not lean or sit on the door when it is open, as this
could overturn the dishwasher.
9.If the appliance malfunctions, turn off water supply to the
appliance and disconnect the plug from the wall socket.
Then, consult the section entitled, "Troubleshooting." If you
cannot resolve the problem, contact a service centre.
10.Appliances which are no longer being used must be made
inoperable by cutting the power supply cord and removing
the door lock.
"INTENSIVE 65°C" Button
"HALF LOAD" Button
Low Salt Indicator Light
Low Rinse Aid Indicator Light
ON - OFF Button
ON - OFF Light
Handle For Opening Door
Knob For Selecting Cycles
To maintain the EFFICIENCY and SAFETY of
this appliance, we recommend:
l use only the MANUFACTURER Service
l use only ORIGINAL Spare Parts


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