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WARNING: to avoid a hazard due
to instability, positioning or fixing of
the appliance must be done in
accordance with the manufacturer
WARNING: keep the appliance
ventilation openings clear of
WARNING: do not damage the
appliance refrigerant circuit pipes.
WARNING: Do not use
mechanical, electric or chemical
means other than those
recommended by the Manufacturer
to speed up the defrost process.
WARNING: Do not use or place
electrical devices inside the
appliance compartments if they are
not of the type expressly authorised
by the Manufacturer.
Information: This appliance does
not contain CFCs. The refrigerant
circuit contains R134a (HFC) or
R600a (HC) (see the rating plate
inside the appliance).
• Appliances with Isobutane
(R600a): isobutane is a natural gas
without environmental impact, but is
flammable. Therefore, make sure
the refrigerant circuit pipes are not
damaged. Keep special attention in
case of damaged pipes emptying
the refrigerant circuit.
• This product may contain
Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases
covered by the Kyoto Protocol; the
refrigerant gas is inside a
hermetically sealed system.
Refrigerant gas: R134a has a
Global Warming Potential of (GWP)
• C-Pentane is used as blowing
agent in the insulation foam and it is
a flammable gas. Pay special
attention during disposal
• This appliance is intended to be
used in household and similar
applications such as
- staff kitchen areas in shops,
offices and other working
- farm houses and by clients in
hotels, motels and other residential
type environments;
- bed and breakfast type
- catering and similar non-retail
• Do not store explosive substances
such as aerosol cans with a
flammable propellant in this
• This appliance can be used by
children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience


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Varumärke Indesit
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