Joyetech 510-T bruksanvisning

  • Atomizer in tank system, cone shape,
    no cotton in the tank /cartridge
    (510: the cartridges are Joye 510 A
    type with cotton)
    510-T A type tank / cartridge can hold
    0.55ml liquid510 A type tank / cartridge
    can hold 0.58ml.
    Joye 510/510-T manual battery Capacity:
    150mAh, Charging time: 1.5H
    Joye 510/510-T XLmanual battery Capacity
    280mAh, Charging time: 2H
    Constant voltage output:3.3V
    2.1 Joye 510/510-T Battery
    For convenient carrying and
    charging of product while you
    are out.You can carry 1 atomizer,
    2pcs 510-T B cartridges, 1pcs
    510 battery. Customers can carry
    accessories according to their
    needs, and the PCC can charge
    the battery.
    The parameters to charge 510
    battery:4.2V, 100 mA
    The parameters to charge PCC:
    5V, 400mA
    In conjunction with a working
    atomizer the liquid gets
    heated to vapor. There are
    different flavors for your
    2.3 Joye 510/510-T
    2.4 Joye e-Liquid
    6. P C C
    1. How to assemble battery and atomizer: Thread the battery and atomizer together
    to assemble. Please refer to picture.
    2. Assemble the tank/cartridge: Please refer to picture. Push the tank/cartridge
    straight onto the atomizer, when it is 3mm from the bottom of the atomizer, push
    harder, when you feel the tank/cartridge is punctured, then spin 30°to 60°, as this
    insures the tank/cartridge is in the correct place.
    3. Use: Inhale the tank/cartridge while pressing the button on the battery. Do not
    release the button until your mouth leaves the cartridge.
    4.1 Basic performance of lithium battery: To extend the battery life, please do not subject
    it to hot or humid environments. Do not throw or squeeze the battery and avoid contact
    with sharp objects.
    4.2 Special features of Joye 510-T battery: The Joye 510-T battery is a rechargeable,
    energy saving battery. It has a constant output of 3.3V and has safety protection. It usually
    takes 2-4 hours to fully charge (the charging time differs according to the battery). The
    510-T battery has protection to prevent overcharging and when the battery is fully
    charged, charging will stop automatically.
    4.3 Power off: If the LED starts flashing while you are using the electronic cigarette, it
    indicates that the battery needs to be charged.
    4.4 Charging the Joye 510T 220mAh,340mAh battery: To charge the battery, screw the
    threaded side of the battery to the usb charger and then connect the usb port to the wall
    adapter or the computer. The LED light on the button will flash 5 times, then go out, and
    the LED on the usb charger will turn red, indicating the battery is charging. When the LED
    light on the charger turns green, it means the charge is complete.
    5.1 The Atomizer uses heat to atomize the liquid.
    The normal working temperature is 200. The
    liquid in the tank / cartridges reaches the heating
    device with assistance from inhale pressure.
    The heat generated by energizing the heating
    coil turns that liquid to vapor. If there is more
    liquid flowing into the atomizer than can be heated
    to vapor, it will lead to slight leakage, if there is
    not enough liquid in the atomizer, then a slightly
    burnt taste will result.
    These are normal conditions, because people
    have different smoking habits.
    5.2 After using the atomizer for a period of time, there will be accumulation on the internal
    components due to carbonization and impurities.
    At this point the average vapor will lessen or you will need to inhale harder. Customers can
    put the atomizer into an ultrasonic cleaner for a few minutes, and put the atomizer aside
    to dry for a few hours. Do not restart use until the atomizer is fully dry. This cleaning
    method is used to get rid of the internal impurities in the atomizer and improve the
    6.1 There is a chargeable 1300mAh lithium battery in our Joye 510-65 PCC. The external
    charging interface is a standard Mini USB port, which is very common. The PCC can hold
    1 atomizer, 2pcs 510 cartridges, 1pcs 510-65 battery. There are 3 LED indicator lights by
    the USB port.
    6.2 Charging the Joye 510-65 PCCJoye 510-90 PCC: When the PCC is charged with
    an external adapter (output is a USB interface) or usb interface in the computer, the input
    voltage is 5V. The LED light is red when it is charging and will turn green when the charge
    is finished. Disconnect from the external adapter or computer and the light will go out. You
    can charge the PPC and 510 battery at the same time. It takes about 4 hours to fully
    charge the Joye 510-65 PCC. In theory, a fully charged PCC can charge 5 220mAh
    batteries before the PCC requires a recharge.
    6.3 Indication of low power: When the voltage of the internal battery is less than 3.3V, the
    indicator light will be red, indicating the PCC needs to be charged. At this time, the PCC
    will stop charging the battery automatically.
    6.4 Charging the 510 battery with the Joye 510-65 PCC: To charge a battery, screw the
    battery to the charging port. The battery will flash rapidly 5 times and then go out(except
    the 510-T battery). Close the PPC and as shown in the picture, the first LED light will be
    red which means charging has begun. It usually takes about 2.5 hours to charge the 510
    (180mAh) battery.
    7.1 Joyetech's liquid nicotine bottles have a child-resistant screw-press cap.
    Please refer to the picture to open the cap.
    • Nicotine can be toxic by inhalation, in contact with skin,
    and if ingested.
    • Nicotine is classified as Harmful: Danger of serious
    damage to health with prolonged exposure, if ingested.
    • Nicotine is irritating to eyes and skin.
    Nicotine may cause sensitisation by prolonged skin contact.
    • Nicotine may cause harm to the unborn child.
    • Nicotine vapours may induce drowsiness or dizziness.
    • Nicotine is classified as Very Toxic to aquatic organisms, and may cause long-term
    adverse effects to the aquatic environment.
    • In case of an accident, or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice (show the label
    where possible).
    • This material and its container must be disposed of in a safe manner and in
    accordance with local waste disposal regulations.
    • Use appropriate containment measures to avoid possible environmental contamina
    tion To avoid risks to man and the environment, comply with the instructions for use.
    • Keep your electronic cigarette locked away when not in use.
    • If any contents are swallowed, seek immediate medical advice and show this leaflet.
    • Nicotine in its pure form is a poison and can cause serious harm.
    All nicotine-containing fluids must be kept in a safe place and away from children at all times.
    We have empty tank/cartridges for Joye 510-T A or B, and they are transparent.
    This allows you to see the liquid when you fill. There are 2 ways to fill with liquid
    (refer to the picture), please ensure you use Joyetech-brand liquid.
    1. Open the bottom cap and fill the liquid as the picture shows. Please do not fill
    the cartridge full, and it is better to leave 1-2mm space.
    2. Fill the liquid through the small hole on the bottom cap, refer to the picture.
    Please ensure the tip is completely in the tank. Squeeze the bottle to let liquid
    flow into the tank/cartridge, and leave 1-2mm empty space.
    When use of your electronic cigarette produces a continuous burning taste, this
    indicates that you need to add liquid. Empty tanks/cartridges are disposable.
    Please replace the cartridge frequently to ensure proper function.
    The warranty of Joye 510-T is 3 months from receipt of our product. Please consult
    your Joyetech agent for the applicable warranty terms. Joyetech is not responsible
    for any defects caused by mishandling or use or operation that deviates from the
    instructions set forth in this User Manual.
    This Joyetech product may be covered by Joyetech's limited manufacturer's warranty.
    Subject to certain terms and conditions, Joyetech warrants its products against defects
    in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of six (6) months from the
    date of delivery of the products to the authorized Joyetech distributor.
    Distributors and resellers are not authorized to make any modifications, extensions, or
    additions to Joyetech's limited manufacturer's warranty, except as are undertaken at the
    distributor or reseller's sole expense and liability. If you believe that your Joytech product
    is defective, you must contact your authorized Joyetech distributor or reseller to
    determine whether the product is covered by Joyetech's limited manufacturer's warrranty
    and to obtain warranty service. If the product is covered by the warranty, Joyetech will
    either: (1) repair the defective product at no charge, using new parts or refurbished parts
    that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability; or (2) exchange the product with
    a product that is new or refurbished that is equivalent to new in performance and reliability
    2 3
    4 5
    6 7
    8 9
    10 11
    12 13
    14 15
    16 17
    18 19
    20 21
    22 23
    Capacity of Standard Automatic battery: 220mAh
    Capacity of XL Automatic battery: 340mAh
    Constant voltage ouput:3.3V
    Charging time: 2Hr minimum
    Joye 510/510-T Battery
    Use with B type cartridge(the difference
    between A and B type atomizer is just
    the outer appearance)
    2.2 Joye 510/510-T Atomizers
    2. Optional Accessories
    Thank you
    for using our Joyetech Electronic Cigarette!
    All the pictures in this manual are real. Please
    read the instructions in detail before use to
    ensure you master the correct use of an
    electronic cigarette. Note: We do not recommend
    using Joyetech electronic cigarettes and spare
    parts with Non Joyetech products. Use of Non
    Joyetech products may result in decreased
    effectiveness and shortened lifespan, and will
    void the Joyetech Warranty.
    For all after-sale support, please consult your
    local Joyetech agent.
    1. Product Introduction
    1.2 Kits Standard Accessories
    The Joyetech electronic cigarette is a new concept and alternative to traditional cigarettes.
    Basically, the output of the battery, controlled by intelligent integrated circuits, applies
    power to heating components, which, in turn, heat the liquid to produce an atomization
    effect. The battery and components can be repeatedly used. The main components of the
    liquid used by Joyetech are food grade flavoring and fragrance.
    1.1 standard configuration:
    2 x Joye 510/510-T Atomizers
    1 x Joye 510/510-T standard Batteries
    1 x Joye 510/510-T XLBatteries
    5 x Cartridges
    1 x USB Wall Adaptor
    1 x USB Cable Charger
    Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz, 100mA
    Output: 5V, 500mA
    USB Wall Adaptor
    Input: 5V, 500mA
    Output: 4.2V, 150mA
    Joye 510/510-T USB Cable Charger
    9. Quality warranty
    24 25
    8. Refilling Liquid
    7. Liquid
    5. Atomizer
    4. Battery
    3.Quick Start
    Besides the standard configuration, Joyetech offers optional accessories that will
    provide enhanced functionality of your electronic cigarette. Unlike the components
    that come with the standard configuration, optional accessories are not required for
    proper function. As there is a wide range of options, please read the instructions or
    contact your supplier to prevent incompatibility situations.
    The following are some accessories outside of the standard configuration. Custom-
    ers can consult and purchase from your local Joyetech agent.
    Product Introduction 3
    Opitional Accessories 7
    Quick Start 11
    Battery 12
    Atomizer 14
    PCC 16
    Liquid 18
    Refilling Liquid 20
    some puffs
    Too little
    correct amount
    of liquid
    Too much
    some time
    Joye 510/510-T Atomizers
    The Electronic cigarette is a new type of personal technology. It is not like the mobile phone
    or computer which is a culmination of technologies with a defined and easily measured
    purpose, nor is it like an air conditioner or refrigerator whose advantages or disadvantages
    can be determined by the successful cooling of a particular area. The quality and usefulness
    of our product is affected by each user’s particular habits and idiosyncrasies and judged on a
    very individual level in the personal response of our mouth, throat, and body.
    Our testing includes our utilizing our product each day and experiencing its ability to satisfy.
    We are constantly making improvements, some bold and some more subtle, and we test for
    the delicate results each change brings. We consider it our responsibility and challenge to
    pursue this somewhat evasive feeling, and we strive to achieve a level that would be the
    same as the quenching of a great thirst with pure water.
    In addition to this standard, it is our goal to make our product simple and easy to use, so that
    it is as convenient as smoking a traditional cigarette. It is our hope that our efforts serve to do
    nothing less than enrich your life.
    Frank Chur
    Joyetech President and CEO:
    510/510-T User Manual
    Shenzhen Joyetech Co., Ltd.
    and is functionally equivalent to the original product. A replacement product or part
    assumes the remaining warranty of the original product.
    For your information, Joyetech's limited product warranty does not apply to: (i) consum-
    able parts and products, including, but not limited to, cartridges, cartomizers, and liquid
    nicotine solutions; (ii) cosmetic damage, including, but not limited to, scratches, dents,
    and broken plastic; (iii) damage caused by use with non-Joyetech products; (iv) damage
    caused by accident, abuse, misuse, contact or immersion in liquids, fire, or other external
    cause; (v) damage caused by operating the product outside the permitted or intended
    use described by Joyetech or from failure to follow Joyetech's instructions for use; (vi)
    damage caused by service performed by any party other than Joyetech; (vii) a product
    or part that has been modified; and (viii) defects caused by normal wear and tear or
    otherwise due to the normal aging of the product.
    TIAL LOSS OR DAMAGE HOWSOEVER CAUSED. If any term of Joyetech's limited
    manufacturer's warranty is held to be illegal or unenforceable, the legality or enforceabil-
    ity of the remaining terms shall not be affected or impaired.
    Joyetech is not responsible for any other or additional warranties that may be offered to
    you by your authorized Joyetech distributor or reseller of Joyetech-brand products.

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