Kärcher K2 CHK

Kärcher K2 CHK bruksanvisning

  • Limited 12 month warranty
    Electric pressure washers (Kärcher K-Series)
    This Kärcher product is warranted by Kärcher to be free of defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for a period of one (1) year on parts
    and labor.
    Specific warranty applies to:
    • Electric motors and pumps carry a one (1) year parts and labor warranty.
    • Frames, handles and other structural components carry a one (1) year parts and labor warranty.
    • Electrical components, switches, etc. will be warranted for one (1) year on parts and labor.
    • Standard accessories and attachments are warranted for a ninety (90) day period.
    • Any commercial, industrial or rental use of this equipment will reduce the warranty to thirty (30) days.
    The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase by the end user and covers cost for replacement parts / equipment and warranty labor performed.
    In order to verify a warranty situation, the machine must be evaluated by Kärcher Customer Support by calling 1-800-537-4129. A copy of the original
    purchase receipt or gift receipt from the original retailer must also accompany the warranty claim. To learn more about Kärcher’s warranty programs, please
    visit www.karcherresidential.com.
    Kärcher’s obligation under this warranty shall strictly be limited, at Kärcher’s option, either to repair or exchange through Kärcher’s Rapid Exchange Program,
    during the warranty period any product which, in the opinion of the manufacturer, shows defect in workmanship or material. To learn more about the Rapid
    Exchange Program, please visit www.karcher-usa.com or www.karcherresidential.com. All decisions of Kärcher with regard to this limited warranty shall be final.
    This warranty does not cover:
    • Merchandise sold as reconditioned, used, demonstration or floor models.
    • Merchandise purchased on eBay and other online auction web sites.
    • Damage caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper handling, freezing, normal wear and tear or non-compliance with operator’s manual.
    • Damage caused by water sediment, contaminated water supply or use of chemicals and detergents not approved by or recommended by Kärcher.
    • Damage caused by acts of nature such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc.
    • Devices or accessories not distributed or approved by Kärcher. Any use of such said devices or accessories will void implied warranty.
    • Repairs made by the end user or any service center not authorized by Kärcher. Any such tampering with Kärcher equipment or accessories will
    void the implied warranty.
    • Any cost for shipping by the customer or authorized service center of the alleged defective part or equipment.
    This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to products purchased through a Kärcher authorized reseller in the United States and Canada. This warranty
    gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights, which vary by country and state/province.
    Please register online at www.karcherresidential.com/warranty.
    Online registration is quick,
    free and provides you with a confirmation email for your records.
    If you do not have internet access, please return the warranty card below. Please remember to use a first-class postage stamp. The postal service will
    not deliver without a stamp.
    High Pressure Washers
    Part no. 0.093-124.0 (2012/02)
    State/Province: Zip/Code postal:
    Telephone: Date of purchase/d’achat:
    Model #: Serial #/Série #:
    Where did you purchase this product?/ Où avez-vous acheté ce produit?
    1. Lowe’s 6. BJ’s
    2. Costco 7. QVC
    3. Sam’s Club 8. independent shop/magasin
    4. Menards 9. internet
    5. Sears 10. this was a gift/un cadeau
    5. other (please specify)/
    autre (s’il vous plait spécifiez):
    How did you become aware of this product?/ Comment avez-vous
    été informé de son produit?
    What do you plan to clean with your Kärcher product?/ Qu’avez-vous
    l’intention de nettoyer avec notre produit Kärcher? (check all that apply/
    Cochez ce qui s’applique)
    21. car, trucks/voitures
    22. RV’s
    23. boats/ bateaux
    24. motorcycles, ATV’s/
    25. garden equipment/
    équipement de jardinage
    26. home siding, windows/
    façades, fenêtres
    27. decks/ terrasses
    28. gutters, downspouts/
    gouttières, rigoles
    29. driveway, sidewalk/
    entrée, trottoir
    30. pool area/piscine
    31. grill, patio furniture/
    meubles de grill, patio
    32. playset, jungle gym/
    parc pour enfants
    33. fence, stone wall/
    clôtures, mur de pierre
    34. other (please specify)/
    autresther (indiquez
    11. magazine/ revue
    12. newspaper/ journal
    13. television, radio
    14. brochure
    15. store display/
    étalage de magasin
    16. search engine (e.g. Google)/
    moteur de recheche
    17. family or friend/
    famille ou ami
    18. salesperson/ vendeur
    19. Kärcher web site
    20. other (please specify)/
    autre (indiquez ci-dessous)
Kärcher K2 CHK

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