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Bluetooth Headset

Event Button Duration
Power On 1 Long
Power Off 1 Very Long
Enter Pairing Mode 1 Very Long
Voice Dial 1 Short
Answer 1 Short
Reject 1 Long
Redial 1 Double
Accept Waiting Hold Active 1 Long
Add Held ToTWC 2 Long
Volume Up 2 Short
Volume Down 3 Short
Transfer audio 1+2 Long
Toggle Mute 2+3 Long

1. Charging the battery:

Your headset has a built-in Lithium-Ion battery which must be
fully charged before you use the headset first time. For the
charging first time, you need to charge it for 3 hours. During
the charging, the indicator shows a steady red light. When
the battery is fully charged, the red light will turn off. For later
on charging, it will take 60 minutes to fully charge the battery
or you found the red light has turned off. You can charge the
headset either by using the USB charger (USB charging cable)
or the car charger depending upon the package accessories
available. Please check your package for details.
1.1. lf your package has a USB charger included:
Plug the charge lead of USB charger into the charging port of
your Bluetooth headset. And then, plug the other end of the
USB charger into the PC/Mac’s USB port. When charging is
complete (Red indicator turns off),
Remove the USB charger and remove the charge lead from
your headset. (Please refer to Fig.4.1, Fig 4.2)
1.2. If your package has a car charger included:
Plug the car charger into the cigarette lighter socket. And
then,plug the charge lead into the charging port on the
Bluetooth headset. When charging is complete (Red indica-
tor turns off),remove the car charger and remove the charge
lead from the Bluetooth headset. (Please refer to Fig.4.1, Fig

2. Turning the headset on or off:

(a) Press the “Button 1” for nearly 3 seconds. You will hear two
beep sounds and the blue indicator will begin to flash. The
headset is now powered on.
(b) When the power is on, press the “Button 1” for 5 seconds.
You will hear two beep sounds and the red indicator will
flash. Now the headset is turned off. (Please refer to Fig.5
and Fig.6)

3. Pairing the headset:

(a)The headset must be powered off before you begin to
initiate the pairing. Press the “Button 1” till the blue and red
indicators begin to flash alternatively. The headset is now in
pairing mode.
(b)lnitiate the pairing process of your Bluetooth mobile phone.
(Please refer to the manual of your mobile phone.)
(c)When asked the PIN code, please enter “OOOO” to suc-
cessfully complete the pairing process.
(d)When the pairing process is successfully completed,
the blue indicator will flash. The headset is now in standby
(e) After the headset is successfully paired with your mobile
phone, in some case, you will still have to connect the head-
set with your mobile phone (please refer to the mobile phone
manual). (Please refer to Fig.7.)
(1)If the headset is not in pairing mode, your mobile phone
can not find the headset. Please set the headset into pairing
mode before you start to pair
the headset with your phone.
(2)If no pairing is possible over a period of time (Aprox.1 min-
ute), the pairing process will be stopped. You have to repeat
STEP 4 to successfully complete the pairing.

4. Answering or ending calls:

When the headset is paired with your phone, and when there
is an incoming call,you will hear a musical ring. Then press
the “Button 1” to answer the call. When there is a call in ses-
sion, you can press the “ Button 1 “ to end the call.
Because of the different design of some mobile phones, a
disconnection may automatically happen even when the
headset is powered on. In this case, the headset will not ring
if there is an incoming call. Press “Button 1” for 1 second to
re-connect the headset with the mobile phone for an incom-
ing call.
(Please refer to Fig.8.)

5. Making calls:

(a) Voice-dialing:
Press the “Button 1”. After hearing a beep sound, say the
name of the person you recorded on your phone. (The avail-
ability of this function depends on the design of the mobile
phone you use. Please refer to the manual of your mobile
phone for the voice-dialing function.)
(b)Dial the phone number on you mobile phone as you nor-
mally do. The sound will be transmitted to the headset au-

6. Changing the volume of the Headset:

(a) Press the “Button 2” to increase the listening volume of
the headset.
(b) Press the “Button 3” to decrease the listening volume of
the headset.
(c) You can also adjust the volume from your mobile phone.
Please refer to the manual of your mobile phone.

7. Redialing the call:

After ending the call, you can double press the “Button 1” to
redial the call you just ended. (The availability of this function
depends on the design of the mobile phone you use. Please
refer to the manual of your mobile phone.)

8. Mute function:

You may have to keep a call on line while talking to others.
Push the “Button 2” and the “Button 3” at the same time for
one second. You will hear continuous beep sounds. Now the
headset is in “Mute function” mode. To disable the “Mute
function”, press the “Button 2” and the “Button 3” at the same
time once again.

9. Rejecting a call

When there is a call in session, you can press the “Button 1”
for three seconds to reject a call.


1.The red indicator flashes:
it indicates that headset is in low-battery. Charge the battery
until the red indicator is turned off.
2. If no connection between the headset and your phone:
make sure that the bluetooth headset fully charged. Repeat
the step 3 to complete the pairing process. Make sure that
the headset is within 10 meters of your phone and that there
are no obstructions such as walls or other electronic device
between the headset and your phone. If the steps above do
not solve the problem, please refer to the manual of your mo-
bile phone for more information.
This headset is complied with Bluetooth Specification 1.2.
However, the interoperability of this headset and other de-
vices is not guaranteed because of the compatibility.

Product Care:

(1) Avoid humidity, liquid or moisture as this device is
not water-proof.
(2) Avoid high and low temperature, especially in a car.
(3) Please do not dissemble the headset.
(4) Please do not use chemical, cleaning solvent or strong de-
tergent to clean the headset. And avoid sharp object.
(5) Please do not change or modify the headset. Any change
or modification will void the warranty of the product.
(6) Do not dispose the headset into a fire. This may result in
an explosion.
(7) Use only the attached charger when you charge the head-

Safety instructions:

(1) Check local laws about the use of mobile phone and
headset while driving. For your own safety, please focus on
the road while using the headset.
(2) Please turn off the headset according to the sign of the
specified areas that requires an electric device to be switch
off. These areas include the hospital, aircraft, and blasting
area or potentially explosive atmosphere.
(3) Do not store the headset in the air-bag deployment area.
This may result in an injury when the air-bag deploys.
(4) Do not dissemble the charger. It may expose you to the
danger of electric shock.
The manufacturer is under no circumstances liable for any
unauthorised modifications made to the product by the user
or any other parties which may compromise its conformity
and safety.
Button 1
Pulsante 1
Button 2
Pulsante 2
Button 3
Pulsante 3
DC Input
Ingresso DC
Fig.1 Fig.2 Fig.3
Fig.4.1 Fig.4.2 Fig.4.2 Fig.4.4
Fig.5 Fig.6
Fig.7 Fig.8

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