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  • Setting the Alarm
    In the regular Time mode, press the button to enter the Alarm mode. The “ALARM”
    icon will appear on the LCD in this mode. Pressing the button will start the Alarm icon
    flashing along with the item to be set. Use the and buttons to change the item to
    the setting you want. When you are done setting each item, press the button to move
    to the next item. You can set the hour and minute you want the alarm to sound, the length
    of time delay for the “Snooze” setting and select the alarm tone to sound. The following
    figure shows the order of items during the Alarm setting process. The “SNOOZE” can be
    set in the range of 1 to 60 minutes and there are 8 different kinds of alarm tones for your
    choice. Press and to change the setting you want. Pressing the button will exit
    the setting mode (set mode will automatically if there is no input for 1 minute). The
    following figure shows the order of items during the Alarm setting process.
    Turning on /off Alarm and Snooze Mode
    From the regular Time mode, press the button to enter the Alarm mode. Once in the
    Alarm Mode; use the button to cycle through the 3 Alarm modes shown below
    depending on the alarm function wanted.
    When an alarm is turned on, the alarm tone sounds for about 1 minute when the alarm
    time is reached. If “SNOOZE” mode is turned on, the alarm tone will sounds 2 times for
    about 1 minute when the snooze is reached. You can stop the alarm sound by pressing
    the button.
    Alarm mode – The alarm will sound for about 1 minute. While the alarm is sounding it
    can be silenced by pressing the button.
    Alarm/Snooze mode the alarm will sound for about 1 minute. If the alarm is not
    silenced early by pressing the button or if the button is pressed while the alarm
    is sounding, the alarm goes into Snooze mode and will sound again after the time
    entered in the Snooze setting has elapsed.
    This charger uses a temperature senor to measure temperature. Temperature is
    displayed in units of 0.1˚C (or 0.1˚F) and displayed in the range from 0 ˚C to 50˚C (32˚F
    to 99˚F). In the regular Time mode, you can toggle between ˚C or ˚F by pressing the
    Limited 3 Year Warranty
    This limited warranty starts from the date of original purchase and expires three years
    thereafter. If, during this period, any part, because of manufacturing defects or workman-
    ship, fails to function properly under normal use it will be repaired at no charge for parts
    and labor or, at our option, the product will be replaced. The following is excluded:
    damages from delay or loss of use of equipment or damaged batteries, malfunctions
    resulting from misuse, tampering, unauthorized repairs, modifications or accident.
    Package the unit and its accessories carefully using ample padding material to prevent
    damage in transit and ship it prepaid and insured to:
    4035 Via Pescador USA
    Camarillo, CA 93012
    When sending in product for service, your package should include evidence of date and
    place of purchase. Enclose $10.00 for shipping and handling for addresses in the U.S.
    and $15.00 in Canada. For outside the U.S. and Canada, freight will vary depending
    upon ship-to address.
    Proposition 65 Notice (California)
    The following statement is required in the state of California pursuant to the settlement
    of an action brought by the Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation against multiple
    electronics and appliance manufacturers
    WARNING: Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical
    known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
    Wash hands after handling.
    For additional questions, comments or to explore other Lenmar battery solutions, visit
    our web site at: www.poweredbylenmar.com or call 800/424-2703
    Before charging, read instructions
    This charger is intended for use with Nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable batteries only.
    Attempting to charge other types of batteries may cause personal injury and damage
    to the charger.
    Do not expose charger to rain or moisture. For indoor use only.
    Disconnect from power when not in use.
    Never use any cable or power adapter not recommended by manufacturer. Otherwise,
    risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons may result.
    Do not operate the charger if it has been subjected to shock or damage. Take it to a
    qualified serviceman for repair.
    Do not disassemble the charger. Incorrect reassembly may result in a risk of electric
    shock or fire.
    Unplug the charger from outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.
    This AC power unit supplied is intended to be used in a vertical or floor
    mount position only.
    Thank you for purchasing the R2G802 2 Hour Charger. Read the instruction manual
    thoroughly before use and keep the manual for later reference. It contains important
    operating instructions for your R2G Rechargeable Battery System. The R2G802 is a
    combination of Travel Alarm Clock, 2 hour microprocessor controlled charger for 1 to 4
    AA/AAA NiMH batteries, Thermometer, and USB PowerPort for charging your cell
    phones, MP3 players or any other device that accepts power from a USB port. All the
    functions are displayed clearly on a large backlit LCD Display. The charger can be
    powered 3 ways and includes a high efficiency “switching” type power supply will adjust
    automatically to any voltage from 100 240VAC, for international use. A car-cord for
    using the charger in the car and a USB cable for powering the charger from your
    computer are also included.
    Before Use
    To activate the clock and thermometer functions, pull out the tab from the side of the
    casing at the access cover to the clock battery on the bottom of the unit. The clock
    portion of the LCD display will turn on and you will hear alarm music for 10 seconds. The
    Clock / Alarm is now ready for use and should be set to the proper time / date. If the LCD
    display get dim or the sound of the alarm tone become weak, replace the clock battery
    with another new “CR-2025” type 3V Lithium battery which is located on the bottom side
    of the charger base.
    Batteries are partially charged as shipped. Must be charged prior to first use for full
    Charge only NiMH type batteries on this charger.
    Do Not mix AA and AAA or different capacity batteries together when charging
    Use only R2G, NoMEM PRO or other proper NiMH compatible charger to recharge
    the batteries included.
    Batteries may leak or explode causing personal injury if inserted improperly, disposed
    of in fire, mixed with other battery types, or short circuited.
    LCD Display Legend
    Getting Ready
    Choose the adapter plate for the type of battery you will be charging. Each of the adapter
    plates is labeled as to the batteries it can work with. If the charger base does not already
    have the adapter plate you want attached, you will need to remove the adapter plate first
    by pushing down on the plate and sliding it to the rear of the charger base (away from
    the LED indicators). Then, attach the selected adapter plate to the charger unit by
    aligning the arrows on the sides of the adapter plates and the charger base as shown.
    While pressing down lightly on the adapter plate, slide the plate toward the front of the
    charger base until it locks.
    Charging Instructions
    1. Choose the source of power for the charger unit. You can use the AC adapter which
    is international capable accepting 100-240VAC (plug adapter may be required in other
    countries, not included), the DC car cord while on the move or plugged into a USB port
    on your computer (charge times are increased when USB power is used). Simply plug
    the desired power cable into the side of the charger unit and the other end into the
    appropriate power source.
    2. Insert 1 to 4 pieces of AA or AAA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries into any open battery
    location observing the proper battery polarity to the marks in the battery compartment.
    Do not mix AA and AAA batteries while charging. The Blue backlight will light up for
    around 10 sec once the batteries inserted correctly. For charging AAA batteries, pull
    down the adjustable battery contact plate before inserting the AAA batteries into the
    compartment. The charger automatically adjusts the charging current depending on the
    size of the battery being charged.
    3. The LCD will indicate the proper charging and the word “Charge” will be shown to the
    left of the battery symbols that indicate each battery’s charge progress. After the
    batteries are fully charged, the wording “FULL” will indicate on the LCD screen to
    indicate the trickle charge and the charged batteries are ready for use. Once charge is
    complete, remove batteries and unplug the charger as soon as it is practical. Do not
    leave batteries in charger for extended periods of time (more than 1-2 days) or when the
    charger is not plugged in. Unplug the charger when not in use.
    4. Begin again at Step-1 to charge the next set of batteries.
    Bad Cell Detection
    When charge process is started, the charger detects the health status of each of the cells in
    the battery compartment. If any batteries are unsuitable for charging, i.e. short circuit or
    reversed polarity, the word “BAD” will indicate on the LCD screen and ”battery” icon will flash.
    USB Charge Port Operation
    When using the USB PowerPort on this charger, the AA/AAA charger function has priority.
    The USB PowerPort will not be available while batteries are installed and charging. Once the
    AA/AAA batteries have completed their charge, the USB port will be turned on automatically.
    The “USB symbol” will be shown on the LCD screen to indicate the USB socket is
    ready for use.
    Note: Make sure the maximum loading is not exceeding 500mA for the USB socket. Do not
    attempt to overload the USB port or damage to the charger or USB device may result.
    Clock / Alarm / Day-Date operation
    The following shows which buttons on the setting panel you need to press to navigate
    between modes. The 2 feet on the bottom rear of the chassis act as switches to activate the
    blue backlight on the LCD display. In any mode, just to hit the top of the unit lightly and the
    black light will light on for about 10 seconds. The backlight will only operate while the unit is
    plugged into power using any of the supplied power adapters.
    In the regular Time mode, press the button once and the “Time” icon will starts to flash on
    the LCD screen along with the item to be changed, which indicates Time Setting mode. Use
    and buttons to change the value of the flashing item. Once the flashing item is set to
    what you want, press to select the next setting and change as listed above. The “Year”
    can be set in the range of 2000 to 2099. The day of the week is calculated automatically
    according with the date you set. Once all the items are set, press the button to exit the
    setting mode (set mode will automatically if there is no input for 1 minute). The following figure
    shows the order of items during the setting process.
    12/24 Hour Mode:
    In the regular Time mode, pressing the button will toggle between 12-hour and
    24-hour mode.
    1. 2.
    Fig. 1
    Fig. 2
    Fig. 3
    Setting the Time and Date
    Charge Times:
    Size / Type
    Charging Current
    1200mA for charging
    1-2 pcs batteries
    or 800mA for charging
    3-4 pcs batteries
    Charging time
    (For 1-2 pcs)
    90 minutes
    100 minutes
    110 minutes
    120 minutes
    130 minutes
    140 minutes
    70 minutes
    80 minutes
    90 minutes
    100 minutes
    110 minutes
    120 minutes
    Charging time
    (For 3-4 pcs)
    135 minutes
    150 minutes
    165 minutes
    180 minutes
    195 minutes
    210 minutes
    *Charge time will vary depending upon the brand, capacity and condition of batteries being charged.
    Size / Type
    Charging Current
    560mA for charging
    1-2 pcs batteries
    or 280mA for charging
    3-4 pcs batteries
    Charging time
    (For 1-2 pcs)
    180 minutes
    200 minutes
    220 minutes
    240 minutes
    260 minutes
    280 minutes
    70 minutes
    80 minutes
    90 minutes
    100 minutes
    110 minutes
    120 minutes
    Charging time
    (For 3-4 pcs)
    270 minutes
    300 minutes
    330 minutes
    360 minutes
    390 minutes
    420 minutes
    140 minutes
    160 minutes
    180 minutes
    200 minutes
    220 minutes
    240 minutes
    Charger Input:
    Charge rate :
    AC or Car adapter (12VDC input)
    Charge rate :
    USB power adapter (5VDC input)
    Trickle mode :
    Power Supply:
    USB Output:
    Safety Features:
    12VDC, 600mA
    AA size – 1-2 pcs., 1.4VDC ea. cell, 1200mA
    AA size – 3-4 pcs., 1.4VDC ea. cell, 800mA
    AAA size – 1-4 pcs., 1.4VDC ea. cell, 600mA
    AA / AAA size 1-2 pcs., 1.4VDC ea. cell, 560mA
    AA / AAA size 3-4 pcs., 1.4VDC ea. cell, 280mA
    AA 50mA ; AAA 25mA
    • 100-240V AC, 50-60 Hz International
    Compatible, (12VDC output)
    • Car Cord adapter (12VDC output)
    • USB cord adapter (5VDC output)
    5VDC, 500mA max.
    -deltaV, max. time, overcharge protection,
    bad cell / reverse polarity / shorted cell detection.
    C D
    When using AC or Car adapter (12VDC input)
    When using USB power adapter (5VDC input)
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Varumärke Lenmar
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Produkt Batteri laddare
EAN 29521560671
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Antal batterier 4
Batterikapacitet 2150
Batterier medföljer
Batterispänning 1.2
Uteffekt 0.6
Ingångsfrekvens 50/60
Kemisk sammansättning NiMH
Laddningstid 120
Produktens färg Svart
Tekniska data
Förpackningens vikt (imperial) 0.95


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