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The jug may break if the following instructions are not followed:1. Do not set a hot jug on a wet or cold surface.2. Do not use a cracked jug or a jug with a loose or weakened handle.3. Do not clean the jug with cleaners, steel wool pads or other abrasive materials.4. Discard the jug immediately if it has boiled dry.5. Avoid sharp blows, scratches or rough handling.
Your coee maker must be cleaned when you notice any excessive steaming or the brewing time increases considerably. This condition is caused by a build-up of lime and mineral deposits from your water. If the pumping action stops before all the water has been pumped out of the coee maker, then it requires cleaning. The frequency of cleaning depends on the hardness of the water used. The following table gives suggested cleaning intervals.Pour one litre of undiluted white household vinegar into your coee maker ‘s water tank.1. Place the empty jug on the warming plate and switch on the coee maker. When half of the vinegar has owed through, switch o the coee maker and allow it to stand for 1/2 hour.2. After 1/2 hour, pour the vinegar inside the jug back into the coee maker’s water tank.3. Place the empty jug on the warming plate. Switch on the coee maker again and allow the coee maker to complete its brewing cycle with all of the vinegar owing through into the jug.4. Discard the vinegar.5. To remove all traces of vinegar, pour a jug full of tap water into the water tank of the coee maker, then switch on the coee maker again and allow the water to go through.6. Discard the water and switch o the coee maker.Hard water can leave a whitish mineral deposit inside the jug. Coee can discolour these deposits, sometimes leaving a brownish stain inside the jug. To remove these stains, follow these simple steps:1. Use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and hot water.2. Let the solution stand in the jug for about 20 minutes and then discard.3. Wash and rinse the jug thoroughly using a soft cloth. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners.To reduce the risk of re or electrical shock, do not remove any service covers. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Repairs should be done by qualied personnel only.Cleaning FrequencyType of WaterSoft WaterHard WaterEvery 80 Brewing CyclesEvery 40 Brewing CyclesJug and lter are dishwasher safe.
Thank you for purchasing your Logik Filter Coffee Maker.
We recommend that you spend some time reading this instruction
manual in order to fully understand all the operational features it offers.
Read all the safety instructions carefully before use and keep this
instruction manual for future reference.
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Instruction Manual

Filter Coffee Maker


AnswerQuestionWhy doesn’t the ON/OFF switch light up?Why doesn’t the coee brew?Why does the coee maker only brew water?Why does the coee taste bad?Why do grounds appear in the coee?Check that you have plugged your coee maker into the mains socket.Check the unit is plugged into the mains socket and there is no power outage. Also check the lter holder is properly inserted and there is water in the tank.There is no coee in the lter, check that you have added the desired amount of coee.· Maybe the incorrect coee grind for automat-ic-drip coee makers was used. Check you have used the recommended coee grind.· The ground coee-to-water ratio was unbalanced.· The coee maker needs to be cleaned.The lter is not properly seated in the lter holder or the lter has collapsed.
Mains supply: 220-240V, 50/60HzPower consumption: 730-870We continually strive to improve our products. Specications may change without prior notice.
Logik L12FCB12

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