LRP Jet-Pro Charger

LRP Jet-Pro Charger bruksanvisning

    5. USAGE
    100-240V AC / 12V DC
    1-3 CELLS LIPO
    Delta Peak
    Safety Timer
    Input Voltage
    Acoustic Signal Type
    11-15 V
    Charging Mode
    Advanced Digital
    1-3 cells (3.7-11.1V)
    Status LED‘s
    1-8 cells (1.2-9.6V)
    Multifunction Button
    1-8 cells (1.2-9.6V)
    DC Input Connection
    Alligator Clamps
    Charge Current
    0.2 - 0.5 - 1.0A
    AC Input Connection
    AC connector
    Output Connection
    RX battery, female
    LRP electronic GmbH,
    Wilhelm-Enssle-Str. 132-134, 73630 Remshalden, Germany
    Specifications subject to change without notice.
    Dear Customer,
    thank you for your trust in this LRP product. By purchasing a LRP JET-PRO charger, you have chosen a
    high-performance charger full of new design features, such as:
    • NiMH - LiPo - NiCd Fast Charge • Dual Input (100-240Vac + 12Vdc)
    • Microprocessor Controlled • Plug in and Charge
    • 25-Year Warranty • Multi-Protection-System
    Please read the following instructions carefully before you start using your LRP JET-PRO charger. This
    user guide contains important notes for the installation, the safety, the use and the maintenance of this
    product. Thus protecting yourself and avoid damages of the product.
    Proceed according to the user guide in order to understand your LRP JET-PRO charger better. Please
    take your time as you will have much more joy with your product if you know it exactly.
    This user manual shall be kept in a safe place. If another customer is using this product, this manual
    has to be handed out together with it.
    Connect the LRP JET-PRO charger to a suitable source:
    main power with 100-240V AC
    a suitable powersupply or car-battery with 11-15V DC
    After turn-on, the battery type LED‘s indicates which battery type is selected. If your desired battery
    type is selected already, you can go straight to point B) below.
    For maximum convienence, the JET-PRO charger checks and adjusts itself automatically to the con-
    nected number of cells. You do not have to adjust the number of cells in any way, no matter if you use
    8 cell NiMH or 2 cell LiPo for example.
    A) Battery Type Selection
    Press and hold the START/STOP button until green Battery Type LED starts flashing, which
    indicates you have entered battery type selection mode. The selected type is indicated by the
    blinking LED.
    By pressing the START/STOP button again, you can now toggle between the battery type and
    you can select the desired type by either pressing START/STOP for 2sec or...
    If you wait longer then 3sec, the selected battery type will be permanently saved, the LED
    will turn ON all the time and the charger automatically leaves battery type selection mode and
    Note: The charging process of the battery won´t be started at this time!
    Caution: always be careful for correct battery type selection, as charging a pack in the wrong mode
    may result in damage to the battery!
    B) Start Charging Process
    Select the desired charge current with the slide switch (0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0A) depending on the
    battery you want to charge (refer to „2.Recommendations“ on the left).
    Press Start/Stop button shortly, the Status LED turns ON (red) to indicate that charge process
    has started. The Status LED will remain red until battery has been fully charged.
    Note: Charge process can be stopped anytime by pressing Start/Stop button, then Status LED will
    turn off.
    C) End of Charge
    When battery is fully charged, the STATUS LED will flash for 15sec and the charger will beep
    to indicate that the battery has been fully charged now.
    For NiMH/NiCd cells, trickle charge is now active.
    If the Start button is pressed, the Status LED should be OFF.
    You can again select battery type or the charger can again charge.
    The JET-PRO chargers is protected against faults and operator errors by the Multi-Protection-Sy-
    stem. Faults/Errors are indicated by the beeper and different LED flashing sequences. All faults/
    errors stop the charging process to protect the charger and the battery. The errors are as following:
    LED Code
    Error Status
    Input voltage below 11V or over 15.0V
    The active battery type
    LED flashes and the
    charger beeps 3sec
    Battery connected with reverse polarity
    No battery connected
    Safety Timer exceeded (>3hrs charge time)
    Battery Error
    Charger Malfunction
    Press Start/Stop button to stop LED‘s flashing and charger beeping, this will return the JET-PRO
    charger to stand-by mode.
    DC INPUT: connect to a suitable DC source
    with 11-15V. Be careful with correct polarity!
    - Red = Plus
    - Black = Minus
    Always follow the cell manufacturers charge-/usage-recommendations, never use batteries outside
    their specifications.
    As a safe „rule of thumb“, charging your packs with 0.5C* is always a safe value!
    * C=Nominal capacity of the battery. E.g. with a nominal capacity of 3300mAh (3,3Ah), the battery can be charged with a max.
    current of 3,3A.:
    OUTPUT CONNECTOR: connect battery to be
    charged to the attached RX-battery female con-
    nector. Be careful with correct polarity!
    AC INPUT: connect to main power
    with 100-240VAC
    Caution: Do not alter the connector
    as this will void your warranty!
    STATUS LED: indicates if charger is
    in stand-by-mode (LED off), charging
    (LED on) or battery has been fully
    charged (LED flashing).
    SLIDE SWITCH: adjust char-
    ge current (0.2 - 0.5 - 1.0A)
    to select battery type and start/
    stop charging process.
    BATTERY TYPE LED‘s: indi-
    cate which battery type has
    been selected.
LRP Jet-Pro Charger

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LRP Jet-Pro Charger – specifikationer

Varumärke LRP
Modell Jet-Pro Charger
Produkt Batteri laddare
EAN 4250068126242
Språk Engelsk, Tyska
Filtyp PDF
- NiMH, NiCd, LiPo
Produktstorlek (BxDxH) 134 x 95 x 35
Vikt & dimension
Vikt 300
Produktens färg Blå

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