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    Dear Customer,
    thank you for your trust in this LRP product. By purchasing a LRP QUADRA-PRO 3 Professional Battery Managment System,
    you have chosen a high-performance product which has the latest technology incorporated including the following High-Tech
    • Charging - Discharging - Cycling Operation • LiPo • LiFePo • LiIo • NiMH • NiCd • Pb
    • Integrated Balancer for 2S-6S Lixx batteries • Dual Input (100-240Vac + 12Vdc)
    • Blue backlit 16x2 LCD • 5 User Profile Memories
    • 25-Year Warranty • Multi-Protection-System
    Please read the following instructions carefully before you start using your charger. This user guide contains important
    notes for the installation, the safety, the use and the maintenance of this product. Thus protecting yourself and avoid
    damages of the product.
    Proceed according to the user guide in order to understand your charger better. Please take your time as you will have much
    more joy with your product if you know it exactly.
    This user manual shall be kept in a safe place. If another customer is using this product, this manual has to be handed out
    together with it.
    100-240V AC / 12V DC
    USER GUIDE - #41282
    LRP electronic GmbH
    Wilhelm-Enssle-Str. 132-134
    73630 Remshalden, Germany
    © LRP electronic GmbH 2010
    145x160x60 Integrated Balancer yes, 2S - 6S
    600 Autostart Timer yes
    Input Voltage
    100-240V Storage Charge Mode yes
    Cycle Mode
    Charging Capability
    1 - 6 cells
    User Profile Memory
    1 - 14 cells LCD 16x2, blue backlit
    2, 4, 6, 12V
    Acoustic Signal Type
    Charge Current
    0.1 - 5.0 Finish Melody adjustable
    Trickle Current
    0 -0.25 Buttons 4
    Delta Peak
    5 - 200
    Discharge Current
    0.1 -1.0 DC Input Connection Alligator Clamps
    Cut-Off Voltage
    2.5 - 14.0V AC Input Connection AC connector
    0.9- 16.0V Output Connection 4.0mm jacket
    Specifications subject to change without notice.
    SET Battery Type: The QUADRA PRO 3 can charge pretty much any type of cell (LiPo, LiFePo, LiIo, NiMH, NiCd, Pb) and
    incorporates the designated charge algorithms for each particular cell type for best performance, reliability and safety.
    Lixx + Pb charging using the CC/CV-charging method. With this charging method, the battery gets charged with
    a constant current first. As soon as the battery voltage reaches the max. allowed charging voltage per cell
    (for example, LiPo 4.2V and LiFePo 3.7V), the charger automatically reduces the charging current till the
    battery is fully charged.
    NiMH/NiCd charging with constant current + delta-peak detection. This is the most popular charging method for
    NiMH/NiCd-batteries in competition.
    Caution: Always choose the correct BATTERY TYPE setting for the battery you want to charge, as wrong setting may result
    in damage to the battery, fire or explosion!
    SET Charge Current: The charge current can be set from 0.1 to 5.0A. If not otherwise specified by the battery manuf-
    acturer, choose 0.5C charge rate which is always a safe value!
    SET Charge Delta Peak: With NiMH/NiCd-batteries, you only obtain the optimum battery performance by slightly
    „overchargingthe battery. In real terms, it will not be overcharged, but charged to an optimum level. The battery voltage
    drops at the end of the charging process (delta). The size of the drop (delta peak) is adjustable in the range between 5 - 200mV.
    The higher the value, the hotter the battery will be at the end of the charge. We recommend to start with the works-default
    Note: The adjustable Delta-Peak value applies to the whole battery pack and not to one single cell!
    SET Charge Trickle: This current, which flows after delta peak cutoff, is adjustable from 0.0A to 0.25A to achieve
    Cell# LiPo LiFePo LiIo Pb
    1 (1S) 3.7V 3.3V 3.6V 2V
    2 (2S) 7.4V 6.6V 7.2V 4V
    3 (3S) 11.1V 9.9V 10.8V 6V
    4 (4S) 14.8V 13.2V 14.8V --
    5 (5S) 18.5V 16.5V 18.0V --
    6 (6S) 22.2V 19.8V 21.6V 12V
    the highest possible voltage for NiCd cells. Set this function to „Off
    for NiMH cells.
    SET Charge Lixx/Pb Volt (pack voltage): The packs rated
    voltage for LiPo/LiFePo/LiIo and Pb-batteries must be set according to
    the packs rating. See table on right side.
    * C=Nominal capacity of the battery. E.g. with a nominal capacity of 3300mAh
    (3.3Ah), the battery can be charged with a max. current of 3.3A:
    The adjustable discharge circuit (0.1 to 1.0A) can be used for 1-14 cell NiMH/NiCd- and 1-6 cell Lixx/Pb-packs. The QUADRA
    PRO 3 informs you about all the data relating to the battery pack, e.g. discharge time, capacity and average voltage.
    By discharging your battery pack on the QUADRA PRO 3 after use, you obtain vital information about remaining capacity for
    optimizing your motor or gear ratio for the next run. This also maintains your battery packs in good condition.
    SET Discharge Current: The discharge current can be set from 0.1 - 1.0A.
    SET Discharge Voltage: The cut-off voltage can be adjusted from 0.9 - 14.0V depending on the number of cells. We
    recommend a cut-off voltage of 0.9V/cell with NiMH/NiCd-, 3.0V/cell with LiPo-and 2.6V/cell with LiFePo-batteries.
    This means for example: - 5.4V for 6-cell NiMH/NiCd - 6.0V for a 2-cell LiPo - 5.2V. for a 2-cell LiFePo
    This fully automatic cycling/matching function allows you to determine the actual performance of your packs before using
    them. Battery packs change during their life span. Use the QUADRA PRO 3 to detect the actual quality of your packs. This
    prevents nasty surprises.
    The “Cycle” mode uses the charge and discharge values of the currently selected programm, stored under “Settings”. The
    pack is first discharged, then charged and finally discharged. At the end of the process, the pack capacity and the average
    discharge voltage are displayed.
    There is a short delay in the timer during cycle operation, in order not to overheat the batteries, which is as following:
    - Initial Discharge -> Charge: 1min (if discharge was finished within 10min), otherwise 5min
    - Charge -> Discharge: 1min (if charge was finished within 10min), otherwise 5min
    Note: The „Cycle“ function can of course be used for all types of cells.
    The QUADRA PRO 3 was developed with the main objective placed on easy operation of all features. Intuitive navigation
    by means of 4 buttons makes it very easy to use and the 2-line blue backlit LC display offers perfect, reliable control of all
    settings and functions.
    OUTPUT JACKET: connect battery to be
    charged to the 4.0mm jacket, using supplied
    charge wires.
    Caution: Be careful with correct polarity!
    MENU Scrolls/jumps through the function list.
    DEC - Decrements the underscored value.*
    INC + Increments the underscored value.*
    START/STOP Next program step / Start a program / Cancel a running program.
    * Button has high-speed function for rapid setting (hold down button to change value faster).
    formance integrated Lixx balancer for
    2S to 6S packs using EHR balancing
    NiMH 5.0A 00m35s
    08.58V 0048mAh
    16x2 LCD SCREEN:
    Active function
    Time elapsed since start
    Voltage at output connectors
    DC INPUT: connect to a suitable DC source with 11-
    15V, using the supplied connection wire.
    Caution: Be careful with correct polarity!
    - Red = Plus / Black = Minus
    AC INPUT: connect to main power with 100-240VAC
    Caution: Do not alter the wire or connector as this will
    void your warranty!
    in this table:
    The active profile P1 to P5 is displayed in the main
    menu. By pressing the INC+ and DEC- buttons you can
    change between the profiles and their settings.
    To reset to default settings, proceed as following:
    Disconnect input voltage.
    Hold down MENU button while reconnecting the
    input voltage.
    The QUADRA PRO 3 allows you to save 5 individual user profiles. This means you can customize 3 personal charge profiles
    individually and store them for later use. The QUADRA PRO 3 has 5 preset works-default settings when shipped out as shown
    User Profile P1 P2 P3 P4 P5
    Battery Type LiPo LiPo LiFe NiMH NiCd
    Charge Current 5.0A 3.0A 5.0A 4.0A 3.0A
    Charge D-Peak -- -- -- 20mV 50mV
    Charge Trickle -- -- -- Off Off
    Charge LiPo Volt 7.4V 11.1V 6.6V -- --
    Discharge Current 1.0A 0.5A 1.0A 1.0A 1.0A
    Discharge Voltage 6.0V 9.0V 4.6V 5.4V 5.4V
    The QUADRA PRO 3 contains an integrated high-performance balancer for 2S to 6S Lithium based (LiPo, LiFePo, LiIo) battery
    packs using EHR balancing connector. Please refer to drawing (also like that on charger) for correct polarity, basically minus
    Always follow the cell manufacturers charge-/usage-recommendations, never use batteries outside their specifications!
    Battery Type Voltage /
    D-Peak Trickle LiPo
    NiCd Sportpacks (1600-2400mAh) 7.2V / 6 NiCd 3.0A 95mV 0.1A -- 1.0A 5.4V
    NiMH Sportpacks (3000-4200mAh) 7.2V / 6 NiMH 3.0A 20mV OFF -- 1.0A 5.4V
    NiMH Sportpacks (3000-4200mAh) 12.0V / 10 NiMH 3.0A 30mV OFF -- 1.0A 9.0V
    NiMH Sportpacks (3000-4200mAh) 14.4V / 14 NiMH 3.0A 50mV OFF -- 1.0A 12.6V
    NiMH Competition Cells 4.8V / 4 NiMH 5.0A 5mV OFF -- 1.0A 3.6V
    NiMH Competition Cells 6.0V / 5 NiMH 5.0A 10mV OFF -- 1.0A 4.5V
    NiMH Competition Cells 7.2V / 6 NiMH 5.0A 15mV OFF -- 1.0A 5.4V
    NiMH Competition Cells 12.0V / 10 NiMH 5.0A 25mV OFF -- 1.0A 9.0V
    NiMH Competition Cells 14.4V / 14 NiMH 5.0A 35mV OFF -- 1.0A 12.6V
    AA/Mignon NiMH Cells (2000-2700mAh) 9.6V / 8 NiMH 0.5A 30mV OFF -- 0.3A 7.2V
    2/3A NiMH Cells (1200-1600mAh)
    6.0V / 5 NiMH 1.0A 15mV OFF -- 0.8A 4.5V
    LiPo Pack Air ~480mAh (plane/helicopter) 11.1V / 3S LiPo 0.5A -- -- 11.1V 0.5A 9.0V
    LiPo Pack Air ~1500mAh (plane/helicopter) 11.1V / 3S LiPo 1.5A -- -- 11.1V 1.0A 9.0V
    LiPo Pack Air ~3000mAh (plane/helicopter) 11.1V / 3S LiPo 3.0A -- -- 11.1V 1.0A 9.0V
    LiPo Pack Car ~1800mAh (Micro 1/18) 7.4V / 2S LiPo 1.8A -- -- 7.4V 1.0A 6.0V
    LiPo Pack Car ~5000mAh (1/10) 7.4V / 2S LiPo 5.0A -- -- 7.4V 1.0A 6.0V
    LiPo Pack „TX Only“ ~2700mAh 11.1V / 3S LiPo 1.5A -- -- 11.1V 0.5A 9.0V
    LiPo Pack „RX Only“ ~1800mAh 7.4V / 2S LiPo 1.2A -- -- 7.4V 0.5A 6.0V
    LiFePo Pack „RX Only“ ~1800mAh 6.6V / 2S LiFePo 1.2A -- -- 6.6V 0.5A 5.2V
    LiFePo Pack Car ~4500mAh 6.6V / 2S LiFePo 4.5A -- -- 6.6V 1.0A 5.2V
    The crossed-out wheeled bin means that within the European Union the product must be taken to seperate
    collection at the product end-of-life. Do not dispose of these products as unsorted municipal waste.
    (black wire) is always on the far right side of the plug as shown on drawing.
    The balancer equalises the cells, during charge- and balance-function, which
    results in higher performance and higher cycle-life.
    Caution: Avoid incorrect connection as in the worst case this may result in
    damage to the battery and/or charger!
LRP Quadra Pro 3 Charger

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- LiPo, LiFePo, LiIo, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
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