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ENGLISH (Original instructions)


Model DJV141 DJV181
Length of stroke 26 mm 26 mm
Wood 135 mm 135 mm
Mild steel 10 mm 10 mm
Max. cutting capacities
Aluminum 20 mm 20 mm
Strokes per minute (min
) 800 - 3,500 800 - 3,500
Overall length 280 mm 298 mm
Net weight 2.4 kg 2.5 kg
Rated voltage D.C. 14.4 V D.C. 18 V
• Due to our continuing program of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change without notice.
• Specifications may differ from country to country.
• Weight according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2003


The following show the symbols used for the equipment.
Be sure that you understand their meaning before use.
Read instruction manual.
Only for EU countries
Do not dispose of electric equipment or
battery pack together with household
waste material!
In observance of the European
Directives, on Waste Electric and
Electronic Equipment and Batteries and
Accumulators and Waste Batteries and
Accumulators and their implementation
in accordance with national laws, electric
equipment and batteries and battery
pack(s) that have reached the end of
their life must be collected separately
and returned to an environmentally
compatible recycling facility.
Intended use
The tool is intended for the sawing of wood, plastic and
metal materials. As a result of the extensive accessory
and saw blade program, the tool can be used for many
purposes and is very well suited for curved or circular cuts.
The typical A-weighted noise level determined
according to EN60745:
Sound pressure level (L
) : 78 dB (A)
Uncertainty (K) : 3 dB (A)
The noise level under working may exceed 80 dB (A).
Wear ear protection
The vibration total value (tri-axial vector sum)
determined according to EN60745:
Work mode : cutting boards
Vibration emission (a
) : 6.5 m/s
Uncertainty (K) : 1.5 m/s
Work mode : cutting sheet metal
Vibration emission (a
) : 5.0 m/s
Uncertainty (K) : 1.5 m/s
The declared vibration emission value has been
measured in accordance with the standard test
method and may be used for comparing one tool
with another.
The declared vibration emission value may also be
used in a preliminary assessment of exposure.
The vibration emission during actual use of the
power tool can differ from the declared emission
value depending on the ways in which the tool is
Be sure to identify safety measures to protect the
operator that are based on an estimation of
exposure in the actual conditions of use (taking
account of all parts of the operating cycle such as
the times when the tool is switched off and when it
is running idle in addition to the trigger time).


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Makita DJV181Z – specifikationer

Nedan hittar du produkt- och manualspecifikationerna för Makita DJV181Z.

Varumärke Makita
Modell DJV181Z
Produkt Såg
EAN 0088381650939
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Stamphöjd 26 mm
Skärdjup aluminium 20 mm
Sågdjup i olegerat stål 10 mm
Slagfrekvens obelastad (max) 3500 spm
Slagfrekvens obelastad (min) 800 spm
Skärdjup i trä 135 mm
Förpackningens innehåll
Väska Nej
Batteriladdare ingår Nej
Batteri ingår Nej
Vikt & dimension
Bredd 77 mm
Djup 298 mm
Höjd 189 mm
Vikt 2600 g
Bladen kan bytas ut utan verktyg Ja
Strömkälla Batteri
Batterispänning 18 V
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