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• The castle can’t be more than 1 foot long. (The longer girders are about 3
inches in length if you don’t have a ruler handy!)
• Pigs and bonus pieces must be ON a building block. They can’t rest on the
playing surface.
Now, go crazy!
Lets Play!
The youngest player goes first. Play moves clockwise.
On your turn, choose a Mission Card from ANY of the 4 levels. (You need to get 1000
points to win so you can choose how fast you want to get there. Remember, the more
points the cards are worth, the harder they are to shoot down.)
Give the card you chose to the next player. They’re going to build this castle and
you’re going to shoot it down.
For the first 3 levels, the castle should be built EXACTLY as shown on the card. For
Freestyle, build what you want as long as it’s within the guidelines above.
Build the castle to face the player trying to knock it down. Any side of a girder can
face forward.
With the castle built, it’s time to try to shoot it down!
Place the launcher at least 1 foot away from the FRONT of the castle. (Experiment
with a reasonable distance to shoot from.) You’ll shoot at the castle head-on.
The Mission card lists what birds to use to shoot the castle down. You must shoot the
birds in the order shown on the card, reading left to right. If a bird is shown twice on a
card, you’ll use the same bird twice. Otherwise, each bird is only launched once.
Place a bird into the launcher, hold the launcher
down with one hand and pull down on the
slingshot with the other. Let the slingshot go to
launch the bird into the castle!
The pigs are considered to be knocked over if
they’ve been knocked off the piece they were
originally sitting on. (A bounce is OK. You don’t
have to knock the castle down on a direct hit.)
ALL of the pigs must be knocked over to get the points. Keep the Mission Card to keep
track of your score. If you’re NOT successful, move the Mission card to a discard pile.
X3029-0920 Angry Birds 1L Instructions
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Currently the AngryBirdsFont is outline to art release
If you’ve knocked over ALL of the pigs, you may also collect points if you also
knocked the helmets OFF THE PIGS’ HEADS. Take a 100 point card for each bonus
piece. (Remember, you only get the bonus points if you also destroyed all the pigs on
the Mission card!)
You don't get points for birds left over, girders snapped or the TNT box.
Note: Don’t move any of the castle pieces or pigs from the playing area until ALL the
pigs are knocked down or until you’re out of birds to launch.
The first person to get to 1000 points after an equal number of turns wins!
The TNT Box and snappable girders add to the destruction!
When using these pieces, make sure you put them together before you build.
Each girder has two pieces that fit together:
The TNT Box is simple to fold into place:
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Be the first person to get 1000 points.
Set up:
Shuffle each level of Mission cards individually and place, facedown, into separate
piles to the side of the playing area. You’ll need the main area for building and
shooting down castles and pigs!
Set the Points cards near the Mission cards.
Place all of the birds, pigs, bonus pieces, bird launcher and building blocks within
easy reach of all players.
Mission Cards:
Mission cards have 4 levels. The first 3 levels correspond to difficulty. Level 1 is easier
to shoot down than Level 2 and Level 2 is easier to shoot down than Level 3.
The point values go up as the difficulty does. Level 1 is worth 100 points, Level 2 is
worth 200 points and Level 3 is worth 300 points.
Freestyle is the 4th level. Mission Cards in this level show the
building blocks, pigs and bonus pieces that are to be used in
creating a castle and they also show what birds may be used to
knock that castle down.
The point values for the Freestyle level differ. Again, the higher the
difficulty, the higher the point value. They are worth 200 or 300
There are a few rules about what you can build in the Freestyle (but not many!):
• You can build your castle up and out. You cannot add pieces in front or behind.
• You MUST use all of the pieces shown on the card.
• No piece may be farther than 2 inches away from any other piece of the castle.
2 Angry Birds 3 Large Girders, 2 Small Girders
3 Pigs 3 Snappable Ice Girders, 2 Ice Blocks,
2 Bonus Pig Helmets 2 Ice Cubes
1 TNT box 40 Mission Cards
1 Wide Bird Launcher 16 Points Cards
Need Assistance? Visit or call 1-800-524-8697
(US and Canada only).
Black Plate
Toy :
Toy No.:
Part No.:
Trim Size:
Folded Size:
Type of Fold:
# colors:
Paper Stock:
Paper Weight:
EDM No.:
Angry Birds 1L Inst
11” W x 8.5 " H
5.5” W x 8.5” H
4 panel / 1 sided
1 Black
White Offset
70 lb.
Accordion Folding Diagram
Front Cover Inside Left Inside Right
Back Cover
2 34
x 3
x 3
x 2
x 2
x 2
x 2
Angry Birds
Ice Cubes
Larger Girders
Wide Bird Launcher
Small Girders
Bonus Pig Helmets
Points Cards
Mission Cards
Snappable Ice Girders
Ice Blocks
Freestyle Card
CHOKING HAZARDToy contains small balls
and small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Do not aim at eyes or face. Only use projectiles supplied with this toy. Do not fire at point blank range.

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