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Stopper /

A5 Size: 148.5mm(W) x 210mm(H) Model 9850 Ver. 5 15 Apr, 2010


• Insert or Replace Battery : Insert AAA battery (included) in correct polarity (+) and (-) as indicated.
• Clean stainless tip : wash tip with warm soapy sponge or cloth, then rinse and dry.
• Do not immerse product body in water.
The thermometer is now ready to use.
Press the ON/OFF button to release the probe and the same time will turn on the unit (Picture 1).
To turn off the unit close the probe against the housing and it will turn off automatically.
Press the °C/°F button to select the temperature unit.
RediChek has two ways to get an accurate temperature reading : FAST CALC and NORMAL.
The FAST CALC system speeds up the reading by using sequential mathematic calculations based on rate of temperature
rise, to project an estimated final reading before it is actually reached.
The NORMAL system displays the actual tip temperature as it rises, which takes more time depending on temperature
differential. To measure food temperatures with the thermometer.
1. Turn unit ON by pressing Start button.
2. Insert tip of probe into food being cooked. The thermometer will start processing.
a. When the tip is cold and is inserted into food and begins a rapid rise in temperature (due to a large difference between
the cold tip, and the hot food temperature) the unit automatically chooses FAST CALC processor mode. It will BEEP as
it starts Fast Calc.
b. When the tip is already hot, or detects a smaller difference in temperature, the unit stays in NORMAL mode.
3. Wait for temperature reading to stabilize on display.
a. In FAST CALC mode, the temperature will "Lock" after about 6-8 seconds and hold the locked reading on the display.
FAST CALC has a maximum reading of 212°F, above will read HI.
b. In NORMAL mode, the temperature reading will rise gradually and continue to change up or down slightly once final
temperature reached. NORMAL has a maximum reading of 428°F.
4. If in FAST CALC lock mode, press Start again to unlock the display and change to NORMAL mode.
5. To start another measurement, repeat 1 to 4 again.
When in FAST CALC mode, the unit will Beep as inserted into food, then flash
“ - - - “ for 2-3 seconds, then flash approximate temperature readings for approx. 3-5 seconds, then Lock onto calculated actual
temperature. You can change to NORMAL mode at any time during Lock phase.
In NORMAL mode, the unit's temperature range is 32°F to 428°F. If the temperature is below 32°F or above 428°F, LO or HI
will show on the display.
• When measuring multiple or different foods and meats, it may be desirable to cool the probe by rinsing the tip with cold water
between readings.
• It is recommended that you wipe the probe tip clean between readings. This is especially important when taking readings
form different foods and meats.
• When the tip is cold you can “force” the processor into FAST CALC mode by pressing Start a second time. You will hear a
• Pressing Start button when unit is in Lock phase will change to NORMAL mode, but unit will not change back to FAST CALC
until fully cooled and auto-shutoff has occurred.
• The thermometer will not Auto-Shutoff when display is in Lock phase (after a FAST CALC reading). Press Start to return to
NORMAL mode.
• The thermometer is designed for temporary, hand held use. Do not use in an oven. Do not leave inserted in extremely hot
foods or liquids (anything over 200°F) for more than 1 minute.
• Always take your reading in the thickest available portion of meat. Thin portions of meat are difficult to measure since they
tend to cook through fast. Avoid touching bone. If the tip touches the bone or heavy fat area of the meat, or if the tip is not
deep enough, take a second reading to ensure accuracy.
• Not intended for use by persons ages 12 or under.
• Do not touch the stainless portion of the thermometer during or right after measuring temperatures since it will be hot.
• Do not place the unit in dishwasher or immerse in any liquid. To clean, wipe the probe tip with a damp soapy cloth or sponge
and then dry.
• Do not leave exposed to extreme high or low temperatures since this will damage electronic parts and plastics.
• Do not leave the thermometer inserted in food during cooking.
• Remove battery if stored for more than four months.
This thermometer will automatically turn off if no buttons are pushed in
2 minutes.
Reset the unit by pressing the RESET button if the unit does not work properly.
Maverick Industries Inc. warrants this product to be free of defects in parts, materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days,
from date of purchase. Should any repairs or servicing under this warranty be required, contact Maverick Customer Service by
mail or phone for instructions on how to pack and ship the product to Maverick's National Service Center located as follows:
94 Mayfield Ave.
Edison NJ 08837
Telephone: (732) 417-9666
Hours: Weekdays 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Do not send any parts or product to Maverick without calling and obtaining a Return Authorization Number and instructions.
This warranty is VOID if instructions for use are not followed; for accidental damage; for commercial use; for damage incurred
while in transit; or if the product has been tampered with.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.
Maverick DT-13

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Varumärke Maverick
Modell DT-13
Produkt Mat termometer
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Tekniska data
Modell Digital
Temperaturområde (T-T) 32 - 392 ° F
Temperatur mätenheter F
Produktens färg Vit
På / av-knapp Ja
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Bruksanvisning Ja
Batterityp AAA
Antal batterier 1
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