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Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro
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Failure to properly set up, use, and care for
the Xbox 360 video game and
entertainment system can increase the risk
of serious injury or death, or damage to the
Xbox 360 video game and entertainment
system. Read this manual and the manuals
of any accessories for important safety and
health information. Keep all manuals for
future reference. For replacement manuals,
go to or call the
Xbox Customer Support number provided
on the back cover.
Before allowing children to use the Xbox
360 video game and entertainment system:
1 Determine how each child can use the
Xbox 360 console (playing games,
connecting to Xbox LIVE, replacing
batteries, making electrical, AV cable,
and network connections) and whether
they should be supervised during these
2 If you allow children to use the Xbox 360
console without supervision, be sure to
explain all relevant safety and health
information and instructions.
The Xbox 360 console will not play copied
or “pirated” games or other unauthorized
media. Attempting to defeat the Xbox 360
anti-piracy protection system may cause
your Xbox 360 console to stop working
permanently. It will also void your Limited
Warranty, and may make your Xbox 360
console ineligible for authorized repair,
even for a fee.
You must accept the terms and conditions
of the Limited Warranty and this manual to
use your Xbox 360 console. If you do not
accept these terms and conditions, do not
set up or use your Xbox 360 console and
return it to Microsoft for a refund.


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This symbol identi es safety and health
messages in this manual and Xbox 360
accessories manuals.
For your warranty and other important
information, see the Xbox 360 Warranty manual.
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro

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