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Panasonic RX-D25EB
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Portable Stereo

CD System

Operating InstructionsModel No.



“EB” on the packaging indicates the United Kingdom.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this
product, please read these instructions completely.
Please keep this manual for future reference.

Power sources

Memory back-up
During power supply interruption, memory back-
up batteries (not included) save CD programs and
radio stations you have set.
These batteries do not power the unit.
(R6/LR6, AA, UM-3)
When to change the batteries
The batteries last about a year.
Connect the unit to AC power before replacing
the batteries.
Before connecting or disconnecting the AC
mains lead, stop the tape and switch
] to “TAPE/ ” to turn the unit off.
The memory batteries are worn out faster if
the cord is disconnected with the power still
Removing the batteries
Press the negative end of the number 4 battery
and remove the batteries. (Remove the power
batteries first.)
Using a household AC outlet
Connect the AC mains lead firmly to the unit and
the outlet.
The included AC mains lead is for use with
this unit only. Do not use it with other
The function selector switch does not separate
entire unit from mains even if in “TAPE/
Using batteries (not included)
The unit cannot be powered by batteries if the
AC mains lead is connected.
(R20/LR20, D, UM-1)
When to change the batteries
Sound quality and operations are affected when
the batteries are running low. Replace all six
batteries. It is also a good idea to replace all the
batteries before recording.
Removing the batteries
Open the battery cover
and insert your finger in
the hole on the bottom
of the unit and push out.
To household AC outlet
AC mains lead

Dear customer

Thank you for purchasing this product.
For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions
These operating instructions fundamentally explain the operation of
Supplied accessories
Please check and identify the supplied accessories.
Use numbers indicated in parentheses when asking for replacement
AC mains lead ..........................................................................1pc.
For United Kingdom: (RJA0053-2X)
For Australia and New Zealand: (RJA0035-X)
For others: (RJA0019-2K)
Remote control transmitter RX-D25 only ............................. 1pc.
The illustrations show RX-D25.
Inner row
Outer row
For the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (for UK customers only)
• Order accessory and consumable items for your product with ease and
confidence by telephoning our Customer Care Centre Mon–Friday 9:00 am–
5:30 pm.
(Excluding public holidays.)
Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application.
Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by
Panasonic UK Ltd.
It couldn’t be simpler!
Customer Care Centre
For UK customers: 08705 357357
For Republic of Ireland customers: 01 289 8333
Technical Support
For UK customers: 0870 1 505610
This Technical Support Hot Line number is for Panasonic PC software
related products only.
For Republic of Ireland, please use the Customer Care Centre number
listed above for all enquiries.
For all other product related enquiries, please use the Customer Care
Centre numbers listed above.
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Panasonic RX-D25EB

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Varumärke Panasonic
Modell RX-D25EB
Produkt Radio
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