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Panduit QuickNet MPO Fiber Optic Cassettes are designed to reduce the installation time and effort associated with
connecting a fiber optic network, as well as, improve overall network reliability through factory tested terminations. These
cassettes are compatible with the Panduit Opticom product line and can be selected with LC or SC connectors for the front
ports and an MPO connector for the rear port.

1.0 Component Identification

2.0 Precautions

2.1 It is strongly recommended that safety glasses be worn when handling bare optical fiber. Bare optical fiber is very sharp
and can easily damage the eye.
2.2 Pick up and discard all pieces of bare fiber with sticky tabs. Do not let cut pieces of fiber stick to clothing or drop in the
work area where they are hard to see and can cause injury.
2.3 Laser light is invisible. The invisible light is powerful enough to damage your eyes. Serious damage to the retina of the
eye is possible. Never look into the end of a fiber that may have a laser coupled into it. Should accidental eye exposure
to laser light be suspected, arrange for an eye examination immediately.
2.4 Excessive pulling, twisting, crushing, or bending stresses can damage fiber optic cable. Any damage may result in
decreased optical performance.
2.5 Use dry swab (Panduit part number FSWB-C) to clean the inside of the fiber adapters and the ferrule face of the internal
connectors. Insert and rotate the swab until it contacts the ferrule face. Repeat as needed.
2.6 Should internal connectors require a more thorough cleaning, consult Panduit.
Connector Selection
LC Connector
SC Connector

QuickNet MPO Fiber Optic Cassettes

For use with Panduit Pan-Net Opticom Network Cabling System

** Fourth position asterisk denotes fiber type, fifth position asterisk denotes fiber performance.
Panduit FC2ZO-12-10AS

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