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Pegasus AquaSphere
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Welcome to the research team on the mission to AquaSphere, an underwater research station.
Your task is to recover and analyze a novel kind of crystal, as well as to conduct further research.
You have been granted a limited amount of time in the station. In order to succeed on your mission, you will be provided
access to the latest models of research bots. Program these bots according to the task at hand and use them efficiently in
the various sectors of the station.
You will be assigned a lab with basic equipment - if the available capacities do not suffice, feel free to expand your lab.
Keep in mind, your team is not the only one present. If you don‘t recover more crystals, place more bots in the station, and
gather more data than your competitors, your research contract may not be extended.
Finally, some advice: your presence will attract octopods, which may break into the station. Remove them promptly;
otherwise they may interfere with your bots and obstruct operations.
Good luck!
Each player leads a research team consisting of an Engineer and a Scientist, which move on 2 different game boards,
as well as a group of bots, which carry out actions.
In the Headquarters, the Engineer programs the bots and, thus, determines which action will be carried out. Meanwhile
in the Research Station, the Scientist determines where the bots will carry out the action. Over the course of 4 rounds, the
teams will use their actions to gain as much knowledge as possible.
1 Research Station (also referred to as “Station”) 1 Headquarters 4 Player Boards
consisting of 6 Sectors
6 Center Tiles 38 Time Markers 7 Programming Tiles 6 Base Labs
41 Research Cards 3 Setup Overviews 7 Program Cards 30 Lab Expansions
20 Crystals 15 Octopods 1 Scientist 1 Engineer 6 Submarines 16 Bots 2 Counters
(in each of the 4 player colors)

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Pegasus AquaSphere

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Pegasus AquaSphere – specifikationer

Varumärke Pegasus
Modell AquaSphere
Produkt Brädspel
EAN 4250231706097
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF
Rekommenderat kön Pojke/flicka
Språkstöd DEU,ENG
Lektid (max) 100 min
Rekommenderad ålder (min) 12 År
Maximalt antal spelare 4
Minsta antal spelare 2
Produktens färg Multifärg
Familjespel Ja
Slag Strategispel
Ej för barn under 3 år Ja
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