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MG3750 4222.002.8672.3
Detaching and attaching cutting elements
To detach a cutting element, push
upwards against the teeth of the cutting
element and take it o the handle (Fig. 3).
2 To attach a cutting element, insert
the lug of the cutting element into
the guiding slot and push the cutting
element onto the product (click) (Fig. 4).
Attaching and detaching guards
1 To attach any type of guard onto a
cutting element, slide the front part of
the guard onto the teeth and push the
projection at the back of the guard into
the product (click) (Fig. 6).
2 To detach any type of guard from the
cutting element, pull its back part o
the product and then slide it o the
cutting element (Fig. 5).
Switching the product on and o
1 Press the on/o button once to switch
the product on or o.
Precision attachments
Nose and ear trimmer
You can use the nose and ear trimmer to
trim your nose hair and ear hair.
- Make sure your nasal passages are
clean. Make sure your outer ear
channels are clean and free from wax.
- Do not insert the tip more than
- Always clean the attachment after each
Trimming nose hair
1 Gently move the tip in and out of your
nose while turning it around to remove
unwanted hairs (Fig. 7).
Trimming ear hair
1 Slowly move the tip round the ear to
remove hairs that stick out beyond the
rim of the ear.
2 Gently move the tip in and out of the
outer ear channel to remove unwanted
hairs (Fig. 8).
Precision trimmer
Use the precision trimmer without a guard
to create ne lines and contours around
your facial style, close to the skin (to a
length of 0.5mm/1/32in).
1 Hold the precision trimming head
perpendicular to the skin and move the
trimming head upwards or downwards
with gentle pressure.
Full-size trimmer
Use the full-size metal trimmer without a
guard to trim hair close to the skin or to
create clean lines around your beard,
neck and sideburns close to the skin
(to a length of 0.5mm/1/32in).
1 To trim hair close to the skin, place the
at side of the cutting element against
your skin and make strokes against the
direction of hair growth (Fig. 9).
2 For contouring hold the cutting element
perpendicular to the skin and move
it upwards or downwards with gentle
pressure (Fig. 10).
Trimming uards
When attached to the full-size trimmer,
use the 3 beard guards, 1 stubble guard
and 3 hair guards to evenly trim your hair.
Color MM Inch Guard
Stubble Light gray 1mm 1/16” #1/2
Beard Dark gray 3mm 1/8” #1
5mm 13/64” #2
7mm 9/32” #2/#3
Hair Black 9mm 23/64” #3
12mm 5/32” #4
16mm 5/8” #5
Attach a guard onto the full-size trimmer.
2 Switch on the product.
3 For best results, make trimming strokes
against the direction of hair growth
(Fig 10).
Only the attachments can be rinsed under
the tap.
Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning
agents or aggressive liquids such as
gasoline or acetone to clean the product.
1 Switch o the product and disconnect it
from the wall outlet.
2 Wipe the handle of the product with a
dry cloth.
3 Remove any guard or attachment from
the product.
4 Blow out any hair that has accumulated
in the hair chamber (Fig. 11).
5 Blow out any hair that has accumulated
in the attachments and/or guards.
6 Clean the attachments and the guards
(Fig. 12) under a lukewarm tap after
every use.
7 Carefully shake o excess water and let
all parts dry completely.
Never dry the trimmer teeth with a
towel or tissue, as this may damage
the trimmer teeth.
This product has no other user-serviceable
parts. For assistance call 1-800-243-3050.
- Be sure the product is turned o.
Remove cord from outlet and product
before storing in a safe, dry location
where it will not be crushed, banged,
or subject to damage.
- Store cord in a safe location where it
will not be cut or damaged.
- Do not place or store the product where
it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink,
water or other liquid.
- This product contains a rechargeable
lithium-ion battery which must be
disposed of properly. Contact your local
town or city ocials for battery disposal
information. You can also call 1-800-
822-8837 or visit
for battery drop-o locations.
- For assistance, visit our website or call
1-800-243-3050 toll free.
- Your product is designed and
manufactured with high quality
materials and components, which can
be recycled and reused. For recycling
information, please contact your local
waste management facilities or visit
If you are not fully satised with your product send
the product back and we’ll refund you the full
purchase price.
The product must be shipped prepaid by insured mail,
insurance prepaid, have the original sales receipt,
indicating purchase price and date of purchase,
and the money-back guarantee return authorization
form enclosed.
We cannot be responsible for lost mail.
The product must be postmarked no later than 45 days
after the date of purchase. Philips reserves the right to
verify the purchase price of the product and limit refunds
not to exceed suggested retail price.
To obtain money-back guarantee return authorization
form, call 1-800-243-3050 for assistance. Delivery
of refund check will occur 6–8 weeks after receipt of
returned product.
Manufactured for:
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
A division of Philips Electronics
North America Corporation
P.O. Box 10313, Stamford, CT 06904
This symbol on the product’s nameplate means
it is listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.
Norelco is a registered trademark of
Philips Electronics North America Corporation.
PHILIPS is a registered trademark of
Koninklijke Philips N.V.
©2016 Philips Electronics North America
Corporation. All rights reserved.
Congratulations on your purchase!
Register your product and get support
Full Two-Year Warranty
Philips Electronics North America
Corporation warrants this new product
(except cutters and guards) against
product defects for two years from the
date of purchase, and agrees to replace
any defective product without charge.
IMPORTANT: This warranty does not
cover damage resulting from accident,
misuse, lack of reasonable care. NO
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Norelco MG3750 | MG3750/60
Användarmanual (PDF)
Laddningstid1 h
AC-inspänning100-240 V
Snabb laddningJa
Drifttid60 min
BatteriteknikLitium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Antal längd steg7
Självskärpande bladJa
Produktens färgBlack, Metallic
Självvässande rostfria stålbladJa
Minsta hårlängd- mm
Maximal hårlängd- mm
Antal hastigheter-
Passar hela kroppen-
Förpackningens innehåll
Tillbehör med kammarBeard, Mustache, Nose, Whisker
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