Princeton Tec AMP 3.5

Princeton Tec AMP 3.5 bruksanvisning

    Figure 1 – Switch Operation
    Opération de commutation Betriebsartenschalter
    Princeton Tec calculates total burn time as the time it takes for the light source to produce
    a minimum of 0.25 lux at 2 meters. 0.25 lux is about the equivalent of a full moon on a clear night.
    Princeton Tec berechnet die Gesamtbrenndauer bezogen auf eine von der Stirnlampe
    erzeugte minimale Beleuchtungsstärke von 0,25 Lux in 2 Meter Abstand. 0,25 Lux
    entsprechen in etwa der Beleuchtungsstärke des Vollmonds in einer klaren Nacht.
    Princeton Tec définit la durée totale d’éclairage comme le temps nécessaire à la source
    lumineuse pour produire un minimum de 0,25lux à 2mètres. 0,25lux équivaut à peu près à
    la luminosité d’une pleine lune dans un ciel nocturne dégagé.
    AMP 3.5
    Operating and Maintenance
    Notice d’utilisation et d’entretien
    Figure 2 – Battery Replacement
    Remplacement des piles
    Einlegen der Batterien
    Power Level
    Distance (m)
    Burn Time (Hours)
    4 AAA
    * The times listed in this chart assume you start with fresh batteries and use
    only one mode.
    * Les durées mentionnées dans le présent tableau sont calculées sur la
    base de l’utilisation de piles neuves et d’un seul mode d’éclairage.
    * Bei den in der folgenden Tabelle aufgeführten Zeiten wird vorausgesetzt,
    dass Sie neue Batterien und lediglich eine Leuchtstärke verwenden.
    Battery Installation
    – See Battery Installation Diagram
    • 4 AAA
    • Alkaline (LR03)
    • Lithium (L92)
    • Rechargeable NiCad or NiMH
    NOTE: Rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries may result in
    reduced brightness due to lower nominal voltage.
    Princeton Tec cares about the environment and
    recommends recycling batteries. For more information about
    battery recycling, please go to:
    To install the batteries, rotate the lens cap counter clock wise
    to remove it. Remove the module from the light to access the
    battery compartment.
    Install Four AAA batteries according to the polarity markings
    on the inside of the battery compartment. Improper
    installation of the batteries will damage the light and void the
    Place the module into the light body. Reinstall the lens cap
    onto the body, rotating the lens clockwise until the lens is
    snug. Do not over tighten the lens cap!
    • Never mix fresh and used batteries.
    • Never mix different battery brands or chemistry
    • Always remove drained batteries immediately.
    • Remove batteries during long periods of storage.
    NOTE: Lithium batteries offer extended constant
    brightness time, extreme cold weather performance,
    and lighter weight. Rechargeable NiCad or NiMH
    batteries may result in reduced brightness due to
    lower nominal voltage.
    Some battery formulations can emit hydrogen gas. This gas
    can create an explosion potential in sealed devices if it is not
    vented or removed. The platinum catalyst installed in this
    light will remove the gas.
    Switch Operation – See Switch Operation diagram
    A quick press of the button will turn the light on. To change
    from high to low, press the button again. You may switch
    between the two settings without extinguishing the light. To
    turn the light off, press and hold the button until the light
    goes out. (about two seconds)
    Circuitry and Power Consumption / Regulated LEDs
    The AMP 3.5 uses a sophisticated current regulating circuit
    that maintains initial brightness as long as the batteries have
    sufficient voltage.
    Regulated LEDs - Provide steady light output over a given
    time period.
    Non-Regulated LEDs – Have constantly diminishing light
    over the same time period.
    Regulated burn time is dependent on the battery type and
    light level selected. As battery power diminishes, the different
    modes (high and low) may appear to have the same
    brightness level. This is a normal function of the Regulated
    LED/Current controlled circuit. Replacing the drained
    batteries with fresh ones will restore the full light function.
    Refer to the burn time chart for performance data for different
    battery types and mode settings.
    O-Ring and Lens Cap
    Occasionally clean and lightly lubricate the O-ring and Lens
    Cap threads. Use only silicone grease, never use aerosol
    spray lubricants. Certain types of aerosol sprays can cause
    damage the plastic and void the warranty.
    General Maintenance
    As with any outdoor equipment, the light should be kept
    clean with mild soap and water. Avoid getting dirt on the o
    ring and in the threads of the lens cap. If this should occur,
    take the light apart, remove the o ring, light module and
    batteries, then clean the light body, lens and o ring
    re-lubricate the o-ring and reassemble the light.
    If the Amp 3.5 fails to light:
    Check the batteries for proper installation.
    Replace batteries if proper installation is confirmed.
    Check the light for water contamination. The light will
    resume normal operation once the water is shaken or blown
    out and the light is left open until completely dry. If the light
    has been contaminated with salt water, flush the unit with
    fresh water and dry as described above.
    USA Lifetime Warranty– International 10-Year Warranty
    Due to international regulations, Princeton Tec’s lifetime
    warranty can only be offered to customers in the USA.
    Princeton Tec offers a 10-year warranty to our customers
    outside the USA.
    FULL WARRANTY – Princeton Tec warrants this product to
    be free from defects in workmanship and materials under
    normal use for as long as you own this product. This
    warranty covers all of the component parts of the product
    except batteries. This warranty does not cover deterioration
    due to normal wear or damage due to misuse, alteration,
    negligence, accidents, or unauthorized repair. Princeton Tec
    will repair or replace parts which are defective in
    workmanship or materials.
    Your authorized Princeton Tec Dealer and Princeton Tec are
    the only facilities authorized to repair theproduct. After (3)
    unsuccessful attempts to repair the product, you have the right
    to elect replacement of the product or a refund of the purchase
    price less allowance for use of the product. NO INCIDENTAL
    WARRANTY. (Some states do not allow the exclusion or
    limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above
    limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.) This warranty
    gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other
    rights which vary from state to state.
    Princeton Tec reserves the right to change product
    specifications without notice.
    Return Policy
    If your light fails to operate, follow these simple steps:
    1) Check batteries. Replace if necessary.
    2) Contact Princeton Tec customer service at 800-257-9080 to
    request an RMA number to send your light in for repair or
    replacement. No warranty repairs will be accepted without an
    RMA number.
    3) Return the light without batteries to: Princeton Tec, 5198 Rt.
    130, Bordentown, NJ 08505. Postage due and freight collect
    items will not be accepted.
    Princeton Tec
    PO Box 8057,
    Trenton, NJ 08650
    Phone: 609-298-9331
    Fax: 609-298-9601
    © 2013 Princeton Tec
    press 1x = High
    press 2x = Low
    1 10 20 30
    DISTANCE (Meters)
    HIGH 61 HLOW 90 H
    (4) 5 MM
    Ultrabright LEDs
    1 30 43 75
    DISTANCE (Meters)
    HIGH 2 HLOW 112 H
Princeton Tec AMP 3.5

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Princeton Tec AMP 3.5 – specifikationer

Varumärke Princeton Tec
Modell AMP 3.5
Produkt Ficklampa
Språk Engels, Duits, Frans
Filtyp PDF
Ficklampstyp Ficklampa
Vattentät Nej
Produktens färg Black,Yellow
Material, hölje -
Lampor - W
Lamptyp LED
Antal lampor 1 lamp(or)
Antal spänningsnivåer 2
Ljusflöde 100 LM
Ljuskäglans avstånd (max) 75 m
Batterityp AAA
Antal batterier 4
Drifttid för batteri 112 h
Batteriteknik Alkalisk
Vikt & dimension
Vikt 122 g

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