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*304.006 - *304.010 QUARTZ GRILL - MANUAL

304006-10 en ma 2012.01

Instructions manual

BAR 1000 / BAR 2000 / RST 1270 / RST 2270

Congratulations for purchasing this top end professional equipm ent! You have chosen
equipment that combines optimum technical properties with extreme user comfort. We want
you to get the greatest possible satisfaction out of this equipment.
Please comply closely with these instructions to avoid any risk of fire, electric shock, burns
or other injuries or damage. When using this equipment, comply constantly with the basic
safety precautions, for instance:
- Take into considerations the instructions, keeping them with the equipment at all
- Always install the equipment in compliance with the instructions.
- Protect the equipment from sunlight, freezing and damp.
- Do not leave the equipment within reach of children.
- Make sure that only trained people use the equipment.
- Never move of the equipment when it is operating, or when the surfaces are still
- Check that the equipment is properly turned off before connecting or disconnecting
- Never used equipment for other purposes than intended.
Never touch the hot surfaces: use the handles and buttons.
- Keep the cord away from hot services.
- Confine repairs to qualified personnel only.
- Use only original spare parts.
- Equipment : Toaster with protection grids for quartz tubes
- Accessories : A tray
A grid (BAR 1000 / RST 1270)
Two grids (BAR 2000 / RST 2270)
A grid holder handle (BAR 1000 / BAR 2000)
Two grids holder handle (RST 1270 / RST 2270)
Use the equipment exclusively to cook or to reheat sandwiches, croque-monsieur, pizzas,
quiches, cheese/meat puffs, croissants.
It even browns onion soups and toasts baguettes and bread.
These toasters are available in 4 versions (1 or 2 levels). According to the size of the
toaster, 150 till 400 toasts per hour can be cooked instantly at core with no smoke or
odour thanks to infrared quartz tubes.
There is no preheating due to the sufficient power of the appliance and the quick
temperature rise in less than 30s.
Please always use the appliance with its tray!
Option: Sandwich tongs
a) Installation / Assembly:
- Place the equipment on a stable and heating resistant surface.
- Never place the appliance near to a wall or a partition made with combustible
materials even if it is covered with a good insulating material.
- A distance of 30 cm from the partition or the wall is considered enough.
b) Initial starting up:
- Clean the appliance before the first use (See 6. Cleaning)
Connecting the appliance :
- Make sure that the voltage and frequency of the electrical system comply with
the values indicated on the nameplate.
- Always check that the electric power supply cable or plug are free of damage.
- Remove the flange to pay out the entire length of the cord and feed i t through
the square hole then close it before inserting the plug into the socket.
- Connect to the electric power supply cable to a socket with a protection wire.
- The appliance is now connected.
: To connect the appliance to a socket without any protection wire, or to connect
directly to the electrical system, entrust the connection to a qualified electrician.

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