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Thank you for purchasing this Sony product.
After following this step by step guide you
will be able to:
Insert batteries into the remote control.
Connect the aerial to your TV.
Connect a video cassette recorder (VCR)
to your TV.
Tune your TV.
View TV programmes.
Quick Start Guide
Checking the
accessories supplied
Connecting the TV
Always observe the correct polarity when inserting batteries.
Always remember to dispose of used batteries in an environmentally friendly way.
Inserting batteries into
the remote control
Connecting an aerial to your TV
Connect your existing aerial lead to the socket marked on the rear of the TV set.
Connecting an aerial and VCR to your TV
1. Connect your existing aerial lead to your VCR as shown.
2. Connect the VCR aerial lead from the RF OUT socket on the back of the VCR to the
aerial socket on the back of the TV as shown.
3. Connect the scart lead (if used) to the AV2 socket on the rear of the TV set.
4. Connect the VCR set to the mains and switch on.
5. Insert a pre-recorded tape into the VCR and press the ‘PLAY’ button. This enables the
TV set to locate and store the video channel during the ‘Automatically Tuning the TV’
section of this Quickstart Guide.
Remote Control
If you are not
connecting your TV
to a VCR, please
connect the aerial
lead (as shown left)
and proceed to
section ‘4.Switching
on the TV’.
If you are connecting
your TV to a VCR
please refer to the
section below.
The scart lead is
optional. If it can be
used however, this
connection can
improve picture and
sound quality when
in play mode.

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