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Sony TC-377
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  • (SONY tape for best recording with SONY tape recorder)


    A biy

    Hi-Fi sound
    systernS-head Stereo Tape Deck in slant-front cabinetu)ith
    new Ferrite HeadsModel TC-377 Discover a new world of thritting high-fidelityIistening pleasure, by adding model TC-377
    your present soundsystem.
    TC-377 from SONY is a stereo tape deck incorpora-ting SONY's latest technology and long years engineering ex-perience. This model's features include SONY's new ferriteheads. All three heads, erase, record
    playback, are made offerrite
    provide extremely long life and remarkably improvedperformance. They maintain their original superior characteristicsfor many years.
    high-quality three head system permits tape/source monitoring and adds great flexibility and variety to record-ing techniques, enough
    meet the wishes of the mostdemand-ing audiophiles. With many other f unctional and exciting features,
    TC-377 gives
    increased stereo recording and listening
    joyment. This versatile and magnificent stereo sound performer
    the choice of discriminating hi-fi enthusiasts.
    Research Makes the DifferenceCan be used inhorizontal position with-the change of mounting*LANGUAGES......ENGLtSH, FBANqATS, DEUTSCH


Sony TC-377

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Hur skall bandet läggas vid montering under skyddet mot magnethuvudena och rullarna? Sony TC-377

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Sony TC-377 – specifikationer

Varumärke Sony
Modell TC-377
Produkt Hi-Fi-system
Språk Engelsk
Filtyp PDF

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